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Daisy’s Diet: Personalized Pet Nutrition Plan

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Cooking for your pet can be as much fun as cooking for yourself. Between meal preps and finding out what makes your furkiddo jumping up and down when you say the word FOOD there is one thing pet parents usually have a hard time with; knowing the necessary nutrients for your furbaby’s diet.

Each pet is different, whether they are young and healthy, aging gracefully, or suffering from a range of medical conditions, your pet’s nutritional needs will vary. Different life stages and medical conditions may require that you alter certain minerals or nutrients in your pet’s diet. There is a lot of information surrounding these topics, and navigating this information can be tiresome and confusing.

daisy, a white dog with supplements and scale

Daisy’s Diet

Daisy from @angelswithwetnoses has been courageously battling a few health conditions and one of the ways her mama is supporting her is by ensuring that she gets the right diet. When Daisy was diagnosed with Lymphangiectasia, her mama reached out for a nutrition plan from our in-house vet, Dr. Amanda.  This nutrition plan included recommended foods, sample recipes, and a breakdown of what nutrients Daisy needs. Of course, no one knows a furkiddo better than their parent, so adjustments can be made. Together, Dr. Amanda and Daisy’s mom were able to come up with the perfect balance for her meals.

Diet can play a huge role in managing a pet’s health conditions as you can control how much of different nutrients they are getting. For example, pets with kidney and liver issues like Daisy will need less protein in their diet. When we gave Daisy her nutritional plan, her mom came to us as she was worried about the protein level, and was unsure how much protein she should get since Daisy has high levels of liver enzymes.

white dog daisy eating bowl of home cooked food

Pets with certain health conditions such as renal and liver issues may need a low protein diet. But in some cases, they might not want to eat a low protein meal, especially cats. It is important that they eat to maintain the energy needed to lead a healthy life. Protein is also extremely important for all animals. So, the best way is to balance it out, not a lot of protein, but not too low amounts. If you are uncertain about the quantity of protein to add to your fur kiddo’s diet, our pet experts and in-house vets can help.

Personalized Pet Nutrition Plan

Homemade pet food is very helpful for keeping our pets healthy and strong, but it can be even better for pets suffering from a difficult condition, like obesity, cancer, allergies, diabetes, and more. A personalized pet nutrition plan can address the specific needs of your pet.

Dr. Amanda can help develop a customized, home-cooked nutrition plan for your pet. You will be asked to provide information on your pet including age, breed, basic medical history, and current medications. Dr. Amanda will use this information to create a customized home-cooked plan that best suits your pet’s current condition.

bow of home cooked food for pets

Cooking for your pet is not only a way to ensure their body gets exactly what it needs, but also is a way to relieve your boredom and live your iron chef fantasies. Are you ready to conquer the kitchen? Let us know about your culinary adventures on the comments or send us a message, we’d love to hear it!

If you need Dr. Amanda’s help, click here to get your own personalized pet nutrition plan!

Please note that any homemade nutrition changes should be conducted under the advice and supervision of your veterinarian. If your vet has any questions, they are welcome to email Dr. Nascimento.

Published: April 28, 2020

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