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ES Clear™ for Cats

Natural cat cancer support

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Tumors in Cats: A Reminder to Never Give Up!

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Tumors in Cats: A Reminder to Never Give Up!

At NHV we are all pawrents. We know how scary it can be when your pet receives a serious diagnosis. Each pet parent we encounter becomes a part of our extended NHV family. When we say the words “please keep us updated on how your fur baby is doing” we really do mean it.

We’ll be there for you whether the outcome is not what you were hoping for, to help you through tough times and we will celebrate with you when everything goes right. We absolutely love receiving positive updates about cases that seemed like the prognosis could only be grave. This can especially be true for cases we see like tumors in cats. We received such an update recently from Pedro’s mom, Rachel. Here’s what she had to say:

I wanted to give you all an update on my cat Pedro. January of this year he was diagnosed with a mass on his liver and a mass on his heart with fluid in his chest and lungs. The Oncologist pretty much told us that there was nothing we could do and to make him comfortable for as long as we could. I wasn’t going to give up so easily and that’s when I decided to start him on 4 different NHV products and also some other natural products not associated with NHV. We just got another ultrasound at the Oncologist’s office and I am happy to report that the mass on his heart and liver are gone. He also has no sign of fluid in his chest. All that is left is a benign cyst on his liver which I hope we can eventually resolve. I really think that the Tumeric, Milk Thistle, ES Clear, and Natures Immuno helped tremendously in Pedro’s recovery and I thank your products for that.

We are absolutely thrilled that Pedro is doing so well! Rachel chose the perfect supplements to help Pedro’s body fight the tumors. While Rachel’s hope was to help support Pedro’s quality of life, the herbs showed their true power.

The supplements Pedro has been taking each have their own unique cancer-fighting properties. Together, they make the perfect team to give the body the strength it needs and to help fight tumors in cats.

ES Clear: The herbs in this blend can help to reduce tumor growth, help to purify the blood, and support the immune system. This can help to improve quality of life, energy levels, and appetite.

Milk Thistle: While Milk Thistle is mostly known for its liver support, it also is rich in antioxidants and studies have shown it can have excellent anti-cancer and anti-tumor benefits.

Turmeric: Turmeric is a ‘super-food’. It has so many benefits. Studies have shown that it has success with its anticancer effects against several different types of cancer.

Natures Immuno: This blend of 5 medicinal mushrooms. There are many studies that show that each of these mushrooms contains antitumor and anticancer benefits. When given together in this blend, they work together synergistically.

We wish Rachel and Pedro all the best for the future, and we do hope to continue to receive awesome updates like this one from Pedro and all of our extended NHV family!

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Published: December 11, 2019

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