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Hearty-Heart for Dogs

Supplement for heart conditions in dogs

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Dog Heart Issues – Kuzu’s Amazing Recovery

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Dealing with dog heart issues is something no pet parent wants to go through. While this kind of diagnosis can bring on a lot of stress and panic for us humans, it’s important to know that there are tons of things we can do to give our little one’s a comfortable and full life!

Kuzu’s Story

Kuzu, which translates to “lamb” in Turkish (how perfect, right?), was diagnosed with degenerative valve disease.

This type of heart condition is caused by the mitral valve beginning to ‘wear out’ and leak over some time because of the high pressure that’s created when the left ventricle pumps blood to the body.

On top of that, Kuzu was also dealing with adenocarcinoma and super sensitive skin that caused rashes when she got wet.

Like any great furparent would do, Ayse got to work at finding a regimen that would help her sweet girl feel more like herself again. We were so happy to be a part of little Kuzu’s health and wellness journey!

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Symptoms of Dog Heart Issues

Signs to look out for can include:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Coughs
  • Exercise intolerance
  • Weight loss
  • Panting
  • Fainting

NHV Support for Kuzu

To support Kuzu’s heart, she started our Hearty-Heart formulation. The herbs in this all-natural blend, like Valerian and Lobelia, can help to support uncomfortable symptoms associated with heart issues including coughs and difficulty breathing, and can help to promote heart health and improve blood flow.

Kuzu also takes Turmeric, which is well-studied for its heart health benefits. Turmeric can help to reduce inflammation as well as discomfort, too!

Lastly, to help with her adenocarcinoma diagnosis, we suggested ES-Clear. This powerful yet gentle herbal supplement can help to encourage detoxification of the vitals, promote improved quality of life, and can help to support the immune system.

Updates from Kuzu

Because our supplements are all-natural, they can take some time to really start working and absorbing in the body. With some patience and determination, Kuzu and Ayse got back to us with some amazing news!

“Dear NHV family; I am thrilled to report Kuzu passed her biannual physical with flying colors today. As you may remember, she was diagnosed with a degenerative mitral valve; and we also went through a bout of adenocarcinoma in October 2021. This precious girl, among other things, has been on your ES-Clear, Turmeric, and Hearty Heart regimen for months. I cannot even begin to explain how relieved I was when we got our results today. Chest X-ray, clear. Ultrasound, clear. Bloodwork, amazing. Her white blood count was usually low, and today it came out higher than average.”

We truly can’t begin to express how happy it makes us knowing that little Kuzu has finally found the comfort and peace she so rightfully deserves. We’re sending so much love and positive vibes to Kuzu and Ayse!

Small fluffy white dog sits on colorful rug. Dog heart issues won't stop her!

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Published: January 18, 2023

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