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Donovan the Stargazing Blind Kitty

Lifestyles of the Furry & Fabulous 6 min read
Donovan the Stargazing Blind Kitty

Donovan is a beautiful rescue kitty from Spain, now living with his loving family in Germany. He was found by his rescuers in rough shape, unsure if he was going to live. This beautiful boy had a heart-breaking beginning but let’s not look to the past, but to the future, where his life is full of happiness, purrs, toys, and loving humans that adore him daily.

Donovan is blind with epilepsy and a yet unsolved health issue.

Due to his tragic past, Donovan is blind with epilepsy and a yet unsolved health issue. Despite him not being able to see, his mum says he’s such a happy boy and always embracing life, living each day without fear. He’s such a positive role meowdel, now on a mission to make everyone happy and to be an ambassador for blind kitties and their conditions.

His mum shares his story in her own words:


Meet Donovan, the red point (flame point) Holy Birman cat, our new family member <3 he’s a rescue from Spain. Neglected and abused and blind he hid in a teardown house. Two sweet people who were poor themselves found him almost dead and saved him. He survived but one eye was so badly damaged that it had to be removed. The other one recovered slightly but it turned blind. Now he’s a loved part of our happy family here in Germany. Donovan is pure gold. He is so friendly and loving, always wants to snuggle, purrs, loves to play (toys with sound only, he can’t see silent toys), is very funny, and probably the most adorable cat personality. He simply loves life and his family beyond everything. He’s an angel and his remaining, blind eye looks like the sky: light blue with white clouds <3

MARCH 2018 – Before starting NHV Supplements

HEALTH STATUS 1: Donovan is still very tired and had a few petit mals (small seizures), he saw ghosts and had some weird head tilts but luckily no another big seizure <3 He regains back his strength now so he can play soon again. I got the results of the tests but they didn’t reveal anything as expected (he had many different tests before) but now I know enough to finally start the all-natural treatment by NHV Natural Pet Products. I heard so much good about them and they’re really nice and helpful ^_^

HEALTH STATUS 2: Donovan’s back to normal. He had more small seizures than usual though. But harmless ones like seeing ghosts, eye flickering, tipping over. No grand one in quite a while!

Recent Update – after starting NHV Supplements regularly

He takes NHV Turmeric, NHV Matricalm, NHV Milk Thistle, and NHV BK Detox

Sorry if anyone has been worried about Donovan. Work, vet visits, and renovating the house sadly don’t leave much time but I really try to be more active.

Donovan has Epilepsy with still unknown origin (big and small/focal seizures). Recently something new happened. His big seizures don’t happen too often luckily. He has small ones regularly though (eye flickering, weird head tilts, seeing ghosts, etc). But recently he was sleeping on his cat tower and happened to get a focal seizure during sleep (first time ever). It caused a convulsion so intensely that he hit his head with a loud noise and it catapulted him out of his bed as if a ghost hand had thrown him. Since I’m always scared of these situations happening (a cat with a seizure can fall really badly, it could be lethal) I always put blankies and pillows below higher sleeping spots. So Donovan’s fall was cushioned. He was irritated but my voice and touches calmed him down. The focal seizure caused a bad headache though and he was exhausted. He was tired for a few days but now he’s completely fine again.

I noticed something (positive) but first I want to ask my vet if it could actually be true before I tell you nonsense.


After I started the detox I thought he became a bit more active but it’s been summer and he doesn’t like heat at all, so he’s lazy anyway 😹 but he didn’t have any focal seizures or other symptoms. He got a grand mal seizure after two months (usual time span) but since then it’s been almost 4 months without a grand mal 💖  now the weather gets better (cooler) and he is indeed more active. I recently did a blood test and… his results are much better than before taking your supplements 😻

However, I have already seen positive results and that’s wonderful. You all are awesome. Especially since you actually care about the animals and are so supportive 💖 thank you 😽

Donovan and I thank you all for your love and he sends you many purrs and kitty kisses 😽

Lets get to know Donovan a little more, here are 10 Facts about our sweet boy:

I tell you #10factsaboutme to show you that I have quite a personality 💗😽

©blindcat_donovan blind

🌟1. As gentle and empathic as I am, I am no soy boy. I’m very brave and almost nothing scares me. Usually, I’m calm and with a zen-like behavior

🌟2. I love the vacuum cleaner 😻 I cuddle with it, I integrate it when I play with my crinkle ball and I follow it when it’s being used and loud 😸

🌟3. I don’t like it when I lose a treat and it touches me or falls onto my paws 🙀 then I jump into the air, turn around and run away like a cartoon character but since it’s also fun I end up chirping

🌟4. I looove dogs. I live with two big ones, snuggle with them and always run to greet them and rub my head against their legs. The Akita is like a mommy and she protects me when a cat plays too rough with me 😻

🌟5. I’m a dreamer. I see the good in everything and everyone and I also love to sleep and dream a lot. But I’m not lazy. I’m in fact very playful but not hyperactive

🌟6. I’m friendly and whenever a workman comes I’m curious and greet them with an upright tail 😺 but I’m also loyal and even if I like everyone I only love my mommy 👧🏼

🌟7. I trust my mommy literally blindly. If I don’t know how to get down somewhere, mommy comes and I let myself fall into her arms knowing she’s always there for me (mommy, I too am there for you 😻)

🌟8. I don’t like heat, it makes me lazy ❄ I loooove snow and rain it tickles and makes me chirp 😺💗 I prefer cold weather, that’s when I’m happy and I play a lot. I never sleep near the heating (if it’s turned on)

🌟9. I barely meow and have a very high and soft voice. The vet said I have scar tissue not only in my eye but also in my throat and nose and that’s why I have a quiet voice

🌟10. I’m very well-mannered. Mommy never had to teach me anything. I never knock anything over and would never destroy or damage anything. I don’t steal food and eat disciplined and slow

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Published: November 11, 2018

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