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What Essential Oils Are Safe for Dogs and Cats? 

Pet Care Tips 4 min read
amber glass bottle is being poured into a bowl of water with a purple flower floating on the surface. are essential oils safe for dogs and cats

If you’ve ever searched ‘what essential oils are safe for dogs and cats?’ this blog is for you. You may be a pet parent who wants to start making natural remedies right at home. We love the enthusiasm! However, remember that what works on us won’t necessarily have the same effects on our pets. Also, creating a natural remedy for your pet’s health requires specialized knowledge to avoid overdosing and toxicity. So without further ado, let’s dive deeper into why homemade pet recipes and DIY herbal concoctions may not be the best approach to your furbaby’s health.

Are Essential Oils and Herbs For Humans Safe For Pets?

You may be familiar with the healing power of spices. Or the therapeutic effect of essential oils on the human body. But even natural ingredients can potentially be toxic for our pets. For example, many of us enjoy garlic, onions, grapes and chocolate in our daily lives. But even in small quantities, these foods are very toxic for our furkiddos and require emergency care if consumed.

Also, keep in mind that adding a homemade concoction to your furbaby’s daily meals may interfere with medication or other natural supplements they are taking. So to answer the question ‘what essential oils are safe for dogs and cats?’ we must consider your little one’s unique physiology and metabolism.

A brown and white longhaired chihuahua sitting with a purple flower in their mouth and with two small bowls of flowers on either side of them.

Can I Give My Pet Herbs From My Kitchen?

In many cases, herbs or essential oils meant for human use are too strong for pets and may lead to liver poisoning or other health complications. Also, when buying ingredients from a grocery store, it can be tough to know how fresh they are or where they came from. In the case of oils, they may have started to degrade and oxidize, releasing free radicals. There may also be chemicals or preservatives added that could leech into your pet’s tummy from the packaging (which is almost always the case with plastic).

In many cases, herbs or essential oils intended for human use are too strong for pets and may poison them. At NHV, all of our care products are formulated specifically for pets.

For your furbaby to receive the many health benefits of herbs, sprinkling a little into tea simply doesn’t cut it. It is crucial that the bioactive compounds have been extracted properly, the concentrations of these ingredients are at a safe level for pets, and they have been safely packaged for use later on.

These concerns also go for concoctions used in your little one’s skin and coat. Home-made creams that can be helpful for humans, may include ingredients that are toxic to pets when ingested, for example. As pet parents, we know that cats and dogs love to groom themselves, and they can lick off the product from their fur and may require urgent care. Your furkiddo’s body can also absorb topical products through the pores and hair follicles present in their skin, which extends all the way to their bloodstream.

Vet-formulated supplements make a difference 

To avoid any of these issues, look for products that are vet-formulated for pet care. Let the scientific and veterinarian community worry about ‘what essential oils are safe for dogs and cats?’ Here at NHV our holistic veterinarian and master herbalist have over fifty combined years of experience developing plant-based botanic supplements. This specialized team understands the specific needs of each furry, feathered or scaly kiddo and how to best use natural ingredients to support them.

Our pet experts care about your furkiddo’s health first and foremost. This is why we aim for the best, from sourcing fresh organic or wild-crafted ingredients; to developing our unique extraction process for quality, bioavailability, and purity! Using medical-grade amber glass also means that we can pass along all of the fantastic health benefits without leeching chemicals (like plastic). When we think about the possibility of chemicals getting into the bellies of our furry friends, we feel it’s worth spending a little extra on glass to ensure a cleaner and safer product!

At NHV, we have taken the guesswork out for you. All of our care products have been formulated by a holistic vet and a master herbalist with advanced knowledge of the medicinal properties of herbs and extensive experience in extracting plants. All of our formulations are vet-approved, clinically tested by universities worldwide and safe for your little ones. Scientific research is also used for correct dosage, determined by your little one’s weight.   

So how can I help my pets at home?

As pet parents, we want to create the best life for our furkiddos. If you’re a hands-on parent, know that there are still easy ways you can support your little one from home. Adding extra natural goodies to their diet, creating an enriching environment at home and giving your pet lots of love can go a long way!

We are always sharing easy recipes like our eggshell calcium powder and Dr. Amanda’s healing bone broth for pets. For any questions about recipes, holistic remedies, natural ingredients, dosage information or anything else, we are happy to help! Just click the button below to start chatting with our team of Pet Experts.

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

We have a dedicated group of pet expert professionals, including veterinarians, vet techs, and other pet professionals to guide you through any questions. We’re committed to your pet’s wellness and can offer additional tips, resources, nutritional advice, and more.

Published: August 31, 2022

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