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Feral No More – Maria’s Rescue Tail

Inspiring Pet Tails 3 min read
Maria has turned over 25 feral cats into rescue cats over the years. We're so delighted to share her incredible story!

Sweet, lovable, and unique. Our feline friends have always had a way of pulling on our heartstrings. Our friend Maria definitely agrees with us! Maria has devoted her life to taking care of cats in need and we know all her rescue cats love and appreciate her so much. Keep reading to learn about her amazing story!

How We Met

Roughly 73 million cats in the United States are feral or unowned.

We first met Maria back in 2019 and we could tell right away that she was a dedicated cat lover! Maria has worked for a vet clinic for over 32 years and has been volunteering at a no-kill shelter for over 11 years. She’s a strong advocate for kitties and is constantly spreading the word for cats who need a home or donations. Can you believe she’s saved over 25 kitties? We were so excited to work with her and learn more about her own little ones! While Maria is looking after a bunch of kitties, here are just a few that we’d love to highlight!

The Rescue Cats

Daddy Cat

Just like some of his fursiblings, Daddy Cat was a feral kitty until about two years ago. Not long after Maria brought him in, she said he started acting strangely. Maria took him to the vet and it turned out that her sweet boy had extensive heart problems that were, unfortunately, impossible to medicate. She asked us for help to keep him as happy and as comfortable as possible and he started taking Hearty-Heart and Turmeric. When used together, these two supplements can help to promote heart health, relieve discomfort, and reduce inflammation.

Daddy cat is still taking his turmeric and hearty heart. Doing okay on those for right now.

After Daddy Cat was saved about 2 years ago, Maria found out that he had heart issues. She decided to try out natural supplements and we're so thankful that she did.

Fluffy Girl

Maria’s sweetheart, Fluffy Girl, is a real fighter and we’re so proud of her and all her accomplishments. Fluffy Girl was a feral cat when Maria first found her and it took Maria six months in total to rescue her. The road has not been an easy one for this little kitty as she’s already gone through three surgeries, major dental extractions, and stomatitis. On top of that, Fluffy Girl was diagnosed with mammary tumors, heart issues, and dental disease, but that’s never made Maria and her furkiddo lose hope. We recommended ES-Clear, Turmeric, Hearty-Heart, and Milk Thistle. These powerful supplements can all help to reduce discomfort and inflammation, all while supporting important organs like the heart and liver.

Sweet little Fluffy Girl is one of Maria's rescue cats. She's got a variety of different health conditions but don't be fooled, this kitty is a fighter!

Pogo – “Pogie”

Pogo is a very loving boy but sometimes, just like us humans, he can be a little grumpy. Pogo was upset about being around his fursiblings and started to pee all over the house. Like any good furparent, Maria ruled out any underlying conditions first like a urinary tract infection. Once she knew it was all behavioral, we recommended she try our Matricalm formulation. Matricalm is our main support for kitties dealing with aggression and anxiety as the herbs in this blend can help to promote calmness and reduce agitation.

Pogo or "Pogie", another one of the adorable rescue cats, can get a little grumpy around his fursiblings sometimes.

We wanted to give a huge shout-out to Maria for all the incredible work she’s done for all of the rescue cats that she’s saved over the years. She’s really helped to give these sweethearts a second chance at a better life and our hearts are so warm just thinking about all the difference she’s made in the world! Thank you so much, Maria!

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Published: September 2, 2021

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