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Dog Eye Discharge: Jasper’s Goopy Eyes

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jasper dog eye discharge

When you look into your furkid’s eyes, you can see so much love and affection in them. However, it can be so daunting if you see your pup has an eye issue. A common issue is dog eye discharge and goop. This is what happened to Jasper and his mom Jessica. Keep reading to see how persevering his furmom has been to help support her dapper Jasper through his eye issues.

Jasper the beagle holding a dog toy in his mouth.

Get To Know Jasper and Jessica

Spend a minute with Jasper and you will fall head over heels for this little, charming beagle. Quirky and at the heart of the pawty, 2-year-old Jasper is still a bouncy pupper who loves to help his furmom around the house and greet a new day with adorable mischief. 

Our history with Jasper’s furmom, Jessica, goes back many years. She has never failed to amaze us with her passion for helping animals. She has always been a dedicated pet parent to her furkiddos, has donated holistic regimens to loved ones, and helped increase awareness for furkids in need. When she gave us the news about Jasper and his red, goopy eyes, we were happy to help!

Why Do Dogs’ Eyes Get Goopy?

Small dogs with short faces and bulging eyes are at higher risk for eye issues.

Dog eye discharge is a common problem for our canine companions. Small dogs with short faces and bulging eyes like beagles, pugs, or boxers are at higher risk for eye issues and injuries to the eyes.

Some reasons your dog’s eyes may be goopy are:

  • Seasonal allergies
  • Debris in the eye (including eyelashes)
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Trauma to the eye
  • Underlying conditions like glaucoma, distemper, or cancer.

For Jasper, it was mainly due to the seasonal allergy.

What To Do If You Notice Dog Eye Discharge

The first step is to monitor the discharge amount, the color, and the eye condition. Then gently wipe the goop, crusties, and debris away using a damp cloth or pet-friendly wipe. Keeping your furkid’s eyes clean may help reduce the risk of infections. Taking note of your furkid’s changes can help you communicate with your vet. If the discharge color is green or yellow, and your furkid’s eyes are red, it’s best to book a trip to your vet right away. 

Jasper the beagle looking up with red, inflamed eyes.

How To Support Your Furkid’s Goopy Eyes

If your pet has long facial hair, trim their hair so it does not touch their eyes. You can use round-tipped scissors to make sure they do not get poked.

If your furkid doesn’t like having their eyes or face cleaned, you can try distracting them with peanut butter or another tasty treat.

In addition, keep irritants like shampoos, cigarette smoke, and cleaning products away from their face. Be aware of the irritants that may get into their eyes and worsen the condition. 

Addressing the underlying condition that is causing your dog’s eye discharge is important. Talk to your vet about treatment options and feel free to reach out to the NHV pet experts for advice for natural support.

NHV Supplements For Dog Eye Discharge

We suggested NHV Ey-Eas eye drops to help soothe Jasper’s eye discomfort and itchiness and help restore his eyes to a healthy state. It’s an all-natural, herbal formula that contains gentle and balanced extracts of herbs like chamomile and goldenseal that may also help prevent contagious eye infections from spreading between pets. 

This was what we heard from Jasper and his mom after having him on Ey-Eas for a while. Our hearts leaped with joy!

“It’s allergies season again 🤧 and my big hound dog eyes can easily get red and goopy. I won’t let Mom do the medicated eye drops, thank goodness for NHV’s Ey-Eas! It’s amazing because (1) it works and (2) she sneaks it in my food! It will start working within the week! We can’t wait for it to arrive! Thank you NHV!” – @dignifiedbeagle

You can use Ey-Eas topically for most eye conditions. If your pet has eye ulcers or won’t allow you to put drops in their eyes, Ey-Eas should be taken orally.

Besides Ey-Eas, Jasper’s furmom also proactively helps support his quality of life by giving him NHV Natures Immuno and Milk Thistle dietary supplements. Together, this holistic regimen can help balance the immune system, aid digestion, and help support the liver and kidneys.

NHV OcuLove is our new vet-formulated supplement for eye health. It is designed to only be taken orally and contains a blend of herbs that are beneficial for fighting eye infections, reducing inflammation, and encouraging overall healthy eyes. OcuLove is helpful for promoting healthy tear production and can be helpful for pets like Jasper.

Jasper @dignifiedbeagle is now a healthy young boy who lives happily with his mom and dad. We will never forget how helpful this furmily has been to the pet community. We hope Jasper and his furmily all the best on their adventure together.

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If you have any questions, feel free to click on the button below to reach out to us! 

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Published: February 12, 2022

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