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Who Rescues Who: The Pet Gotcha Day Stories That Were Meant To Be

Lifestyles of the Furry & Fabulous 4 min read

There will be two days in our lives as pet parents that we will never forget. The day we bring our pet home and the day we kiss them goodbye. Everything in between will eventually become this soft mushy place in our hearts that is only for that pet. A little corner deep inside the heart filled with all the beautiful memories we make together.

But today we want to spend a few minutes reliving that first day. That special day when your life was filled with the pitter patter of their paws on your hardwood floor or the tinkling of a little bell in and out of your kitchen. We asked parents of #NHVpets how it was like and we have all those stories right here. We must tell you, you need to grab that Kleenex box but you wanna read these.

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    When I Look at Her, I'm Not Sure Who Rescued The Marvelous Miss Minn The Marvelous Miss Minn making the magic happen with her puppy face TMMM was a senior rescue and when I brought her home she was so, so stressed and sick. Our first night together we spent with her panting madly and walking back and forth and back and forth in the house. I just let her do it because I knew she had to settle in on her own, which she finally did. It took her another 4 weeks for her to regain her health and six months after, she finally wagged that nubby little tail of hers. It was well worth the wait!! Three years later, when I look at her, I'm not sure who rescued? Unfortunately, TMMM had to be put down on October 18, 2019, due to her old age and increasing health difficulties. - Kate
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    She Knows What a Special Kitty I Am Milly with her favorite hooman, mum My mum had a big hole in her heart after my big sister Charley left. A friend of a friend was moving overseas and couldn't take me with her. So, my mum came to meet me, and it was love at first sight. When she brought me home, I walked around exploring for maybe 15 mins while my mum sat on the lounge watching. Then I jumped on her knee, purring, curled up and went to sleep. My mum's heart just melted, and she knew then that the hole in her heart would heal. That was 8 years ago. Her lap is still my favourite place in the whole world, and I'd be there 24/7 if I could. My mum still keeps in touch with my previous human who now lives in Spain, we send her lots of pics. Apparently, I still take her breath away! She knows what a special kitty I am and how lucky she is to have me 😁 😻Have attached a pic from day #1. Love from Milly – Anna
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    He just had so much energy and would not stay in the box Skippy is ready to dart An employee of mine had a chihuahua that had a litter of 6 pups. I told her to bring me the biggest one. She brought him in a box when he was about 8 weeks old. He just had so much energy and would not stay in the box. He just wanted me to hold him. I fell in love with him right then. - Julie
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    Hong was smaller than the palm Hong, posing already Hong was a kitten who lived in the basement of my friend's company. Unfortunately, her mother died, and I became a family of baby Hong left alone. Hong was smaller than the palm, She is now 15 lb 🙂 On the first day, Hong hated me very much, But now we are the best friend and love each other so much! She has a mild bladder disease, I feed my love a NHV tripsy. - Lee
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    I had to feed him from a distance Who's the boss? Toby! - Doreen Toby's mom was a stray cat that my friend was feeding and trying to tame. She became pregnant and Toby was born under a hollowed out tree stump. She trapped mom and babies who were spitting and scratching. We picked up this little ball of frightened kitty on August 1, 2014 and started to tame him. I had him in a dog crate with a litter box and blankets. I had to feed him from a distance, pushing the plate closer and closer to him but eventually he would lick baby food off my finger. He quickly became a lap cat and is now, a handsome big black kitty.
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    Jaxii's I love you too mom look My Jaxii stole my heart at Petsmart only 8 weeks old rolled on his back to rub his tummy. - Gail
  • Cookie is ready for the party! I brought them when they were two months old. -Park
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    Hello hooman It was a snowy day. I drove 4 hours to meet him. - Ria
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    He loved all dogs, kids and adults Henry's puppy eye trick Henry's first night in the house. I would just like to add that we decided after two nights to adopt him and change his name to Henry James, after my favorite early American writer. His adjustment to us was quick but potty training took 10 months (had frequent UTI) and he was not a fan of being held or cuddled. When you reached for him, he ran away. He was also a biter. However, he loved all dogs, kids and adults. And never stopped playing. When Henry turned three, he cuddled more, but always on his terms. - Bernadette
