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Vet Tech Rounds: Piddling Pups and 5 Tips That Work

Pet Care Tips 3 min read
et Tech Rounds: Piddling Pups and 5 Tips That Work

Have you ever been so excited that you thought you might ‘piddle’? Probably not, but I bet your dog has! While most adult dogs learn to hold their bladders well, not all have mastered this skill.

Dogs who have issues with ‘piddling’ may do so when they’re excited when they are feeling submissive or both. This issue is much more common with small breed dogs, but can occasionally affect larger dogs as well.

Many dogs have this trouble when they are puppies and quickly outgrow it, while others may have a harder time.

For pups who piddle when they’re excited, there are some simple ways to curb the habit.

1. When you come home, avoid greeting your pup right away. Often pups will be excited but will not actually piddle until they are greeted. Wait until your pup has calmed down before greeting them. This will also help to train your pup that being calm helps to get them attention.

Vet Tech Rounds: Piddling Pups and 5 Tips That Work

2. If your pup does happen to piddle, do not scold or discipline them. This only adds to the excitement/fear the next time they are in the same situation.

3. If your pup is having an exceptionally hard time learning to ‘hold it’, you can designate an area that is ‘safe’ for piddling. Place a puppy pad in a corner and quickly usher your pup to that spot during times of excitement. Continue to attempt to limit the excitement, but if there is an accident, it will be much less of a nuisance.

Understand the pattern, identify the signs and train them for those situations.

4. Understand the pattern, identify the signs and train them for those situations. Pups who piddle when they are submissive can be predictable. They may have an accident if someone with a low, strong voice speaks, if there’s an unexpected loud noise, or if they feel threatened in any way. Obviously disciplining your dog in this type of situation would not be effective, as it would only increase their feeling of insecurity.


Many times if a dog is about to submissively urinate, they will show a few subtle signs before. They may put their ears back, tuck their tail between their legs or wag their tail in very short, nervous wags while lowering their body towards the floor. If you see this behavior beginning in your dog, try to make them feel more secure. Use a confident, but not booming, voice to call their name and take their attention to a toy or some type of distraction. Often this can snap them out of their insecure feeling. In this transition, NHV Lesstress and NHV Matricalm can help your pup.

dog sad piddled guilty

Again, with these pups, it’s important to simply ignore the piddle and clean it up. Avoid any type of scolding or discipline as this will have negative effects on training.

5. If your pup has troubles with anxiety and stress, NHV Supplements can help to relieve these feelings and help make potty training more successful.

Infographic of the tips for piddling

If you notice that your pup has started to have trouble holding their bladder in certain conditions at an older age, it’s important to speak with your veterinarian. While these issues can be quite common in young dogs, they should not suddenly arise in older dogs. This may signal a problem with your pup’s urinary tract. Any time you notice any changes in your pet’s ‘bathroom habits’ it’s a good idea to consult your vet.

Tripsy is an excellent preventive supplement for urinary tract healthYucca is a great supplement for muscular health and for anti-inflammatory support.

Between these simple tricks and NHV Supplements, we are sure you will find a solution for your little piddling monster. If you wish to reach out to me or one of our NHV Pet Experts, just send us a message here. We would love to try to help you find a customized solution.

Vet Tech Rounds: Piddling Pups and 5 Tips That Work

Johanna RVT

Johanna RVT

Johanna is NHV’s in house Registered Veterinary Technician. Technicians are the veterinary equivalent of a human nurse. Johanna has over 10 years of experience in different types of veterinary clinics and hospitals. She has seen and assisted in the treatment of a variety of medical conditions and injuries. She will share her experiences in her monthly blog series “Vet Tech Rounds” to help our extended NHV family learn about common preventable medical cases and other interesting stories of vet clinic life.

Published: September 6, 2019

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