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NHV helps sweet Blue with acute kidney disease after THC poisoning

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kim derby dog blue had THC poisoning

You must already know Bella. Bella is a strong little kitty that NHV has been supporting through her battle with intestinal cancer. Bella takes multiple supplements that help keep her strong. Meet Bella’s fur-sister Blue. Blue was diagnosed with acute kidney disease after THC poisoning and her mum has integrated NHV supplements Tripsy, BK-Detox and Milk Thistle into her daily regimen.

blue dog THC poisoning in dogs

Here is what Kim, Blue’s mom, had to say:

“Hi it’s Bella’s mom, Kim, and I wanted to tell you about Bella’s dog-sister Blue, my 7 year old blue-nosed pit mix. She’s been taking Tripsy and Milk-Thistle since last July 2017. In June of 2017 she was diagnosed with acute kidney disease after THC poisoning. At first the emergency vets couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her until finally a drug test showed extremely high levels of THC in her blood.

I have no idea how much she ate or in what form, but we think she ingested the THC via some sort of hash/pot-brownie or other food she found on the trail while we were hiking near my house!! Out of my sight for 1 minute and…. 🙁

Anyway, Blue was in the emergency hospital for 2 nights and it was really scary. While she was there, her blood work for her kidneys came back very abnormal (really high creatinine at 2.7). When she left the hospital her creatinine tested at 2.4 and then lowered to 2.2 a few months later. We’ve tested her creatinine a few other times and in December it went down to 1.8 but has since gone back up and leveled off at 2.1.

She’s a healthy, happy girl regardless but I want her to live as long as possible with this kidney issue. Blue, Bella and I are thankful for NHV.”

blue dog THC poisoning in dogs

After Blue’s diagnosis of kidney disease, Blue’s mom immediately turned to NHV to help her girl fight the disease. Now she keeps her fridge stocked with NHV supplements so her babies always have the support they need to stay strong and live happy lives.

Between Blue’s and Bella’s supplements, my refrigerator could be used in an NHV commercial 😀

blue's supplements

To better help Blue, we changed her regimen and added a blood cleanser that would help detoxify her blood of any impurities. BK-Detox helps improve and protect the immune system, especially useful for supporting pets that are fighting cancer. Ideally, 4-5 months should be enough to see result and a positive change in this situation, but sometimes we do have to tweak every individual pets dosing in order to get the maximum results from the herbs.

kim derby's dog Blue

Blue being a big dog of  75 pounds , she will need minimum 2.5 ml twice a day. We advised to keep her on a regimen of Milk Thistle, Tripsy and BK Detox for 4 more months to help ensure her vitals are healthy. We know the size of the bottle could be an issue when you have a big dog like sweet Blue, but giving the right dose will help with the condition quicker and be much more efficient in achieving maximum productivity from the herbs.

Her continued usage of Tripsy has also helped keep both beauties, Bella and Blue stay free from urinary tract infections. Tripsy provides great support to the kidneys and bladder, and promotes healing of the urinary tract.

blue and bella

Not one UTI for either since they started on it.

Thank you Kim, for trusting us to support your furkids Bella and Blue.

Here are the supplements that sweet Blue takes:

NHV Tripsy contains a balanced formula of herbs that help maintain healthy kidney function, soothe the lining of the kidneys, remove waste build up, inhibit infection and reduce inflammation, swelling and pain. It also has antioxidant properties that help protect the cells from oxidative damage.  NHV Tripsy is beneficial for chronic kidney disorders, urinary infection, uroliths, bladder stones and renal failure.

NHV Milk Thistle is beneficial to help improve kidney function. It helps to support a pet’s kidneys that may be damaged due to the use of drugs and radiation therapy, and for kidney damage caused by diabetes or infections. It helps remove toxic chemicals that can accumulate in your pets system. It is one of the few herbs with no equivalent in conventional medicine.

NHV BK-Detox  is high in antioxidants and is an all-natural detoxifier specially formulated to restore balance, regulate the immune system, and help your pet live a healthier, happier life. When the immune system is compromised, toxins can accumulate in your dog and cause problems including liver disorders, urinary tract infections, skin allergies, tumors, bad breath, and respiratory issues.

NHV’s team of Pet Experts is always there to help answer any questions you might have. We would love to help support your fur kid’s fight against kidney disease!

Published: November 4, 2018

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