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    Matchie bit me in the ear the first day Matchka, just taking a stroll nothing goofy... Wait for it Matchie bit me in the ear the first day I had him and tommy just hid under the bed. After biting me in the ear and a few other "getting used to my new dad" incidents, Matchie became a very easy going loving little guy giving lots of head butts and purrs. And Tommy Boy, who was a feral kitten when I adopted him quit hiding under the bed, is the most rambunctious, out going, talkative little rascal kittie I have ever had, loves his brother and has so much personality that he makes me laugh every day! As you know both have minor health issues, but are really doing well and thriving on all of their NHV supplements! And as stated before Matchie's Lymphoma is way in remission and not even detectable on any tests.(I monitor them both every 4 months with digital x-rays, ultrasounds, and senior blood panels) And his poops are even looking like tootsie rolls more often than not!...
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    ...Also, Tommy's minor kidney disease is well under control with little to no, progress and his minor heart murmur was not even detectable at his last wellness exam in May! So I'm a very happy cat Dad right now..I truly believe that along with their traditional "western vet medicines", NHV has been a significantly huge factor in keeping them happy, healthy, playful! and thriving!!! In May of next year it will be 3 years since his cancer diagnoses at which time I will once again do another follow up endoscopy to check on the lymphoma/IBD followed by a clonality test to confirm no presence of the cancer and a broncoscopy to check on his G.I tract. Matchie turned 12 this past July 4th and Tom Tom turned 6 this past April 13th. - Jay
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    I guess it was meant to be! I am not playing unless I have my treat - Sunny The first night he was sceptical of my other cat. Couldn't really blame him. My other cat is roughly 16-18lbs and he was a tiny little fluff ball. By the next day, though, they were best friends and inseparable.They still are! The first night he also slept in bed right next to me, with my other kitty at the foot of the bed. We slept like that every night until my husband came into the picture lol. I'm very lucky to have had such an easy gotcha story! It was very easy and natural. I guess it was meant to be! - Jess
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    He looked so much like my cat Chester that had passed Kovu, lounging and claiming the bed I had just lost my sweet cat after almost 17 years together (and he was almost 19) and my other cats were going through severe depression. While I wasn't ready for a new cat in our lives, they were, and they were more important than how I felt. We saw Kovu on a local adoption website, and he looked so much like my cat Chester that had passed, we actually didn't go to see him, we went to see another cat. However, when we were in the room looking at the other cat, and Kovu was so playful. We never considered a kitten before meeting Kovu, but I felt as though Chester had sent him to us. So, we adopted him and after only about a day and a half of transition, my other little boy cat Parker (well, he was 8 but hes our kitty) started to wrestle and snuggle with him. He brought Parker out of such severe depression (we thought we were losing his personality he had become a bonded pair with Chester) and returned Parker to the happy kitty we love. I'll always love and miss Chester, and he will NEVER be replaced, but I feel like he sent us this little renegade to wreak havoc in our lives, and bring love to our hearts. Kovu even has habits that Chester had (like chasing his tail) and he has a heart pattern on his chest, just like Chester. - Alison
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    I was so overwhelmed! I didn't do that mom -Milo My baby Milo came to his furrever home at 8 weeks. I had no idea what to do with a puppy! I wanted him to adjust to his new kennel and placed him in there for a few minutes. He immediately pooped all over the kennel and all over himself. He was crying in the kennel and I was sitting on the floor in front of his kennel crying too. I was so overwhelmed! I had no idea how to bathe a puppy! I quickly figured it out but that’s pretty much the way the last 11 years have gone. Milo finds himself in trouble and we figure it out. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. ❤️ -Amanda
