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Week by week improvements in this senior dog’s joints

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Taz the senior dog from UK

It’s not easy to watch your best friend grow old. It warms your heart but breaks it too. For pets with arthritis, reduced mobility can have a huge effect on mood and health. As pawrents, we need to be a bit more flexible – to make more time for your little one, take him to the vet more often and keep his health in check by feeding him right.

Meet Taz, a senior border collie cross of fourteen years who lives in the UK. A few years ago Taz was diagnosed with arthritis in two legs. Now he has severe arthritis in all four legs and has limited mobility, especially with stairs. He has been on veterinary medication for several years. Taz’s pawrents wanted to begin him on a natural healthy journey and started him on  NHV Old Timer and Turmeric, two natural pet supplements to reduce inflammation, ease his pain, improve movement and support his immune system.

Taz’s mobility journey was shared online by our fantastic UK resellers and we were so happy to see such an improvement in a short period of time for this senior dog.

Taz before using NHV supplements

Taz after taking his NHV supplements for ten days

After fifteen days of starting the supplements, we were delighted to receive yet another update of our handsome furbaby. He was now showing huge signs of improvements in his strength and mobility. From slowly climbing the stairs to jumping on the sofa and being excited by his ball again.

After a month of being on the supplements Taz was getting back to his old self, the stiffness was still there, but his pawrents could see a real difference. Taz began to get excited about playing, and obstacles such as the stairs no longer seemed like such a chore.

Taz after a month of using NHV supplements. April 23, 2019

For pets facing arthritis it can be a long painful road, and many pups and kitties end up with very limited movement. Adding NHV’s natural pet supplements to their regime can make a huge difference to mobility and pain reduction. For added anti inflammatory properties and pain reduction we would recommend adding Yucca to Taz’s routine. This wonderful herb helps with many areas of arthritis and can also help as an appetite stimulant if your OAP (old age pup) or OAK (old age Kitty) has lost their appetite.

Thanks to Old Timer and Turmeric, senior dog Taz has regained some of his movement and strength again, and this is down to the anti inflammatory and pain relieving properties of these herbs. His arthritis will never go away, but for now he can enjoy an improved quality of life with his devoted pawrents. Enjoying his twilight years of playing with his ball, snoozing by the fire and receiving lots and lots of cuddles. His NHV supplements are right by his side, at each step.

Taz the senior dog from UK

We can help your senior dog too! Just send us a message and on of our NHV Pet Experts will get back to you with a holistic recommendation.

Published: August 23, 2019

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