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Supraglan™ for dogs

Natural Cushing’s Disease, Adrenal, and Addison’s Support for dogs

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Cushing’s in Dogs: Bruce’s Story

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Cushing’s in Dogs: Bruce’s Story

In June my sweet, sweet Boston Terrier Bruce ( 12 1/2 now) was diagnosed with Cushing’s. I was so sad to see this active senior going downhill and having no energy to play. He always went to his toy box to select a toy but all that ceased. He also stopped jumping up on the couch and bed to snuggle with me. His mate, Velvet has been beside herself as she knows something is wrong with her constant buddy. Constant drinking of water and needing to go potty about every hour. I felt so badly for him and just cried holding him. The vet said the treatment would be too strong for him so I got online and started reading everything I could. I found this site at and an article by C J Puotinen and Mary Straus published in the Whole Dog Journal in Nov. 2011. In the section called “Complementary Care for Dogs with Cushing’s, I found out about Supraglan and NHV. The University of Tennessee Veterinary Medicine School had some success with this supplement so I ordered it.

The first 2 weeks I didn’t see any improvement in Bruce so I contacted NHV and they suggested I up the dose a little. That did it! Oh my goodness. Bruce has been on it now for a month and here are our results: Drinking has slowed down. Peeing from about every hour to sleeping at least 4-5 hours at night ( yea for both of us ). Jumped up on the couch 3 times on Saturday!!! Went to his toy box, picked a toy bone, and began chewing. His personality is back and he actually ran after a ball in the yard. Only did it once but I was elated! None of this has happened for months until he was on Supraglan! I also changed his dog food to no grains and higher quality as well as following the feeding recommendations of Lew Olsen in his newest book “Raw & Natural Nutrition for dogs”. I don’t feed raw but he has good recipes for dogs with Cushing’s. Bruce loves the Supraglan and I just squirt it on his food.

I have also had wonderful support from the NHV folks and they have taken a personal interest in my Bruce and his condition. If you have questions, please ask them as they will help. So glad I found them for my sweet boy!
-Dixie, Bruce’s Mom

Below is the rest of Bruce’s Family!

Boston Terrier dogs

More from Bruce’s mom!

Bruce is the most amazing dog I have ever had. He’s like a little human. Gives hugs and is so smart it’s scary! Velvet is his ever-present wife and they had one litter ( vet inspired because of Bruce) with 3 little girls. I kept Lolly who looks like a French Bulldog sometimes, and Kiki who is almost all black except for some small white patches. Mama Velvet is just the sweetest girl ever! She too had 2 mammary cancerous tumors removed last year and is doing very well. Bruce had a grade 4 mast cell tumor removed 4 years ago from his back and had been doing great until Cushing’s diagnosis. Love these sweet creatures with all my heart!

Supraglan – a vet-approved herbal supplement formulated to support dogs suffering from Cushing’s disease.

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Published: September 18, 2015

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  1. Olga Ortiz says:

    Our Boston terrier, Spanky, just got diagnose with cushings diseased, we are so sad, he also just had surgery for his brachycephalic surgery a month ago, the cushings diseaed was actotal shock for us, we did see he was drinking lots of water & also eating at anytime he saw food, but we thought it was related to his breathing problem, we were elated after his surgery, becasuse he was breathing so good, but our spanky had this dreaded disease, please advice what we can do with a nstural remedy, Thank you

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