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    I felt her little body relax and then she gave a big sigh Juliet. pouting for the purrrfect picha I wrapped little scared wild Juliet up in a towel and held her to my chest. At first she struggled to get out of the towel but in a few minutes she stopped trying to get away but she still looked scared to death. After about 10 minutes more I felt her little body relax and then she gave a big sigh and just nestled in and went to sleep. I don’t know if I tamed her or she tamed me. She has been a wonderful loving super friendly kitty ever since. Last December at age 12 she was diagnosed with large cell lymphoma and I was told she might live another 2 months. The vet put her on Prednisolone and I started looking for what else I could do. I came upon NHV while researching online and saw a kit of 3 herb formulas for large cell lymphoma. She has been taking them ever since and has now lived 9 months. This past week I took her in for an ultrasound to see if the mass in her stomach had grown. They can’t find it anymore!! I kept telling her I’d find her a miracle and I think I did! - Linda
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    My Furever Family Gracie greeting her mommy I never planned on adopting a senior rescue but upon hearing Gracie’s story and seeing her sweet face, it was love at first sight. Understanding Gracie’s rescue story is essential to understanding Gracie. Like most life stories, Gracie’s includes love, heartbreak and if you’re lucky, another chance at love. Like most of us, Gracie just wants to love and be loved. Once upon a time, Gracie was dearly loved by her hoomans with her littermate brother Oliver for well over a decade. Her hoomans fell ill and had to be placed in a nursing home. Friends of Gracie’s and Oliver’s Pawrents promised to care for them both and never separate the two. Within 24 hours of taking in Gracie and Oliver, these so-called “friends” promptly sold Gracie and Oliver separately on Craigslist never to see each other again. ☹ In 24 hours, Gracie lost her Pawrents, her brother and the only home she ever knew. The person who bought Gracie from Craigslist surrendered her to Cavalier Rescue of Florida a few weeks later because Gracie would not eat and would stop barking. Gracie’s heart was broken. I volunteer for the Rescue and saw Gracie in the newsletter as available for adoption and watched as a few months went by and she was still available for adoption. That baffled me so I called and asked why she hadn’t been adopted yet and was told that sadly, most people want a dog under the age of 5 and it is very difficult to adopt out a cavalier 10+ years old. This broke my heart and I asked about her backstory...
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    ...I knew in an instant that my two cavaliers, Ella and Cooper and I could be the furever family that Gracie desperately needed but I lived in a condo at the time that limits each unit to two dogs. I jumped into action immediately to get special permission to bring Gracie home. Gracie most definitely needed a male cavalier companion close to her age and that is all I could think about. Her age and health just did not matter in that moment. Time was of the essence. Miraculously, I was able to get permission and I applied to adopt her. Eventually, we had our “meet and greet” with Gracie and her foster family. We let the cavaliers mingle on their own and soon Gracie came over to me looking for affection. Those huge brown eyes melted my heart. When we headed to the door to leave, Gracie walked with us as if to say, “can I come home with you please?” Not long after, we were back to pick Gracie up and bring her to her furever home. I’ll never forget how excited Gracie, Ella, and Cooper were – me too! I loaded the pups into the back seat and Gracie at almost 11 years old leaped up all on her own getting right in the middle flanked by Ella and Cooper. I have the best photo of the 3 of them smiling ear to ear on our drive home. We all knew in those very first moments that this was a match made in heaven. Two years later, nothing has changed except we love each other more every single day, oh and we brought another rescue home last year so just more love to go around...
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    ...When we arrived home, Ella immediately gave Gracie a tour of the place as if to say, “follow me, I’ll show you where everything is!” The tour ended up on the Big Bed with Ella letting Gracie know that this is where we all sleep. As we eventually came to learn, Gracie was a little quiet that first month because it turns out that Gracie is not shy about letting you know when she wants to eat, go potty, get a belly rub or when its bedtime! She keeps us all on schedule! We took Gracie lots of places to discover her likes and dislikes and show her what we do to have fun. Ella and Cooper quickly showed Gracie the ropes, how to be adorable to get attention and treats! Gracie was a very quick learner. On walks and excursions, Ella and Cooper flank her on either side as if to protect her and let her know she is part of the crew. Over 2 years later, it’s rare not to see Cooper by Gracie’s side. They are like an old married couple. Gracie has brought balance to our family, a sweetness that only seniors bring, and a smile that truly lights up our world...
