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Tripsy™ for cats

Supplement for kidney, renal and bladder problems in cats

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You’ve been Ignoring These Dog and Cat Organs!

Pet Care Tips 3 min read
a dog and a cat smiling and hanging out on the grass to illustrate a blog about vital dog and cat organs like liver and kidneys.

The liver and kidneys are likely among the most underrated dog and cat organs by pet parents. That’s why we want to give them the spotlight they deserve today! The liver and kidneys play vital roles in the body’s detoxification processes, the overall well-being of your furkid, and in keeping everything running smoothly. Let’s understand the importance of each of these organs individually and how they work together in your little one’s body.

The liver, being one of the largest dog and cat organs, performs over 500 functions in your pet’s body! It is the body’s main detoxifying factory. This organ sorts through and metabolizes substances such as toxins and waste, making them less harmful and easier to be removed from the body.  Other crucial functions the liver performs include converting (and storing) nutrients (e.g., carbohydrates and fats) into useful substances the body can use and producing bile that aids in digestion. 

If your pet’s liver and kidneys fail, toxins and waste will build up in their system.

On the other hand, the kidneys filter blood, remove waste byproducts, excess fluids, and regulate electrolyte balance. They eliminate harmful substances through urine. Kidneys also help maintain a balanced pH, blood pressure, and electrolyte levels in your sweet pup or kitty. 

In addition to supporting the body’s normal functioning, the liver and kidneys also support pets with health concerns. When the vet is treating your sick pet, your sweetheart would have to take medication. The process can result in tons of toxins accumulating in the body, which is a common consequence when curing cancer. That’s when the liver and kidneys come into play. Their detoxification abilities can help remove these harmful substances.

Why Are the Liver and Kidneys Indispensable Dog & Cat Organs?

A yorkshire terrier looking dog is in a veterinary setting to represent the importance of vital dog and cat organs like liver and kidneys.

The liver and kidneys often work together to maintain the overall health of your little one. If the functioning of one organ is compromised, it can impact the other. For instance, when the liver becomes burdened with toxins, the kidneys may need to work extra hard to filter and expel these waste and chemical substances effectively. Likewise, the body’s overall detoxifying process can be disrupted if the kidneys’ performances are hindered.

For this reason, you may notice many of our kits include our main liver and kidney support, NHV Milk Thistle, and NHV Tripsy. These two formulas are often used together to offer comprehensive and holistic support for liver and kidney function. The combination aids in managing the impairment that medication and traditional treatment can cause. 

One Ingredient Extract for Liver Health

The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of Milk Thistle help protect the liver. This powerful herb can improve both liver and kidney functions, but it’s known for its liver regeneration capabilities. Research has shown that Milk Thistle can also help support overworked kidneys caused by medication, radiation therapy, diabetes, and infections. 

Milk Thistle also has great anti-cancer benefits and can help detoxify furkids’ systems by removing chemicals that can accumulate when taking pharmaceuticals. That’s why NHV Milk Thistle is included in many of our cancer kits, such as NHV Lumps Kit and NHV Cancer Fighter Pack

NHV Kidney Support Herbal Blend

NHV Tripsy, on the other hand, focuses on promoting a healthy urinary tract, bladder and kidneys. Herbs like Stone Root, gravel root, marshmallow, and uva ursi all have diuretic benefits. They work synergically to support kidney function by regulating water retention and gently increasing urinary flow. An all-natural anti-inflammatory, Tripsy also helps with the breakdown of kidney stones and crystals.

Our pet experts have added Tripsy to bundles like NHV Lymphoma Gold Kit because healthy kidneys are essential in maintaining your pet’s health and ability to cope with this type of cancer. That’s because most lymphoma patients require treatment like chemotherapy. This can cause toxin buildup that will most likely overwork your kidney.

We hope it’s become clear why shielding and supporting your furkid’s liver and kidneys are essential in ensuring their overall well-being. If you have any more questions about kidney and liver functions in pets, other dog and cat organs, or which supplements are recommended for your little one, please don’t hesitate to reach out! 

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Published: August 14, 2023

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