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Pet Cancer Super Support Kit (Cancer Kit 3)

ES-Clear, Milk Thistle & Turmeric

USD $131.85
Pet Cancer Super Support Kit (Cancer Kit 3) USD $131.85 Add to Cart

Cat Cancer Support Through the Years: Infinity Battle

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A grey and white cat, Infinity with cat caner, standing in front of a section of a Christmas tree and looking to the left.

Managing dog and cat cancer is a challenging and enduring journey, but please know that you are not alone. We’re always here to offer any form of support, just as we’ve been here for this cute kitty, Infinity. But, of course, our support is incomparable to the dedication of Infinity’s mom and dad!

Our connection with this heartwarming furmily spans over three festive seasons, and we are genuinely thankful as they consistently keep us informed about Infinity’s condition each year. Receiving updates on Infinity’s pawsitive progress, akin to unwrapping cherished gifts, always brings us joy and warmth!

Seeing as their heartwarming messages consistently arrive in November, a time when Infinity, like a feline elf, is busy lending a paw to set up the furmily’s Christmas tree. We’ve decided to maintain their adorable tradition and share a glimpse into Infinity’s pawgress in her cat cancer battle just in time for the Holiday season.

Where It All Begins: Season’s Greetings 2020

Our Infinity has quite a large tumor on her abdomen area that we found just a couple of weeks ago. She went in earlier this week for a biopsy, which we are still awaiting the result on.

Besides discovering lumps, pets with stomach tumors may experience chronic intermittent vomiting, a drop in appetite and weight, and lethargy. The vomit may appear bloody or coffee-ground-like. If you notice any of these signs in your little one, it’s vital to seek veterinary attention promptly, like what Rebecca and Scott did.

Recognizing the urgency, they not only sought traditional veterinary care but also turned to NHV for natural support. Swiftly, they witnessed a remarkable transformation, and in no time, their feline kiddo was back to engaging in her favorite activity—helping put up the furmily’s Christmas tree. Eager to share their transformative experience, they immediately reached out to us and recounted the journey that turned them into true believers in the power of holistic care:

I didn’t want to wait, and when I found the NHV products, it almost seemed too good to be true, but I put her on the Pet Cancer Super Support Kit. This regimen almost instantly made a believer out of me. Infinity is out from hiding and doing some of her favorite things, such as assisting in putting up our Christmas tree as seen below! She wasn’t showing many signs until right before her biopsy, but she’s already made such a huge improvement and is ready to beat her cancer with the assistance of her NHV!
Infinity with cat cancer, a grey and white cat, is surrounded by some christmas trees

The bundle that improved Infinity’s quality of life despite her prognosis was our Pet Cancer Super Support Kit. Carefully formulated by veterinarians, this kit contains NHV ES-Clear, NHV Milk Thistle, and NHV Turmeric. Together, these three supplements help furkids maintain energy levels, reduce the discomfort cat cancer brings, and gently detoxify their system.

A Year Of Taking NHV Cat Cancer Support

One year later and Infinity is still helping mom and dad put up the Christmas tree! She had a clear cancer scan after six months and is about to go in for her one year check up in a few weeks! We are certain she will have great results once again thanks to her friends at NHV and all of her cancer fighting supplements!

Rebecca and Scott really do know the best for their furkiddo, as regular checkups are crucial even after cancer treatment. That’s because, unfortunately, cancer isn’t always a one-time event and requires a lifetime of monitoring. Once a pet has experienced cancer, the chances of the disease returning are higher. In fact, even when your little one is in remission, meaning no active cancer has been found after a certain period of time, the cancer cells might still return.

Additionally, a healthy diet and natural supplements are essential for proactive care to help prevent the tumors from reemerging. Our products are all safe to use long-term! So, don’t worry – even if your little one has a chronic illness, especially cancer, like Infinity – you can still give them the supplements continuously!

Latest Update: Happy Meowlidays 2023

Fast forward to 2023! We’ve unwrapped yet another heartwarming gift—a truly uplifting update about Infinity:

Infinity is still taking part in her favorite holiday tradition with mom and dad, putting up the Christmas tree! It has been three years since Infinity had a massive tumor found, but with the help of her wonderful doctors, and her friends at NHV, her scans continue to come back clean! She has remained on ES-Clear as a preventative measure, and we credit that as a big part in preventing tumor regrowth! Thanks again NHV Natural Pet Products for helping Infinity take part in all of her favorite yearly traditions!

We are SO happy to hear this ameowzing news! Rebecca and Scott chose to continue to give Infinity our main herbal dog and cat cancer support NHV ES-Clear for long-term proactive support. This blend promotes a strong immune system, helps scavenge free radicals, and serves as an excellent proactive cat cancer support!

The harsh treatment, the uncomfortable symptoms, the emotional turmoil, and the worry that tumors might reappear all make the cancer process enduring. For this reason, we want to commend Infinity and her pawrents for never giving up! It warms our hearts to hear about Infinity’s progress since 2020, and we couldn’t be prouder! Our team will remain committed to offering assistance in any way we can in hopes that this little feline elf continues to make her pawrents Holidays magical.

We understand the concerns that come with dog or cat cancer. Our team is here to offer our knowledge as well as emotional support. Don’t hesitate to reach out whenever you need help or simply want someone to talk to. Your furmily’s well-being is our priority, and we’re committed to being there for you during these challenging times.

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NHV Pet Experts

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Published: December 12, 2023

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