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Cerebellar hypoplasia cat Trappurr combats struvite crystals

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Cerebellar hypoplasia cat Trappurr combats struvite crystals

Trappurr is one of pet mom Honey Tapley’s kitties. This sweet girl has slight cerebellar hypoplasia. This rare condition occurs at birth and causes jerky movements, tremors, and generally uncoordinated motion. These symptoms can increase when your fur baby is excited. A cat with CH often falls down and has trouble walking or cannot seem to walk at all.  The good news is that it is non-progressive, non-contagious, and cats can have the same quality of life and expectancy as non-CH cats.


Trappurr’s mom Honey was already an NHV Pet Parent who was administering our herbal supplements to her other kitties Tigger (who we lovingly call NHV’s poster boy) and Manny. In April, she wrote to us that she had some concerns about what Trappurr was going through. She wondered if she could share any of Tigger’s or Manny’s supplements with her.

Her urine came back with elevated crystals. So they are retesting her today and doing it in-house rather than sending it out. Also, she’s eating less but is just getting gut huge. She has hard tiny poo and sometimes diarrhea and this morning had blood. The vet is thinking megacolon, so she’s getting an x-ray today. She does have slight cerebellar hypoplasia. But I know there’s nothing to fix that.
trappurr cat honey tapley

Finding the right natural support was only a short journey away. Trappurr started getting NHV Turmeric, Honey had that with her already. She ordered for her a bottle of NHV Tripsy to find help with the struvite crystals. Honey had NHV Matricalm with her, we recommended using it to help with any stress from the vet visits and tests.

Did you know that NHV Tripsy is a soothing formula that controls infection, has a demulcent effect on urinary calculi, and supports the health of kidneys and bladder? Kidney stones are normally part and parcel of kidney disease and kidney disorders. Tripsy may help break up kidney and bladder stones so they don’t become problematic and can be flushed from the urinary tract.

Months later, we had this update from Honey. We are so happy to hear that the supplements are working for this sweet girl. Honey’s dedication to making sure her babies get exactly what they need always amazes us. With a combination of NHV supplements and TLC, Trappur is thriving.

She’s been using Tripsy for six months and the crystals she had for over a year are gone. She takes .5ml of Turmeric 2x a day. We did the 3 months of Matricalm .5ml 2x a day. It didn’t make a noticeable difference so right now, for money savings we stopped when the bottle ran out two months ago. Her tummy issues of diarrhea cleared up with Turmeric and we also give it to her for her cerebellar hypoplasia. And her struvite crystals cleared up with Tripsy.
Trappurr from instagram

Honey is a holistic pet mom who has a house full of cats and dogs – all rescues and each with his or her own specific needs. We are always happy to support her find an integrative solution to her pets’ health problems.

We have recently discovered that the mischievous Trappurr might also have Pica. Her vets have recommended a hypoallergenic diet to start with. As Trappurr continues to show different symptoms we will add supplements to her regimen. We have added to her notes for the future – Plantaeris for diarrhea, Stimmune for food allergies, and Multi Essentials for any diet-based deficiencies.

Visit Trappurr on Instagram. Together with her sisfurs and brofurs, she is bound to keep you entertained, and guaranteed to make you smile.

three kitties

If you have any questions for us, reach out to our NHV Pet Experts right away.

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Published: November 3, 2018

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