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Collapsed Trachea Super Support

Resp-Aid, Lesstress, Turmeric & PetOmega 3

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Collapsed Trachea in Dogs: Skylar’s Sky-riffic Story

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A Yorkshire terrier with a collapsed trachea in dogs in a garden with a yellow flower on her head.

Coping with collapsed trachea in dogs can be very difficult. That’s why our hearts ached when we found out this sweet angel here had been suffering from the condition.

Collapsed trachea in dogs makes it harder for air to pass through and get to the lungs.

The trachea (windpipe) carries air from your little one’s throat to their lungs. Supported by cartilage rings, this airway flattens when the rings weaken and sag over time, causing a tracheal collapse As a result, collapsed trachea in dogs makes it harder for air to pass through and get to the lungs.

Senior pets and small breeds are more vulnerable to a collapsed trachea, putting Skylar in the at-risk group.

I have a 13yr old Yorkshire terrier [Skylar]. She started having a non-stop cough to the point where she couldn’t get a breath in. Heartbroken, I took her to the vet where they diagnosed her with a collapsed trachea.

Symptoms of Collapsed Trachea in Dogs

Besides the non-stop, dry coughs that sound like a goose honk, there are other signs you should look out for if you believe your little one has a tracheal collapse. They are:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Mucous turning blue
  • Vomiting, wheezing, and gagging due to persistent coughs

Early diagnosis and prompt treatment are necessary for a speedy recovery. So, as soon as you notice any of these symptoms, please take your pup to a licensed vet for a full body examination.

Skylar’s Path to NHV

He [the vet] prescribed a very strong pain medication/cough suppressant, a [pharmaceutical name removed] and a [medication name removed]. None of which helped even a little only causing her system more problems. He then mentioned surgery down the road which cost thousands as well as putting my senior dog in jeopardy during anesthesia. This news caused me great stress but I didn’t give up hope.
Skylar, the pup with Collapsed Trachea in Dogs, chilling in the car

After a deep search on the internet, Skylar’s furmom, Shannon, discovered us and our natural support for collapsed trachea in dogs.

I have never been a strong supporter of prescription drugs and love the idea of finding all-natural solutions when possible. So when I discovered this company [NHV Natural Pet Products] I had such high hopes and man I cannot even describe how astounded I was by the success of this set [NHV Collapsed Trachea Super Support Kit] I ordered.

NHV Supplements for Collapsed Trachea in Dogs

The set of supplements little Skylar has been taking is NHV Collapsed Trachea Super Support Kit. The bundle contains NHV Resp-Aid, NHV Lesstress, NHV PetOmega 3, and NHV Turmeric. They work together to help ease symptoms of tracheal collapse in dogs, like persistent, dry coughs, support the lungs, and help reduce the trachea’s discomfort and inflammation.

After Taking the Supplements…

Skylar, the pup with Collapsed Trachea in Dogs smiling in this picture.
Within 2 days (yes 2 days!) of support with NHV her coughing greatly subsided and now about 4 weeks later it has pretty much dissipated. My family & friends can’t even believe how fast my dog’s condition turned around.

We were thrilled when we heard this exciting and pawsitive news! Couldn’t be happier that Skylar is doing better with the help of our supplements and her mama’s determination!

I am beyond grateful to the creators behind this company for their drive and desire to find safer support for our beloved pets. I am so thankful for not only their passion but SINCERELY caring about animals wellbeing. I will continue to spread the word to other pet owners that there are honest high quality products and solutions out there. Thank you to all at NHV employees for your dedication to holistic supplements.

Thank you for sharing your sweetie’s story and for being such a awesome pawrent, Shannon! Skylar is very lucky to have you.

We hope your sweet girl will keep getting better, and this shining star will continue to sparkle and thrive.

If your precious furkiddo is also suffering from a collapsed trachea in dogs, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We are always here to help.

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

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Published: April 4, 2023

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