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Lesstress for Dogs

Natural Support for Canine Stress and Anxiety

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George The Blind Adventurer And His Battle With Canine Epilepsy

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Blind Adventurer, George, And His Battle With Seizures

Our pets are our loved ones – our family. They wrap us around their little paws and show us so much love and joy. And that is why it is so hard to see them struggling if they have canine epilepsy.

When George got into a car accident last fall, he ended up with brain damage that causes seizures and blinded him. Heartbroken, his mama went looking for proactive care to help support his brain function and help with the stress of losing his vision.

It must be tough for George to adjust to not seeing his mom’s face, but he has a way of making the best out of everything. He hangs out with his fursibling, Myrtle, and helps make travel plans with his family. He is working hard on his hiking mileage and has had lots of summer adventures down to the sea and high up to the mountain. Way to go, George, we are so proud of you!

epilepsy in dogs

Epilepsy in Dogs

Canine epilepsy is a common neurological disease that causes repeated seizures.

Epilepsy in dogs is a common neurological disease that causes repeated seizures. It is more prevalent in certain breeds such as the Belgian Sheepdogs, Beagles, or Labrador Retrievers, so there may be genetic factors involved.

Seeing our little puffball having seizures can be very frightening as you do not know when and where the episodes will happen. They can usually last from a few seconds to a couple of minutes, so it is best to always be prepared and keep an eye out for your little one.

What To Do When Your Dog is Having a Seizure

Do not put anything in your dog’s mouth and avoid putting hands and face near the pet as they may bite.

Check the area to see if there is anything that may be dangerous for your pup. If there is, gently slide your little one to a safe place.

Keep note of how many times and how long a seizure lasts, so you can discuss the health plans with your vet later on. Have your pup be examined by the vet as soon as possible.

epilepsy in dogs

Natural Support for George

Having proactive care can support George’s general well-being and help him adapt to the new changes in life after the car accident. For that reason, he has been taking:

Lesstress – not being able to see the surroundings and hunt can be very stressful for puppers. After having a seizure, many pets may feel stressed. Stress may also be a trigger for seizures in some pets. This all-natural supplement can help ease their stress and anxiety.

Turmeric – this superherb can be beneficial for supporting brain health and oxygenation of the brain. It also has properties that are beneficial for the liver and kidneys which can be affected by taking medications long-term.

Hearty-Heart – with a powerful blend of herbal ingredients, Hearty-Heart can promote heart health, help support blood flow, and aid general circulation inside the body.

Multi Essentials – rich in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, Multi Essentials can help reduce lethargy in dogs and help support a healthy metabolism.

Resp-Aid – this vet-formulated supplement helps support healthy breathing. One of our vets, Dr. Amanda, recently did a clinical trial with Resp-Aid. It was proven to be helpful in supporting the immune response related to asthma and the respiratory system.

This may seem like a lot of supplements, but our products are safe to be given together and they can be very helpful for supporting health and wellbeing proactively.

Our supplements are also safe to be given alongside conventional medications. We suggest administering the supplements 2 hours before other medication, to ensure that there is no interference.

epilepsy in dogs

An Update From George’s Mom

George’s health is really great currently, thankfully. There was a large approach to help heal George’s brain and resolve his seizures and he has been seizure-free for over six months! Lesstress and Tumeric were a part of his recovery routine. These two supplements remain in his care routine.

This update means a lot to us and to many other pet parents out there. We are thankful that George’s furmily acted so quickly and persistently in getting him help and support. George and his amazing family are currently having fun meet-ups with other puppers every week. You can follow their journey on Instagram at @chattawieneradventureclub.

If you are unsure about anything related to your pet’s health, we’re here to help. Click on the button below to start chatting with one of our pet experts today!

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Published: September 11, 2021

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