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Renal Failure Kit 1

Tripsy, Milk Thistle & Turmeric

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Sharing NHV supplements with the other pets in the house

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Sharing NHV supplements with the other pets in the house

Sharing is caring… And Kitty Annabel is doing exactly that! She is sharing her natural supplement NHV Turmeric with her sweet kitty Malbelcakes.

Wonder why? Keep reading and watching for some cuteness overload.

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Kitty’s mom came to us looking for natural supplements to help her fur baby Annabel who is 15 years old with stage 2 kidney disease. At the time her sweet fur baby Lucy had crossed the rainbow bridge, so she was really worried about Annabel’s condition. Our Pet Expert team recommended her to start giving Annabel NHV Tripsy and Milk Thistle to detoxify and help her kidneys function properly. As she was also not eating well, we added NHV Yucca into her regimen as an appetite stimulant and to also help her digestion.

As soon as the supplements arrived, Mabelcakes ran to inspect them for her sister.

Later on, Annabel started to drag her back legs.

Sharing NHV supplements with the other pets in the house

Her mom had to make another vet visit and get some blood work done. The vets said Annabel has high blood pressure that could have been either because of stress or could be connected to her kidney disease.

The heart and kidneys are two very codependent organs and they both work together to keep the body well balanced, so if one of them is not working well, the other one will most likely be affected. Because of Annabel’s kidney condition, her heart ended up being affected too. To support her heart function and overall well-being, we also suggested adding two supplements to her regimen – NHV Hearty Heart and Turmeric.

Update February 2019

The supplements have been incredibly helpful to Annabel. It’s been over a month and no vet visits.
annabel mabelcakes

Getting supplements daily can definitely bring fur babies and pet parents closer together and it became a big part of kitty mom and Annabel’s daily routine.

Mabelcakes, Annabel’s sister, started to feel a little left out with their bonding routine with the supplements.

Every time I give Annabel the Turmeric specially, Mabelcakes cries until I give her a bit too.

So kitty’s mom started to give some Turmeric to Mabelcakes too.

She loves it and even tries to grab the droppers when it was finished.

How cute is sweet Mabelcakes taking Turmeric straight from the dropper?

Our supplements are all-natural and can help support conditions or simply work to prevent health issues and keep your fur baby healthy, so many of them can be administered to healthy pets too. Turmeric can benefit Annabel’s heart condition and also support Mabelcakes overall health, so they both win 🙂

Sharing NHV supplements with the other pets in the house

Update April 2019

Mabelcakes and her mom shared the sad news on Instagram that her sister Annabel has crossed the rainbow bridge

“OfLucy and I have some heartbreaking yet peaceful news to share. Sweet Annabel passed away in her sleep tonight. She did not appear to be in discomfort and she died doing what she loved most. She had a really nice day. OfLucy was home for most of it. She watched the birds, snuck outside for a minute, lounged on her favorite furniture, slept in her favorite spot, meowed like a hungry otter, got some treats, and lots of love. I went over to her to be near her or to hold her paw many times throughout the day. We wish she had been with us longer, but OfLucy gave her permission a while back to go whenever she was ready. Luckily, she had three months of great health and ZERO vet visits, which is nothing short of a miracle, considering her health the previous months. I didn’t know her for long, but I love her very very much. She was the best big sister a kitten could ask for. Thank you for allowing us to share her with you. All our love. ❤️ Mabelcakes
Where’s the pawty at? I’ll bring the nip. kisses. Annabanana”

Annabel is now resting in kitty paradise with Lucy 🌈

NHV lucy is missing her sister

What about Mabelcakes? Well, she is missing her sister a lot, but she’s enjoying the company and cuddles of her mom.

And she continues to take her daily dose of Turmeric…

Sharing NHV supplements with the other pets in the house

What supplements helped Annabel?

NHV Milk Thistle: this blend can help detoxify the liver and kidneys and support them to keep a healthy function

NHV Tripsy: it’s an all-natural anti-inflammatory supplement and it assists in the maintenance of healthy kidney function

NHV Hearty Heart: Vet formulated natural supplement that supports feline heart conditions, cardiovascular disorders, cardiomyopathy, and overall heart health in cats

NHV Turmeric supports the general wellbeing of your feline companion. It supports many different health conditions including cancer, heart conditions, and circulatory issues.

Do you also have a house full of fur babies and would like to share some of the supplements? Ask one of our Pet Experts which ones could work best for your healthy fur baby.

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

We have a dedicated group of pet expert professionals, including veterinarians, vet techs, and other pet professionals to guide you through any questions. We’re committed to your pet’s wellness and can offer additional tips, resources, nutritional advice, and more.

Published: March 14, 2019

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