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From Atopic to Handsome – How NHV Helped Janggun, a Shih Tzu Dog

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From Atopic to Handsome – How NHV Helped Janggun, a Shih Tzu Dog

Meet Janggun. He is a male Shih Tzu from South Korea and has lost his eyesight in both eyes. When his pet parents reached out to us at the end of March, he was 8 lbs very skinny, and not active at all. Janggun suffers from Atopy, an inflammatory, chronic skin disease associated with allergies in dogs. The Atopy worsened when he was neutered at about 4 years of age and also suffered from bad reactions to medication.

This poor sweet Shih Tzu also suffers from canine anemia, a tumor on his neck, chronic cystitis, bladder calculus, bladder sludge, high BUN levels, chronic ear problems, stomatitis, and a mass in his spleen. Janggun was not in any condition to undergo surgery and needed our help fast!

As Janggun’s health was so complex, our NHV Pet Experts decided to take a comprehensive approach, which dealt with his overall immunity, as well as some of the conditions he was suffering from the most.

Here’s what the NHV Pet Experts recommended:

  • NHV Stimmune – to help boost the immune system, and help with the Atopy and Stomatitis. In addition to the immunostimulant properties, the herbs in Stimmune also help protect the liver, and have antiallergenic properties and can help against microogranisms.
  • NHV Ouch Away Spray, which contains antibacterial herbs that helps soothe a pet’s skin and reduce inflammation. It also helps encourage hair re-growth
  • NHV Alge-Ex, which is very helpful for pets, like Janggun, whose condition can worsen with environmental seasonal allergies.
  • NHV Mouth Drops – to assist with the Canine Stomatitis, fight inflammation and infections in the mouth.
  • NHV Multi Essentials, which contains a blend of highly nutrient, vitamin, and mineral dense herbs to help address Janggun’s canine anemia. Multi Essentials also helps reduce fatigue and promotes a healthy skin and coat for dogs.
  • NHV Tripsy and Milk Thistle, to aid Janggun with his urinary stones, chronic cystitis, bladder calculus and sludge and high BUN.
  • NHV ES Clear to help with Janggun’s spleen mass and tumor in the neck. The ES Clear contains a blend of herbs with anti-tumor properties that helps support a pet’s body in their fight against cancer.
  • NHV Echo Gold for ear infections, inflammation, ear mites, ear discharge and foul smell.

Our Pet Experts recommended that Janggun use the internal supplements at the therapeutic dosage, which for Janggun was 0.5 ml twice a day.

The full Therapeutic Dosage is as follows and is based on a pet’s weight (take twice a day)

0 – 15 lb 0.5 mL
16 – 30 lb 1.0 mL
31 – 45 lb 1.5 mL
46 – 60 lb 2.0 mL
61 – 75 lb 2.5 mL
Over 75 lb 3.0 mL


3 months later, Janggun’s parents reached out to thank us and wanted to share his transformation with the world. The NHV herbal remedies have helped him greatly, and the most obvious improvement was with his canine Atopy. Here is a photo of Janggun at the end of June!

Janggun (Jin customer, South Korea) -After
Janggun (South Korea) -After 2

A Little More About Atopy in Dogs:

Atopy is a syndrome that causes the pet to be “hyperallergic”. Atopic Dermatitis, a common and chronic form of Atopy, is the second most common allergic skin disease in dogs. The symptoms often worsen with time and become more apparent during certain seasons. The ears, ankles, muzzle, groin, armpits, and the area around the eyes and between the toes are the most common areas affected by atopic dermatitis. Signs include itching, scratching, rubbing, and licking.

If your pet suffers from any of the same conditions as Janggun, reach out to one of our Pet Experts, today. They are knowledgeable and friendly and will help you find the most beneficial supplements for your fur baby. If you already have a vet diagnosis, but would like a second opinion, sign up for an online veterinary consult with Dr. Hilary Cook. Dr. Cook has been practicing integrative veterinary medicine for over 15 years and has seen many pets throughout the years. Consultations provided by Dr. Cook will be detailed and informative, including follow-up correspondence when needed.

* Product reviews are solely the experience and opinion of the reviewer. Actual results may vary.

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

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Published: July 11, 2017

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