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    ...Two years later, heck less than 2 weeks after bringing Gracie home, we can’t imagine life without her. What I learned in adopting a senior is to focus on each day for the gift that each day brings. That adopting a senior brings the same joy of discovering their personality and nurturing that you experience with a puppy without all the potty training and chewing. Seniors bond with you as quickly as a puppy because they really need you. They know and appreciate that they have been given a second chance at a Happy Tail. What I learned is that it is the greatest privilege to care for and help a senior live their very best life in their golden years. I learned that dogs are soooo amazing, their resiliency, their loyalty, their ability to live in the moment and their capacity to love even after heartbreak is unparalleled to anything I’ve ever experienced. What I learned is that my future will be filled with senior rescue cavaliers and I will cherish every single day with them as they simply are earth angels. Happy Tails. THE END 🙂 Gracie is not with us anymore. She crossed the rainbow bridge while laying next to her mum in mid-October 2019. - Deborah
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    Pepper and I share a special bond, my husband thinks I love this cat more than him Pepper's rub my belly hooman pose "Pepper showed up on my front porch where I put out food for any wandering feral's or lost cats...and a few possums. He wouldn't let me near him, but he returned every night at the same time and waited in the bushes for me to bring out the food, he would hiss and growl at me. After 2 weeks, I brought a can of food out and sat down to slowly lure him closer, he would eat the food off a spoon cautiously, always ready to run. After a few nights, he was close enough for me to slowly reach out and pet him, he then moved to lay down right behind me and let me give him lots of attention. The next night was Halloween, I was worried about him all night, with all the commotion of kids running around etc. I thought he'd be too scared, but he showed up again, meowing for me. The following night it was raining, I couldn't take it anymore, I went out with food and a towel and just scooped him up and brought him inside. I put him in the guest bathroom because I had 2 other cats, he yowled all night in the strangest tone, he sounded like a whining toddler! I then moved him to the garage the next night, with a bed, food and litter while I posted on all of the lost pet and neighborhoods sites trying to find his people...
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    ...I didn't think anyone would turn up, he has a tipped ear and is a victim in of the local shelters does this, they TNR cats when they're over crowded (which is most of the time) that come in as strays and don't have chips. I had someone come scan him too, he didn't have a chip. I had a visiting vet come because he had a healing wound on his side, likely a bite from a dog or coyote. He was sick, he had really bad digestive issues. I got him vaccinated and worked on his diet. After confirming he didn't have fleas or diseases, I brought him to stay in my daughters room so the other cats could get used to him, sniffing under the door, switching out beds etc. Still searching to see if he belong to someone. After a month, and now being attached... I couldn't bring myself to take him to the shelter. We decided to keep him, he is the most lovable cat in the world! He leans in and looks at me so that he can rub on my face and he'll keep leaning for this attention, he is super affectionate. After 3 months of a strict rabbit only diet (kibble), he finally was pooping normal!..
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    ...He's now been living with us as part of our family for close to 3 yrs and I can't imagine life without him. I love all my pets, but Pepper and I share a special bond, my husband thinks I love this cat more than him and the kids! lol Today Pepper has to see a cardiologist, his blood test came back very high. I'm so worried about him, I'm praying this is nothing because he's a young cat, maybe 5 yrs old and he needs to live forever! My world will crumble if this anything serious :(. This boy has my heart <3 ...don't tell my other pets.. well, they suspect...and they're all jealous of him." - Joey
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    Odie knew exactly who he had to hold on to Odie, sending some chilling vibes 8 years ago Odie and I began our journey together. He came to my home broken, shut down and fear aggressive. Odie would go from 0 to 100 with very little warning. His body would slightly stiffen just before he’d freak out. I was able to communicate with him using a leash. He would immediately stop once I touched his leash. After our first year together he had his eyes removed and we continued to learn to trust each other. When people come over they couldn’t even look at him without him having a tantrum! That’s how sensitive he is. Odie was always an amazing traveler and very well behaved outside of the house, but at home he was a beast. To be honest, I tried (unsuccessfully) to return him. Odie is my first dog (ever) and I had no idea how to manage his unpredictable behavior. I found that the anti-cruelty society accepts surrenders 24/7/365 and from that day forward we had the conversation of “not today”. Knowing I had an out actually helped me commit and stay in present time with him...
