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Tripsy™ for cats

Supplement for kidney, renal and bladder problems in cats

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Weight gain due to kidney disease? Lemon the gentleman finds NHV

Inspiring Pet Tails 3 min read
Weight gain due to kidney disease? Lemon the gentleman finds NHV

Our pet’s nutrition plays a vital role in their overall well-being. Oftentimes, we have picky eaters that require specific diets either because they’re ‘the boss and rule the household’, or they have conditions that restrict them from eating certain foods. In other cases, we have the opposite occurring, where your little one will eat anything and everything, it’s all yummy in their tummy.

handsome lemon

Our new friend to NHV, Lemon is one kitty that loves his food! His mum was concerned because he was always wanting to eat, and this means gaining weight. Gaining weight would then be a whole separate issue, as it can lead to other issues such as joint discomfort when walking or playing.

So, after hearing about NHV supplements, Lemon’s mum decided to give them a try to see if we can regulate Lemon’s appetite and keep him at a healthy weight. This is what she tells us:

Lemon: my mommy just wants to say #thankyou to @nhvnaturalpet 😘 

Lemon’s mommy: 

Lemon was always “hungry”. The vet said he was leaking protein which was the reason that caused him to keep on eating. 

The prescriptions didn’t work very well and we worried about whether his joints would support his weight if he’s eating habit kept going. 

Much heard about these supplements so we decided to give them a try. 

All the kitties at home are extremely fussy about their food. So there’s no way I can mix them with his meals but have to feed directly into his mouth. 

Fortunately, he’s cooperative. Love you Lemon 😘 

His eating pattern has changed since. He won’t ask for food besides mealtime and no more vomiting brownish stuff. 

I decided to weigh him this morning and to my surprise, he has lost nearly 800g and we also notice that he walks better recently 🎉🎉🎉

Leaking protein is a sign of kidney disease. Lemon is currently taking Milk Thistle, Tripsy, Turmeric, and Stimmune to support vital organs throughout the body, (such as the kidneys & liver) and immune system in order to stabilize his appetite. After taking the supplements, Lemon’s gastrointestinal tract has shown improvements, and he is no longer vomiting, or having a constantly hungry belly.

Lemon now has a healthy appetite and due to the weight loss, it is much easier for him to walk with less strain on his joints. He can play and get all the exercise that he needs to be a healthy little fella.

You can follow the 4 best friends and their adventures here: @diary.of.4.spoiled.meows

lemon and buddies
lemon playing

As much as we love our fur babies to be big, fluffy cuddle bears, it is important to keep their weight in check and always make sure they are getting a proper well-balanced diet. If they have conditions that affect their protein intake, there are supplements that can help support their body and provide the extra nutrition that they need.

NHV Tripsy – A balanced formula of herbs that help maintain healthy kidney function, remove waste build-up, inhibit infection and reduce inflammation, swelling, and discomfort. NHV Tripsy is beneficial for chronic kidney disorders, urinary infections, uroliths, bladder stones, and renal failure.

Milk Thistle – Studies have shown that Milk Thistle decreases or even reverses damage to the liver which may be caused by the use of prescription medications, heavy metals, or household pollutants. The active compound in Milk Thistle, silymarin, helps to prevent toxins from binding to the liver. This is not only beneficial to the liver itself, but to many other body functions.

NHV Turmeric – This superfood is an excellent antioxidant that will help support heart and circulatory functions, and is also highly beneficial for joint and muscle support.

Stimmune -A herbal formula that helps strengthen the immune system to help the body fight against infection, as well as beneficial for allergies. It contains ingredients that help with various health issues and overall well-being.

How To Get Your Overweight Cat To Lose Weight

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

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Published: November 20, 2018

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