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Pet Joint Support Gold Kit

Natural support to help alleviate arthritic discomfort. Also includes an appetite stimulant and digestion support.

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14 year old Uggie got his zoomies back

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14 year old Uggie got his zoomies back

Sometimes caring for senior pets means a little extra TLC- yet providing a safe and loving home in their golden years can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Sometimes this can mean more frequent veterinary visits, ensuring high-quality nutrition and exercise, providing soft bedding and toys, or making small adjustments around the household.

Despite all your efforts, you might notice that running up the stairs has become harder, that extra bounce is gone, no more zoomies, and some activities take a little bit more effort.  As pet parents, we make our promises. A promise to love them through the days where they may have slowed down a bit due to stiffness, or joint discomfort. Because our little furkids, still have so much love to give.

Back in March, we asked pet parents to make their #NHVfurbabypromise. The response was overwhelming- some made us laugh, and some made us cry. Here are Kristen’s three sweet fur babies, and this is her promise.

I have 3 fur babies, this is just one of them! I promise to love you with the most unconditional love I know how to give, to consistently make sure you have the best of everything, to always tuck you in at night when you are cold, to always let you win every night you want my side of the bed and MY pillow! I promise to put your health and care before my own since to me you are MY BABIES! I promise to constantly tell you how loved you are, even though the amount of love I have for all of you, could never really be put into words. I promise to always play dog TV every Saturday morning cause I know how much you love it! I promise to always get just as excited as you and dance around when I get home (even if I was gone for literally 5 minutes lol) because it makes you even more excited & I love to see you happy! I promise you will never ever remember a single horrible day that you may have went through before I was lucky enough to rescue you…But mostly, I promise to make every single day of your lives an adventure, because you never know when it’s your last… and each of you has made my life significantly that much more beautiful because I am blessed to call you mine! I love you boys, Rocco, Uggie & Anubis!

Kristen won the giveaway and she picked joint support supplements for her little dog, Uggie. Soon after we got an update from her.


First update – March 2018

I swear my little guy has been running around like a maniac after taking Old Timer & Yucca as you suggested! He’s been a different dog and completely discomfort-free! 

Uggie dog with NHV supplements zoomies

Second update – August 2018

Uggie wanted to drop by to let everyone know he’s still kicking butt & taking names since being on NHV. He just had his 14th Birthday on the 14th of this month! He still runs around & plays tug-o-war with his big brothers. Thanks, NHV 

Senior dog Uggie with NHV Joint Problems Kit zoomies

We are so happy that Kristen’s fur babies have done so well with the help of NHV. It’s always amazing to hear that our furry friends are able to go back to their normal activities. NHV Old Timer & Yucca help to relieve inflamed joints and arthritis. The herbs have powerful anti-inflammatory and nutritive properties to support your senior pet and help get your little one’s zoomies back!

nhv furbaby promise contest dog with cap

Kristen has a house full of dogs and one of the bigger ones, Anubis, will be starting the Plantaeris to help with digestion and gut health. When we told her Uggie had all the ladies at NHV swooning she said, ‘I keep telling him how popular he is, he definitely walks with a little strut now’.

uggie senior dog with arthritis NHV supplements

We send this little guy lots of healing vibes and we hope for many healthy and happy years ahead full of zoomies and playtime.

14 Year Old Uggie Got His Zoomies Back

Do you have a Uggie at home too? An old fur companion who still wants to be an active pupper? Let us help you find the best supplements for him. Please contact one of our Pet Experts today.

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Unfortunately, after a couple of years, Uggie gained his wings in September 2019. We wish his humans and fur family a lot of love. We will forever miss this little warrior.

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

We have a dedicated group of pet expert professionals, including veterinarians, vet techs, and other pet professionals to guide you through any questions. We’re committed to your pet’s wellness and can offer additional tips, resources, nutritional advice, and more.

Published: August 27, 2018

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