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    ...Since our move to nevada almost 5 years ago Odie has relaxed beyond my wildest expectations. Each year he’s made an amazing breakthrough. 3 years ago he finally laid on his side, a year later he taught himself to go up and down the stairs, and this year he lets me hold him on his back! Anyone who’s known Odie from the beginning knows that is HUGE! Odie has also become a certified therapy dog. People who meet Odie today can’t imagine he was ever such a mess and people who knew Odie from the beginning can’t believe how far he’s come. When I adopted him they said he was 10 years old when he had his eyes removed the vet said he was much closer to 5. He wasn’t a crabby old man, he was actually a crabby young man! And now he’s a 13-ish year old marshmallow...
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    Odie’s story is a testament to what can blossom with patience and time. It was clear that Odie knew love before he met me but clearly something horrible happened and he became more isolated and afraid. I am honored to have been a part of his healing and treasure every moment we spent together, even when we argue over his desire for cat food. One of the most amazing serendipitous parts of my story with Odie is that I met him before I met him. In November of 2010 I was picking up a guinea pig from @cacc_adoptable_dogs to transfer to a Guinea pig rescue and decided to check out the adoptable dog room. It was a cacophonous space. The dogs barking reverberated through me. The small dogs were along a wall of cages. One had a sign I found intriguing, it said “blind”. I started to approach the cage thinking “hey, I have a blind cat, how different could a blind dog be?” (I soon learned wholly and completely) and caught myself again thinking “that dog is a hot mess!”...
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    ...It must have been within a week that the pet shop in Evanston IL, where I lived, pulled him. He stayed at that pet shop for six months before I realized he wasn’t the shop dog and he shouldn’t live there. And it wasn’t until after I adopted him and he was in my house that I realized that he was the same dog I saw six months earlier. Clearly when I saw a hot mess he saw momma! ; Just before I moved from Evanston I brought Odie to say goodbye to the people who saved him at the pet shop. I had a chance to talk to the owner who physically took him from CACC. She told me that when she opened his cage Odie put his paws around her neck and wouldn’t let go. She also said everyone who worked at the shelter told her “you don’t want that dog”. She told them she didn’t have any choice because he wouldn’t let go… Odie knew exactly who he had to hold on to to get a freedom ride to where I lived. If you ever wonder if animals choose us, Odie is a great example of the lengths they will go through to find their person. - Alicia
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    I could see a little puff of white fur behind the dresser I am listening -Abby I had just lost my best friend of 15 years, my little honey James, to feline diabetes. A disease that would later increase my knowledge, due to my own research, of overall feline health and nutrition, And eventually lead me to my friends at NHV. But this story is about my Persian cat Abby, but before I tell it, we need to back up to a time long before I ever had James. My entire life I’ve always been fascinated by Persian cats but they always seemed so far out of reach due to the cost. With the number of homeless pets in shelters it was something I only ever talked about, never seeking out a breeder. And it was rare to ever find one homeless or in a shelter. Just four days after James’s death, I received a phone call from my daughter informing me that the Humane Society had intervened on a hoarding case, involving over 100 pedigree white Persian cats. 75 had survived and were placed for adoption at the Arizona humane society. She said I know you just lost James and you aren’t interested, but let’s go look it will take your mind off of it, and it might be a fun day....
