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Feline Leukemia (FeLV) Fighter Pack

Vet-Formulated Natural Support to Help Fight Feline Leukemia

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What you should know about living with FeLV cats

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What you should know about living with FeLV cats

Feline leukemia virus also referred to as FeLV is one of the leading causes of death in cats if left untreated. 80% of affected felines receive a poor diagnosis and have to fight even harder to stay healthy and active. The Feline leukemia virus commonly causes Anemia or Lymphoma in cats. It overpowers the immune system, which exposes kitties to deadly infections. Yet FeLV doesn’t have to be a death sentence; most of the affected Felv cats should be able to resist infection with the right care and health routine. Here at NHV, we strive to give our FeLV furkids the very best care and have supplements specifically to help them live a healthy life.

March 2019 – First Update from Milo the fighter

Milo-Cat-Felim-Lukemia-Feline Lukemia-NHV

Meet Milo, a stray kitty who was adopted by his mother when there was no hope left for him. When Leah reached out to us her little boy was critical. Milo had acute leukemia and breathing issues, and the veterinarians were unable to do anything further to help. We know a mother’s heart; she’d fight till the end for her baby, and Leah started Milo on his holistic journey straight away.

My cat has feline leukemia and has a few breathing problems. He has little phases of breathing fast or like he has fluid in his lungs. We lost his sister last month because she had heart problems and her lungs filled up so I’m assuming it could’ve been the same thing, and his father (think it was anyway cos they were all strays) had to be put down because he had it and was losing weight, etc. During the day he’s running around not a bother on him up until he has them phases or he swallows fluid to breathe so do you think the fighter pack could actually help him because I know there’s not actually a cure but I wouldn’t mind if we could even manage his symptoms, along with the other 2 we have that possibly have it as well.

About NHV Fighter Pack


Our Feline Leukemia (FeLV) Fighter Pack is Vet-formulated natural support to help cope with Feline Leukemia. The main supplement for FeLV is Felimm. It helps improve the immune system and supports the ability to fight infections. Felimm is paired with Multi Essentials since it fills nutritional voids and helps provide energy to the body.

Along with FeLV Fighter Pack, we recommended that Leah add Resp-Aid into Milo’s holistic regimen to support his breathing. FeLV Fighter Pack and Resp Aid together are able to provide comprehensive support for a cat facing symptoms as Milo had.

Milo’s recovery after a month – 16 April 2019

Been treating 3 feline leukemia-positive cats with Felimm and RespAid for about 4/5 weeks, who were previously strays and most of the other strays passed away or had to be put down. We tried antibiotics for about 6 months before finding out they had FeLV and it’s the only thing that’s helped manage their symptoms in the 9 months I’ve had them. One of my babies was on the verge of being put down about 2 months ago because we thought he was going to die any day and he’s doing way better now than he was, getting really chunky and piling on weight happy out. Can’t recommend NHV products enough for saving my babies. Also, great customer service, they genuinely care how the cats are doing. Well worth the money ❤️❤️

What you should know about living with FeLV cats

  • Feline leukemia is an illness that only affects cats, it cannot be transmitted to humans, canines, or other creatures
  • FeLV is transferred from one cat to another via saliva, blood, urine, and feces
  • Feline leukemia virus does not live long outside the cat’s body, perhaps just a few hours
  • Fighting with other cats and grooming are the most common ways for the infection to spread
  • It is recommended that FeLV cats have separate water bowls, dinner bowls and litter boxes away from any other cats in the house
  • Precaution should be taken that all cats are vaccinated and regularly checked by the veterinarian
  • Efforts should be made to regularly clean the household and your cat’s toys and supplies

Milo is doing wonderfully, and so are his siblings Terry, Pudding, and Baby. Three of them are FeLV positive. Sometimes the cat family runs into health issues like Terry’s recent scare with Calicivirus, but Leah always keeps NHV Pet Experts updated and we are quick to suggest a solution whether it is a supplement, a vet visit, or both.

What you should know about living with FeLV cats
What you should know about living with FeLV cats

Sharing your life with a feline companion that has a compressed immune system or is fighting a condition like FeLV has its challenges but it definitely has bigger rewards. AT NHV, we try our best to help families support these kitties. Please reach out to us for holistic advice for your cats with Feline Leukemia Virus.

Is there holistic support for FeLV in cats? Sunny’s story explains.

From Feral, FIV and FeLV Positive to Friendly, Fabulous and Fit – Stray Liotta

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

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Published: September 4, 2019

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