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Collapsed Trachea Super Support

Resp-Aid, Lesstress, Turmeric & PetOmega 3

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How Andy Lives with Symptoms of Collapsed Trachea in Dogs

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Andy and the symptoms of collapsed trachea in dogs

Andy’s mom learned the hard way that symptoms of collapsed trachea in dogs can creep in on you. This sweet boy started showing very minor signs of coughing at first, so the vet’s result was unclear. But only a year later, Andy was diagnosed with stage 1 collapsed trachea.

Despite knowing that tracheal collapse is a progressive disease, Andy’s furparent persistently looked for support all over the place, and finally found us!

I cry every day seeing him like this. My husband said that seeing Andy gasping for air reminded him of when he got severe asthma and that his mom had to bring the gas tank so he could breathe the medications. Please guide me and help me to help my boy. I am getting sick with my stomach just because I am so stressed out.

Our hearts were broken to hear these words, and so we tried our best to help Andy. Here is his incredible love-filled journey dealing with collapsed trachea.

What is Canine Tracheal Collapse?

Some pups are born with weak cartilage in the trachea, others may develop it.

The trachea is a part of the respiratory system that can carry air from the nose and mouth to the airway of the lungs. The trachea is made of cartilage rings, that can weaken or even collapse, narrowing the airway and making breathing more difficult.

Some pups are born with weak cartilage in the trachea, and others may be more prone to developing tracheal collapse over time. In some cases, a collapsed trachea may be caused by Cushing’s disease, heart disease, obesity, or chronic respiratory issues.

Symptoms of Collapsed Trachea in Dogs  

One of the most obvious symptoms of collapsed trachea in dogs is coughing. The coughing sounds like a honking goose, a dry and harsh cough. Other signs of this disease include:

  • Low energy levels
  • Abnormal breathing sounds
  • Rapid breathing
  • Fainting
  • Difficulty breathing

Andy has been suffering from symptoms like these, and he coughs, gags, and gasps air as soon as he wants to play. This little boy has been through so much, but we are proud to say that he is not one to give up so easily.

If you see any of these signs mentioned above, bring your furkiddo to the vet as soon as possible. It is important to find out the condition in the earliest state to provide treatment right away.

Natural Support for Collapsed Trachea in Dogs

Unfortunately, there is no cure for a collapsed trachea, but there are natural ways to make your little one more comfortable and to help ease the symptoms. NHV’s Collapsed Trachea Super Support kit is a vet-formulated bundle designed to support the symptoms of collapsed trachea in dogs. This kit includes Lesstress, Resp-Aid, Turmeric and PetOmega 3. 

A collapsing trachea can get worse with exercise, excitement, stress, eating, drinking, and even when pressure is applied to the throat area. Hence NHV Lesstress can help prevent anxiety, stress, and excitability as they can lead to coughing attacks. Lesstress contains beneficial herbs like chamomile and eleuthero to help resist stress and help soothe tension. 

To help support the lungs in distress, we formulated NHV Resp-Aid to help with respiratory congestion, help relieve shortness of breath, and help inhibit infections. This blend can also help to lubricate the mucous membranes in the respiratory system and help to reduce coughing.

On another hand, NHV Turmeric can help ease the inflammation of the lining of the trachea, as well as help promote a healthy cardiovascular function. 

Last but not least, NHV PetOmega 3, can help support the lungs, cardiac health, coat and skin conditions, and overall vital organs. This blend made of cod liver oil, anchovy and sardine, helps provide Omega 3 fatty acids, which studies indicate may help regenerate the tissues of the cartilage rings.

In addition to holistic support, we also suggest being mindful of what your pet wears and giving them a healthy diet. Consider using a harness to help reduce the pressure on their neck. Weight could also affect the respiratory system, so if your pet is overweight or obese, change their diet nutrition to help maintain a healthy weight. Our holistic veterinarian, Dr. Amanda, can help provide a personalized nutrition plan for any pet with consideration of their health conditions and needs in mind.

Andy’s Updates

This was the most recent update we received from Andy’s furparents, and we were over the moon!

I mentioned it to my vet doctor Bashkatova and she said that one of his patients uses NHV for something else so it seems a good brand. I re-read the reviews and I decided to give it a try.

To help my boy I paid for two days’ delivery–did not want to way 3 weeks. I started the 4 supplements, Petomega3, Lesstress, Resp-Aid, and Turmeric day and night and in 5 days I noticed improvement and I reduced the opioid medication from 1ml/4 times a day to 1ml/1 day. Since May 27, 2022, I am only given him 0.5ml once a day at noon.

I don’t like to write reviews but I am doing it now because I want to increase awareness for those pet parents who are struggling with this kind of illness.

It is so exciting to know that Andy has been improving and is staying well. We continue to hope for his strength and that he will have many more fun memories together with his family!

Collapsed trachea can be so dreadful, but with the right support, your little one can still live a happy life. Feel free to click on the button below to start chatting with one of our pet experts! We are always here to help you support your little one naturally.

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

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Published: August 15, 2022

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