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    ...When we arrived it looked like a Persian showcase. Wall to wall Persian cats in glass cages. Some shaved due to severe matting, but all well groomed. One in particular, that they named Belle, was sitting curled up in a back corner or her little “showcase”. We were informed no one was interested in her because she had some health issues. Still rather young, 3 years old, but had some cysts in her ears, and was likely partially blind in one eye due to repeated untreated eye infections. We asked to spend some time with her. It was really quite a distant visit. She was terrified and hid under a chair in the little room they put us in. We petted her, she didn’t like it and really didn’t trust us at all. So we left. It was an interesting day, and quite a sight, but I really wasn’t interested. That cat would have needed SO much from me and I really wasn’t ready to give anything. That evening, I couldn’t get her off my mind. I even went as far as to think, did James lead me to her? I’ve always wanted a Persian cat, and she’s FAR from what I pictured having, but she needs someone. Was the timing just right? So back I went the next day. The minute the humane society opened, I was there. And so was she. I brought her home, and renamed her Abigail...
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    ...I had set up a back room for her that morning, and when I let her out, she immediately hid behind a dresser. I really didn’t see her the rest of the day, and decided not to push the issue. She never made a peep. In fact, I really didn’t see her for about a week. The food I left would be gone, and she was using her litter box. I could see a little puff of white fur behind the dresser, but that was about it. I remember telling my daughter that although I believed Abby’s life was saved, I also believed due to her past, that she was likely not capable of loving, trusting or socializing, and that all I would likely be providing was a safe place for her to live out her life, without being kept in a crate. She was honestly really hard for me to connect with, as she wasn’t responding to anything. Weeks went by and nothing changed. I finally had my Persian cat. But that’s all I had. She would never be a friend, and I was beginning to accept that. After all, I had saved her, and she would no longer be in danger, cold, or hungry. ...
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    ...After about a month, I was in her room one day, and she slowly crept out from behind the dresser.... I was able to catch her. I picked her up and put her on the bed (against her will lol), and held her there. I could tell she was tense and trying to get away, but I held her there and pet her. After about 5 minutes I noticed she was purring. I let go, and she stayed there just letting me pet her. Of course the moment I moved, she darted away. We repeated this daily however, and our petting sessions got longer and longer, and she finally began to trust me. I was finally able to walk in the room and pick her up. One day I kissed her as I held her. She obviously had never been kissed before and the noise and the touch of it, scared her so much she jumped out of my arms. That had me thinking that all Abby ever was in her past, was a victim of hoarding, an animal that was caged for what reason I don’t know, but she had never been kissed and never given any love, that was obvious. ...
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    ...Time went on and every day she became more and more affectionate. I could detail her story day by day but from this point on it was nothing short of a miracle that was developing every single day. Abby has become one of the most affectionate animals I have ever had in my life, seeking out my attention more so than any dog I have ever owned, and that’s saying a lot. I realize now that while James’s passing was very hard on me, I do believe he led me to her, and I needed Abby as much as she needed me. We truly saved each other, and for that James, I thank you. I thank you for leading me to her. I know you’re at peace now. I believe you also led me to find my friends at NHV, through my research to seek out better nutrition. And hopefully avoid diseases like diabetes to the best of my ability. They later would help me with some of Abby’s day to day issues, particularly her eye infections. This one’s for you James! ❤️ - Allison
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    Next to her was her litter-mate, as white as she was black Aldo soaking the goodness of summer “My husband announced one day, "I wanna cat or a kid." Suffice it to say, we ended up at our local vet who regularly brought in kittens from a local shelter. I had always wanted a black cat, preferably with extra toes as is so common in Nova Scotia. The first kitten we saw was an adorable, tiny black girl who was nothing but ears and toes. Yes, she was polydactyl. So, there was no way we were leaving without her...
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    ...However, there next to her was her litter-mate, as white as she was black. We could not bring ourselves to separate the two so that's how we ended up with Aldo and Stella. (My husband has always joked that they were likely not even litter-mates - that the vet just played the sympathy card on us.) Best decision we ever made was to adopt two at the same time. It's always been reassuring to know that they are never really alone. Today, at 17, they're still active and healthy. P.S. We never did have kids. LOL - Suzanne
