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Dementia Support Kit

Holistic Support for Feline and Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

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Dogs with Dementia – Pebbles Triumphant Story

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maltese dog with dementia

As our furkids age, they may start to exhibit odd symptoms like many dogs with dementia do. Their behavior may start to change and they may even become disinterested in the things that used to bring them joy. While it’s definitely a difficult transition for any furparent to go through, it’s vital that you’re there to support and love your little one unconditionally.

While the initial symptoms may be mild, dementia is a progressive condition.

What You Need To Know

Dog dementia, or Canine cognitive dysfunction (CCD), is a condition similar to Alzheimer’s in humans. CCD is related to aging so it’s most commonly diagnosed in senior pups.

Signs of Dogs with Dementia

  • Confusion
  • Anxiety
  • Pacing/wandering
  • Behavioral changes
  • Sleep and/or Wake Cycle Disturbances
  • No longer responding to their name or commands
  • Loss of interest in activities and playing
  • Irritability
  • Staring blankly
  • Loss of appetite

Pebble’s Story

Our furriend Pebbles is a 16-year-old sweetheart who’s the only girl in her pack! Her furparents Brandi and Pete had noticed that their girl was slowing down and acting differently. She would sometimes be confused by the magnetic screen door which was once so familiar and would occasionally be unresponsive when Brandi and Pete would talk to her. While it wasn’t easy to watch their ball of energy start to change, they knew they had to do something to support their girl!

Naturally Supporting Pebbles

We came up with a natural wellness plan in the hopes of supporting Pebbles’ symptoms. We suggested a regimen of Old Timer, Natures Immuno, and Turmeric.

  • Old Timer can help to support a healthy brain and nervous system, and improve energy levels while supporting discomfort and healthy blood circulation.
  • Natures Immuno is a blend of medicinal mushrooms that can help to support immune function, combat stress, and can help encourage overall vitality.
  • Turmeric is packed with antioxidants as well as anti-inflammatory and lipophilic properties. It can also help to support liver and heart health.

For more comprehensive support, we would recommend our Dementia Support Kit for Pebbles and any dogs and cats with dementia. This herbal bundle contains Old Timer, Natures Immuno, Turmeric, PetOmega 3, and Yucca. These 5 supplements are rich in antioxidant and restorative properties and may help with energy levels and nervous system disorders. These supplements can also be given throughout a dog’s life as proactive cognitive care and may help slow down the development of dementia in dogs.

Pebbles is one of many dogs with dementia. She uses a holistic health plan to support her unique needs and we couldn't be more proud of how far this courageous pup has gone!

Pebble’s Pawgress

We received an update on how Pebble was doing on her new regimen and we were so excited to hear such great news!

Her happiest moments continue to be on the hiking trail! We put her down, her tail goes up and off she goes! It’s really the only time, these days, that we see her truly engaged in an activity. She’s darn determined to do it all herself! Her pace is a lot slower, and she does struggle with climbing rocks, but if there’s a way…she’s got the will! She is not a fan of being carried, and will cry and whine until you put her down! (After adding the newest @nhvnaturalpet supplements last month, I do feel like her navigation skills and even mobility skills improved a bit.)

We hope that as she continues through life, our determined little furriend Pebbles will carry on making the best out of every single moment!

At NHV, your furkids are like family to us. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you ever have a question or just want to chat with us! Click the button below to get started.

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Published: July 21, 2022

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