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It’s one of the reasons Tinx is still with me

Inspiring Pet Tails 4 min read
It’s one of the reasons Tinx is still with me

Update: February 1, 2018: 

Just an update on my cat Tinkerbell who was diagnosed with large cell Lymphoma and an intestinal tumor in June. She’s had her first monthly check since her chemotherapy ended and the vet said she was in remission. Her weight is good, she’s eating and playing and they can no longer feel the tumor. She’ll be staying on ES Clear and Cannabis Oil for life! Thank you for this amazing product! This is her resting after her fifth meal of the day. I’m so grateful. X


In November 2017, a cat mom from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK shared a video of her happy kitty with us. When she told us Tinkerbell was fighting lymphoma, we were so surprised. It was heartwarming to see this cat healthy and playing like a kitten while fighting lymphoma and a tumor in her intestines.

This is Tinkerbell. She is 14. She was diagnosed with Lymphoma and an intestinal tumor in June. The prognosis was poor so I decided I had nothing to lose and I’ve had her on Cannabis Oil and ES Clear since July. She’d dropped 2 kilos rapidly and could not eat. She’s now maintained her weight at a healthy 4 kilos since August, eats 4 or 5 meals a day and plays, rests, and does everything she did before. This product has really helped her, not least because I’ve been able to stop the [pharmaceutical name removed] and appetite stimulant that she hated and that caused her huge distress.
Tinkerbell's Story: ES Clear for Lymphoma

This was shot before she hit her brother for playing with one of her birthday toys!!! She’s even back to bossing him around! She has a good quality of life so thank you again.

Here she is with her second breakfast.

tinkerbell cat lymphoma nhv

This update was followed by another positive one around Christmas.

Just an update on Tinkerbell who was diagnosed with Lymphoma and an intestinal tumor in June. She had her last chemo on Thursday just gone. The vet is considering her in remission at this stage. I know she’s not out of the woods but it’s the best she could be doing at this stage. She’ll be monitored monthly. I’ll keep her on the ES-Clear and Cannabis Oil that really changed things for her. The vet has referred to her as a little miracle, they’ve never had a cat survive the six months of chemo without the cancer spreading. I’m certain that the natural products have helped her. She’s had a lovely playful Christmas that 6 months ago I didn’t think we’d get to share with her, the prognosis was so awful and she’d lost so much weight. Thank you again for this amazing product.

Tinkerbell cat lymphoma NHV supplements

She indeed is a little miracle and we’re happy to be a part of this miraculous recovery that Tinkerbell is making. Tinkerbell is taking ES-Clear, our primary support for pets with any kind of cancer. But there are other blends that she needs to get started with and we are hopeful we’ll have an even happier tale to tell soon. She most importantly needs Felimm. Felimm will help detoxify her lymphatic system which is important for cats and dogs with lymphoma. Natures Immuno is helpful for checking the growth of the tumor in her intestines. It is a blend of medicinal mushrooms that are being widely researched for their tumor-fighting properties. Lastly, some pets with intestinal tumors do need something to support intestinal health. Not all pets with such conditions will have symptoms like diarrhea or constipation. But if they do then accordingly, Plantaeris or Maris will need to be added to the regimen.

cat with intestinal cancer natural remedies
cat with intestinal cancer natural remedies
cat with intestinal cancer natural remedies
Tinkerbell cat with cancer

Update – January 2019

My beautiful 15-year-old girl is now a year in remission from large cell Lymphoma and a gastric-intestinal tumor. She was diagnosed in June 2017. A year ago today was her last chemotherapy and she’s not looked back. She’s had her monthly check-up today and the vet is amazed by her. Her weight is still good – 4.66 kg today. Best Christmas gift ever!!!! She’s just polished off her second breakfast and is waiting for her third! She’s my little miracle. She’s been on [botanical name removed] and ES Clear since July 2017 and the difference it has made is incredible. Thank you, guys. I’ve just ordered another two bottles. I’ll give her this for life now! xxx
tinkerbelle NHV cat lymphoma

We wish this little trooper continues to show such an amazing recovery. We will stay close to Tinkerbell’s mom for updates and tweaks as time passes. Sadly, lymphoma in cats is more common than we realize. A holistic route is often the best way forward to helping your cat cope. Get in touch with your NHV Pet Expert today to discuss your pet’s lymphoma regimen. We’d love to help you, naturally.

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NHV Pet Experts

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Published: January 3, 2018

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