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How dog mom Geri is helping her soul dog Marlee, fight CHF naturally

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How dog mom Geri is helping her soul dog Marlee, fight CHF naturally

Dog mom Geri recently wrote to us with updates on her aww-dorable mini-schnauzer who was diagnosed with CHF in 2017. She maintains a beautiful blog to help cancer-fighting humans out there. Her soul dog Marlee is often a part of her blogs. In the time when she was battling cancer, Marlee never left her side.

He KNEW that I was really ill. I think he knew before I did. Every time I went into the bathroom he followed me. He sat there looking at me. He knew!

He NEVER left my side for one year. He slept with me every night, snuggled next to me during all naps. He was at my feet when I sat in a chair at my computer. He watched me create oil paintings until the wee hours of the night. He sat next to me watching TV.

When Marlee fell seriously ill, Geri took it upon her to do everything possible to bring him back to his healthy playful self.

Your Hearty Heart is amazing. My 13-year-old mini-Schnauzer was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure over a year ago. I didn’t want him to take drugs — he doesn’t do well with them. I give him Hearty Heart daily and his heart is no longer enlarged and he nearly has a murmur at all! Thank you for this great product. Am trying your Old Timers for his arthritis — am sure will be great!

When we received this update, we were eager for more info!

My dog’s name is Marlee. He has been on Hearty Heart, Turmeric, and the PetOmega since December 2016. This year I started him Milk Thistle and today just ordered the Old Timer. I also give the Turmeric to our other dog and think it helps her as well. You can read about Marlee on my Cancer blog

The following is an excerpt from her blog about Marlee and we are sure it will be helpful for other pet parents with dogs fighting heart ailments

He spent a day at the Vet getting fluid out of his chest. They sent him home with a couple of hundred dollars of drugs. I gave him two of the medicines and noticed a mood change. He wasn’t dealing well with the drugs.

So I did research. I researched what they gave him and didn’t like what I read. The drugs were to mask the symptoms, not resolve them.

So I found holistic alternatives including his food. Ubiquinol, two Hawthorn supplements, a Turmeric supplement, Omega 3,6,9 supplements, and Vitamin B supplements replaced all but the diuretic, which seem to be working well for him.

He doesn’t have the personality changes I noticed when he was on the drugs. He is peppy again and plays with his toys. We go for daily walks. He walks faster than me and I walk pretty fast!

I still give him half of one diuretic pill every 3 days, which over one week is equivalent to 1 day’s worth of the dose the Vet prescribed, but that is it for pharmaceuticals.  So far so good. His next exam should be interesting. I just want him to have a happy life. I took this picture of him yesterday.

UPDATE: March 2017 — Took my little boy to the Vet. He is not in Congestive Heart Failure anymore! The natural supplements and change of diet have worked. His heart is no longer enlarged. I do still give him the diuretic – have upped it to a half pill 2x a day as a precaution and he is doing awesome! He plays like a puppy and acts like he is 4 again. Will keep you posted on his progress…

UPDATE: May 2018 — A trip to the Vet confirmed he is still not in Congestive Heart failure (CHF).  The Vet actually said he could hardly hear a murmur…  I feel so blessed!  The natural supplements are doing their job!  My angel boy does have arthritis in his hind legs though — ordered a supplement that should help. Want to try it instead of the pharmaceutical option offered by the Vet. We do have a wonderful Vet, but where I can tackle any issue with natural means I know it is better for my little boy 😊

Marley CHF in dogs 1

It wouldn’t hurt to be proactive and start support early.

Doesn’t Marlee have such a special story of recovery? Heart problems in Schnauzers aren’t rare. It wouldn’t hurt to be proactive and start support early. Even doing something as simple as adding turmeric to their diet will help. Turmeric is good for cardiac health, liver, and kidneys. It is also great cardiovascular support.

Hearty Heart is a great blend of herbs like hawthorn, balsam poplar, and hops. Aside from being helpful in specific disorders like an enlarged heart, heart murmurs, or congestive heart failure, it also helps support cardiac health.

Marlee’s regimen was more elaborate to suit his needs. We are more than happy to create a suitable one for your pet too!

We wish little Marlee and his mom many more happy and healthy years ahead. There’s nothing some unconditional love can’t fix. 😌

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Published: May 31, 2018

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