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    I was afraid I would die if I didn't save it Range, hiding mischief behind that cute face On a very rainy day, I was crying for my mother in the rain. My cat was a very small baby about three weeks old. I brought it home because I was afraid I would die if I didn't save it. And I spent three years together. And my cat became a big cat. - Yeonjin Jo
  • irritated dog
    She was cute but she had some medical problems Bella is making sure that her mom tell us the right story City shelter - Bella had been there past the date they usually keep dogs before they have to euthanize them. She was small though so they kept her longer. She was cute but she had some medical problems that affected her appearance (easily correctable with time). Once I got her home, I bathed her and had to shave her hair. Her ear infections were taken care of w medicine and she had surgery on her eyes. She went from a scared, timid dog to a healthy, active, social part of our family. - Julie Hamilton
  • how to help a kitten with anemia
    We were given very little hope she would ever eat regular food Mommy's favorite kitty, Bindhi When we adopted Bindhi as a 5 month old kitten, she was emaciated due diarrhea caused from untreated intestinal viruses (corona and clostridium perfringes enterotoxin). We started her on several rounds of antibiotics and the plantaeris supplement (from NHV). Once the viruses were resolved and the diarrhea remained, it was determined she had a pervasive food sensitivity and was put on a prescription food diet. We were given very little hope she would ever eat regular food. But after some research, I decided to try some nontraditional food proteins coupled with the plantaeris supplement. I am happy to report that after some trial and error, she has transitioned to a regular diet of venison food. The plantaeris supplement keeps any lingering gut issues at bay. She is happy, healthy and thriving - and she loves her NHV supplement! - Sara Fox
  • smart black cat
    Meowed--but instantly recovered Rascal lookig all smart and soaking the sun Rascal came first, a tiny about 5-week-old stray who was trying to catch insects at a busy Indiana highway gas station where we had stopped to fill up one summer night. We watched as once in a while the small black kitten sat down, looked around as if lost, and pitifully meowed--but instantly recovered when distracted by a passing fly. The station attendant scowled when I asked him if the kitty was his so I scooped him up, and he slept almost all the way to his new home in Illiinois...
  • cat blood parasite
    ...He had no real use for affection from us (too busy exploring) until he was about 7 years old, when he suddenly transformed into the most loving, shy homebody we’ve ever known.We adopted our calico, Betsy, from a shelter where she looked hopeful but resigned to only momentary attention from people. She had been a pregnant stray, and she and her kittens all found new homes. But her new home had several children and dogs and the family decided she didn’t fit in, so she was back at the shelter. While her cage was being cleaned we watched her play, alone in a small room, her happy spirit and love of life apparent regardless of circumstance. For several months after we took her home this beautiful girl tried to ingratiate herself with anyone who came over--but good food and treats and love finally made her realize she was already home. Small part-Maine Coon kitty Mavis looked so pleadingly at the camera while I browsed a local shelter that I couldn’t get her out of my mind...
  • cat asthma natural remedies
    ...It took a month of persistent effort for her adoption before they concluded we were suitable, and I found out probably why from our veterinarian. She had no front teeth; she needed arthritis medicine for terribly painful back legs; X-rays showed a broken and mended (untended) collarbone, and evidence of other injuries; and her coat was dirty, matted, full of tangled tight hairballs, and poop was caught dangling in her back fur. She shrank from human contact, apparently expecting to be punished, and was frightened of our other cats. She is not able to meow audibly (vocal chords?). Things are better: she is getting medicine, supplements and all the food and cream she will take. She is my particular darling and looks quite spectacular now, but will still need time to heal. - Adrianne Frederick
  • adopted cat
    Hello hooman! I'm Chewy. She was looking to find an adopter and I offered to keep him He came as a foster cat for a week when his owner had to travel abroad. He got attached to me so much. After that week I wanted to adopt a cat but somehow it didn't work out. Later after a few months, his owner was going to move to a different country for good, then I asked her about what she is going to do with chewy and she was looking to find an adopter and I offered to keep him and she was happy to give him to me. That's how the little boy found me. - Bala

