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Mitral Valve Failure in Dogs – 14 Year-Old Dog Starts Holistic Regimen

Inspiring Pet Tails 3 min read
Mitral Valve Failure in Dogs – 14 Year-Old Dog Starts Holistic Regimen

Bobi’s just started his holistic regimen to help with cardiac congestion and it’s still a long way to go. But what’s positive is that he already feels better!

After suffering from heart health issues for 3 years, Bobi’s mom found us and decided to give natural remedies a try. She chose them because she was looking for something convenient to administer and safe to give on a long term. By the time this senior cocker spaniel came into our care, what had started as mitral valve failure had aggravated to cardiac congestion. Here’s what Bobi’s mom, Andra from Romania, told us.

My darling Bobi, is a beautiful cooker, who turned 14 years old, but unfortunately, it has diagnosed, with mitral valve failure nearly 3 years ago, afterwards, the disease has degenerated into cardiac congestion, and of course, he started to feel worse. The cough began to get deeper and even fainted. Then I started looking for natural remedies, and I was attracted to this site way? because I can also administer medication, along with natural tinctures, without feeling worse. I tried before with canine heart-healthy, but, but he felt even worse, so I gave up.

He has 3 weeks of treatment now, with Hearty Heart and Turmeric and I can say like the coughing there is much less then before…ohhh thank you..I can sleep at night. He maintains a strict (NHV) regime, and it also has vitamins for cardiovascular support. After I go with him to do them electrocardiography and then compare it with the old one, that is very bad, then I will pronounce 100%,with these 2 natural products. In the meantime, I will buy again those wonderful natural products with PETOMEGA 3. And then we’ll see how is feel, and I will come back with details of his condition. 

Thank You Again NHV.
Bobi dog from Romania NHV Natural pet products Mitral valve damage
Bobi dog from Romania NHV Natural pet products mitral valve failure

We thank Andra for the lovely words. We have recommended our Heart Health Super Support Kit for Bobi from hereon. It has NHV Hearty Heart to help maintain healthy cardiac function and support recovery, and it has a bottle of NHV Turmeric which is great for the cardiovascular system, kidneys, liver and joints. This kit also has Pet Omega3. Pet Omega3 is our fish oil blend with Omega3 fatty acids. These are an excellent natural support for restoring normal cardiac function.

We are waiting for a happy update from Andra soon. We sent lots of love to this lovely family in Romania. Did you know 30% of most dogs suffer from congestive heart failure? Smaller dog breeds like Bobi’s (Cocker Spaniels), Boston Terriers, Maltese, Havanese etc. are highly vulnerable to heart problems. Adding a natural blend like NHV Hearty Heart to their regime as a precaution, is a proactive and healthy way of ensuring your dog’s healthier, longer life.

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Published: October 24, 2017

4 replies

  1. Carol says:

    Our 13 year old Boston terrier has heart disease. A valve that doesn’t open and close right. He has fluid in his lungs and now it’s spread to his belly and it’s really swollen. The vet said that once the fluid gets into the belly there’s no hope. He has been on lacix and a heart medication for 3 months but apparently it’s not working. We are terrified about his really big belly and don’t know where to turn. Is it too late to put him on this plan or is our vet right and there’s no hope for our sweet fur baby. Help !

    1. NHV Natural Pet Products says:

      Hi Carol,

      Sorry for taking so long to get in touch with you. We hope your dog is a little better by now with the medications. It’s always a good time to start the supplements, but of course, the sooner the better. We recommend NHV hearty heart, NHV resp aid and NHV turmeric for the condition that your Boston Terrier is facing. However, these do take time to kick in. Some pets see results within the first week and others take up to 4 weeks. So keeping that in mind, if you feel you want to give them a try then you can. We can help you with a welcome discount of 10%.

      Sending lots of love to your little one

      Yours in wellness
      Team NHV Natural Pet Products

  2. Kiani says:

    Hi, my dog gilly is 10 years old and has just been diagnosed with mistral valve. I was devastated to find out. She hasn’t started to cough but her belly is swallowed. She still lives normal so far but I do notice her demeanour sometimes is different. She seems sad. Maybe that’s the discomfort. I give her belly rubs and she seems to love it maybe it takes a little ease each time I rub her belly. The vets gave me medication to start her on. 1/2 a tablet of frusemide every 6 to 8 hours and 1/2 tab of Fortekor hr before food. Frusemide she seemed ok on but the Fortekor I noticed a huge change in her and it didn’t feel right. Please help. I’m so afraid of loosing her. I have held her since she was 8 days old and she has been by my side ever since.

    1. Team NHV says:

      Hi Kiani,

      Thank you so much for reaching out to us.

      We’re so sorry to hear that your girl Gilly is going through this. We can’t even imagine how stressful this all must be for both of you. Thank you so much for being there for your sweet girl, we’re sure she loves and appreciates you so much.

      We have a few recommendations for your girl based on what you’ve told us about her so far:

      First, we would suggest our main support for heart health, Hearty-Heart. The herbs in Hearty-Heart, like Hawthorne, can help to encourage a healthy heart, reduce uncomfortable symptoms, and can help to improve energy levels.

      More on Hearty-Heart here:

      Next, we suggest our Turmeric. This all-natural supplement can help to reduce inflammation, promote heart health, and can support discomfort.

      More information on Turmeric here:

      Since your girl has been taking pharmaceuticals, which can be tough on the body, especially the liver and kidneys, we suggest our Milk Thistle supplement. Milk Thistle can help to support the liver and kidneys and can encourage liver regeneration.

      For more on Milk Thistle, click here:

      Lastly, we think your sweetheart would benefit from using our Lesstress supplement as well. The herbs in Lesstress, like Chamomile and Eleuthero, can help to encourage calmness while reducing anxiety and stress.

      More on Lesstress:

      We know this is lots of information to take in so please take your time in reviewing everything. Please know that we’re right here if you ever have any questions or just want support.

      We’re sending all our love and positive energy your way!

      Yours in wellness,
      Team NHV

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