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Who Rescues Who: The Pet Gotcha Day Stories That Were Meant To Be

Lifestyles of the Furry & Fabulous 4 min read
Who Rescues Who: The Pet Gotcha Day Stories That Were Meant To Be

There will be two days in our lives as pet parents that we will never forget. The day we bring our pet home and the day we kiss them goodbye. Everything in between will eventually become this soft mushy place in our hearts that is only for that pet. A little corner deep inside the heart filled with all the beautiful memories we make together.

But today we want to spend a few minutes reliving that first day. That special day when your life was filled with the pitter-patter of their paws on your hardwood floor or the tinkling of a little bell in and out of your kitchen. We asked parents of #NHVpets how it was like and we have all those stories right here. We must tell you, you need to grab that Kleenex box but you wanna read these.

Being a pet parent is truly a blessing. These pawdorable stories made us awwww, squeak, cry and jump with joy. These are the moments they will remember the most and so will you.

Hug your lazy, messy, needy, and cuddly ones right away and let them know how much you love them. They fill our lives with so much happiness that we are ready to do it all over again, despite knowing that one day the saddest day will come again.

gracie and cavelier odgs

Gracie was a senior dog who almost came up to her rescue mama in the shelter with big brown eyes saying ‘Can I go home with you, please?’. Pepper was scooped up by his rescue mom as a protesting kitten with a bite wound on a rainy day.

While Miss Minn took 6 months to wag that nubby tail of hers, Milly a kitty from Oz, took 15 minutes to pick her momma’s lap to fall asleep in.

Skippy the chihuahua wouldn’t stay put in the little box he came in and just wanted to be cradled like a baby by his new mom. Hong was a kitten the size of a palm when his mother died but gladly Lee was there to take over as his human mama.

Toby started off as a panther in a crate and eventually became a kitty on his mama’s lap. Ria drove 4 hours in the snow to bring her furkid home. Jaxii just had to display his belly floof to convince mama to take him home.

odie and his mom

Odie came to his mama fearful and agitated. So much so that she almost gives up, but 8 years later, Odie is a blind senior dog, fighting cancer and his mama is ready to do everything in the world to keep him comfortable.

Henry was a rebellious beagle on his first night with his mom Bernadette. He had his own ways to express his love that mom would eventually learn in the next three years.

‘Matchie bit me in the ear and Tommy just hid under the bed’, that’s what cat dad Jay has to say about his two spoilt cuddle bugs’ Gotcha Day.

abby persian cat

Abby was this fearful ball of white fluff who had sadly gotten used to living in a hoarder’s crate. Her mom was coping with the loss of her beloved cat and needed love but Abby wasn’t one to understand. Until one day when she magically decided to be lovable and loving and oh so much!

amanda milo

Milo pooped all over his kennel the first day and all over himself too. He was crying and so was his mom. It was all very overwhelming but they figured it out and 12 years later, they are showing the world how to beat canine cancer.

Sunny became best friends with his giant cat sibling the very next day. Kovu came into his family as a kitten and from the very first day, he began to help his new cat siblings cope with the loss of their friend of 17 years.

hunter ray sinshine stephainie

Hunter Ray came to her mama like a wee little kitten with an infected eye but from the first day itself, he started helping mo Steph with her own cancer recovery.

Range was a kitten rescued from the cold rain by his mom. Bella the dog had overstayed her welcome at the shelter and they weren’t finding any adopters for this timid and senior girl. But soon the perfect ones brought her home and she is their loving and adorable companion today.

Bindhi was a malnourished kitten with very bad diarrhea and her mom slowly and carefully worked with her to heal her and make her the wholesome adult she is.

Rascal, Mavis, and Betsy came to their mama Adrianne from different situations. Rascal was just scooped from a gas station as a little stray kitten. Mavis and Betsy were both in the shelter for heartbreaking reasons.

Linda found Juliet as a little kitten and it was love at first sight. Juliet resisted for 10 minutes and then fell asleep wrapped in a towel on her new mama’s shoulders.

When they first arrive at your home, everything is strange. You’ll either watch them gobble up their food too quickly or just snub your attempts at offering them the best treats.

There are so many factors you need to consider to let their fluffy coats and goofy personalities come out. You need to figure out what they have been through by reaching out to the shelter. Observe their habits. Note the noises, actions, and words they are afraid of. As you go from being a pet owner to a pet parent, you will together figure it all out.

We applaud your quest of rescuing each other – never giving up on your little one, no matter what. And just like you, we won’t give up on them either.

We will try our best to keep them happy and healthy for longer, naturally.

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Published: August 16, 2019

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