Being a pet parent is truly a blessing. These pawdorable stories made us awwww, squeak, cry and jump with joy. These are the moments they will remember the most and so will you.

Hug your lazy, messy, needy and cuddly one right away and let them know how much you love them. They fill our lives with so much happiness that we are ready to do it all over again, despite knowing that one day the saddest day will come again.

gracie and cavelier odgs

Gracie was a senior dog who almost came up to her rescue mama in the shelter with big brown eyes saying ‘Can I go home with you, please?’. Pepper was scooped up by his rescue mom as a protesting kitten with a bite wound on a rainy day.

While Miss Minn took 6 months to wag that nubby tail of hers, Milly a kitty from Oz, took 15 minutes to pick her momma’s lap to fall asleep in.

Skippy the chihuahua wouldn’t stay put in the little box he came in and just wanted to be cradled like a baby by his new mom. Hong was a kitten the size of a palm when his mother died but gladly Lee was there to takeover as his human mama.

Toby started off as a panther in a crate and eventually became a kitty on his mama’s lap. Ria drove 4 hours in the snow to bring her furkid home. Jaxii just had to display his belly floof to convince mama to take him home.

odie and his mom

Odie came to his mama fearful and agitated. So much so that she almost give up, but 8 years later, Odie is a blind senior dog, fighting cancer and his mama is ready to do everything in the world to keep him comfortable.

Henry was a rebellious beagle on his first night with his mom Bernadette. He had is own ways to express his love that mom would eventually learn in the next three years.

‘Matchie bit me in the ear and Tommy just hid under the bed’, that’s what cat dad Jay has to say about his two spoilt cuddle bugs’ Gotcha Day.

abby persian cat

Abby was this fearful ball of white fluff who had sadly gotten used to life in a hoarder’s crate. Her mom was coping with the loss of her beloved cat and needed love but Abby wasn’t one to understand. Until one day when she magically decided to be lovable and loving and oh so much!

amanda milo

Milo pooped all over his kennel the first day and all over himself too. He was crying and so was his mom. It was all very overwhelming but they figured it out and 12 years later, they are showing the world how to beat canine cancer.

Sunny became best friends with his giant cat sibling the very next day. Kovu came into his family as a kitten and from the very first day he began to help his new cat siblings cope with the loss of their friend of 17 years.

hunter ray sinshine stephainie

Hunter Ray came to her mama like a wee little kitten with an infected eye but from the first day itself he started helping mo Steph with her own cancer recovery.

Range was a kitten rescued from the cold rain by his mom. Bella the dog had overstayed her welcome at the shelter and they weren’t finding any adopters for this timid and senior girl. But soon the perfect ones brought her home and she is there loving and adorable companion today.

Bindhi was a malnourished kitten with very bad diarrhea and her mom slowly and carefully worked with her to heal her and make her the wholesome adult she is.

Rascal, Mavis and Betsy came to their mama Adrianne from different situations. Rascal was just scooped from a gas station as little stray kitten. Mavis and Betsy were both in the shelter for heart breaking reasons.

Linda found Juliet as a little kitten and it was love at first sight. Juliet resisted for 10 minutes and then fell asleep wrapped in a towel on her new mama’s shoulders.

When they first arrive in your home, everything is strange. You’ll either watch them gobble up their food too quick or just snub your attempts at offering them the best treats.

There are so many factors you need to consider to let their fluffy coats and goofy personalities come out. You need to figure out what they have been through by reaching out to the shelter. Observe their habits. Note the noises, actions and words they are afraid of. As you go from being a pet owner to a pet parent, you will together figure it all out.

We applaud your quest of rescuing each other – never giving up on your little one, no matter what. And just like you we won’t give up on them either.

We will try our best to keep them happy and healthy for longer, naturally.

Published: August 16, 2019

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