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Naturally Supporting Collapsed Trachea – Drake The Rescue Dog’s Story

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Drake was diagnosed with collapsed trachea, but that's never stopped him for living his best life! With some help from his human sister Linda and some natural supplements, he's well on his way to living a comfortable and happy life!

Drake’s life story is so amazing, we had to share it with all of you! Like many pups, this sweet boy was diagnosed with a collapsed trachea. Despite everything, he’s always been a fighter who brings so much love and light to everyone he meets!

Drake’s Story

Drake is a 14-year-old, loveable labrador who was originally from Michigan. Linda, Drake’s human sister, said that he was rescued in 2016 after her mom’s passing. Linda’s dad, now alone, wanted a furry friend to love and take care of. Little did their family know how much love Drake was going to bring them in return!

Linda’s dad had googled “Michigan lab rescue” and a photo of Drake’s sweet face came up. Linda’s family knew right away that he was the one they were looking for, especially since “Drake” was Linda’s mom’s maiden name and he had jet black hair just like hers!

Soon after moving in with his new family, Drake and Linda’s dad became best buddies. Linda also fell in love with him and his kind, gentle eyes, too!

In 2018, Linda’s dad passed away but not before telling Linda that Drake should live with her, to which she said “of course!” Our triumphant pup moved to New York to start a new phase of his life with Linda. They have been inseparable ever since!

Drake’s Health

In 2020, Drake started experiencing some major health challenges that he came out of with surgery. He was also diagnosed with “old dog lung”, which is a build-up of calcium in a dog’s lung, usually after they’re 10-years-old. On top of that, he was also diagnosed with a collapsed trachea.

Managing Drake’s Collapsed Trachea

Symptoms of a collapsed trachea in dogs can include dry cough, difficulty breathing, lethargy, fainting, wheezing, retching, and rapid breathing.

Symptoms of a collapsed trachea in dogs can include dry cough, difficulty breathing, lethargy, fainting, wheezing, retching, and rapid breathing.

To support Drake and his symptoms, he’s been taking Resp-Aid, Stimmune, and Yucca.

Resp-Aid is our main support for healthy breathing. The powerful yet gentle herbs found in this blend can help to relieve uncomfortable symptoms like coughs and congestion, while also helping relieve shortness of breath.

Stimmune can help to support difficulty breathing, balance the immune system, and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Yucca has powerful properties that can help to reduce inflammation, relieve discomfort, stimulate appetite, and can help with digestion.

Drake’s Comeback

Nowadays, you can find Drake living his best life in California where he’s surrounded by nature with his human sister, Linda!

Consistently, your products have kept him on a steady, stable track of maintaining his health & good breathing. We are able to go for medium length walks but several, each day and can go for weeks at a time with no breathing issues at all! You have to understand that every day that Drake’s giant paws can “touch the earth” and he can be outside, walking, sniffing away (with no breathing issues) is a true gift and dream come true. It is his favorite activity in life. I KNOW my father is smiling from heaven at us. Drake is my very best bud and angel. I consistently say how grateful I feel (& tell Drake how lucky we are) to have access to such great, effective products as yours!
Drake was diagnosed with collapsed trachea. Thankfully, he's got tons of love and support to get him through this uncomfortable condition.

We’re sending Linda, Drake, and their whole furmily all our love and support! We’re so thankful to have met them and help them keep doing what they love.

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Published: December 11, 2021

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