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Hearty-Heart for Dogs

Supplement for heart conditions in dogs

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Heart disease and coughing in dogs – Senior rescue pup Woodrow’s tale

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Heart disease and coughing in dogs – Senior rescue pup Woodrow’s tale

Are you thinking about bringing a rescue fur baby home? Consider a senior pet. When adopting a senior pet, you’re not only welcoming a life full of love and joy, but you’re also saving a beautiful life that might not get another chance. Senior pets are often rejected as people tend to look for puppies, kittens, and young pets, but if you let them in, senior pets can easily steal your heart, just like Woodrow did with his mom Ally.

In Jan. 2017, my sister-in-law and I went to our local shelter to look for a senior, small dog to foster. I didn’t find a match, but on the way out, I saw a flier for a heartworm-positive 8-10-year-old Shepherd mix named “Goliath.” After taking him for a walk with our tripawd Yorkie mix, I knew I couldn’t let him go back to his kennel. So my search for a petite foster turned into an 80-pound adoption! “Goliath” became Woodrow, and his heartworm treatment was successful.

Who would not fall in love with this happy pupper?!

woodrow dog

Senior dogs are usually already housebroken and know the basic commands, so you end up spending more quality time snuggling your pup and less time cleaning up. Woodrow was the perfect senior dog and luckily found an amazing and loving home. Frosted faces do need some extra care as they can develop arthritis, heart and kidney conditions. Besides some TLC, it’s important to support their immune system and provide the right diet to help your senior pet as they age.


Almost 2 years after bringing Woodrow home, his mom Ally noticed he started having some trouble breathing. He was having several hacking episodes at night, accompanied by gagging and coughing, which could be signs of a heart condition.

Our vet suspected he was in the early stages of heart failure, and that a prolonged heartworm infestation could have caused permanent damage. After trying several different prescriptions, I started looking for alternatives. I found NHV through the @wolfgang2242 Instagram account, and after a helpful consultation, ordered Resp-Aid and Hearty-Heart. Within a week, Woodrow’s breathing was more clear, and I began to see a decrease in his nightly episodes. I’ve been so encouraged by the results that I immediately reached out to NHV for advice when he was given a tentative diagnosis of degenerative myelopathy. We just received our order today, and added Turmeric and Petomega3 to his daily regimen, in addition to beginning physical therapy.

Along with his holistic regimen, Woodrow is spoiled with goodies – sharing is caring!

woodrow-dog-breathing-facebook-ally2 coughing

Play time with toys

woodrow-dog coughing

Play dates with his furry friends

Heart disease and coughing in dogs - Senior rescue pup Woodrow's tale

And a comfy and loving place to call home!

woodrow-dog coughing
Woodrow is truly the glue that holds our little pack together, and I’m so grateful to NHV for always having my pet’s best interest at heart! They are always quick to respond, and I’ve never felt pressured into making a purchase. A representative has checked in several times to see how Woodrow is doing, and has given us the holistic support we’re missing from our vet. We’re looking forward to many more happy days with our sweet boy, and can’t thank NHV enough for their help!

We are so happy to support this handsome happy boy! Make sure you check back for updates 🙂

Coughing in dogs, just like in humans, is commonly associated with a lung or airway problem. However, dogs with cardiac problems can experience significant coughing as well.

The heart’s inability to pump blood efficiently causes fluid to back up into the lungs, leading to pulmonary congestion. This is why they use the term “congestive” heart failure.

What supplements are helping Woodrow?

NHV Hearty-Heart: to support his heart condition, promote healthy circulation and ease off symptoms like coughing and difficulty breathing.

NHV Turmeric: to reduce inflammation of joints, improve liver function and support heart and circulatory function.

NHV Resp-Aid: a blend with anti-inflammatory action to help relieve shortness of breath.

NHV PetOmega 3: to support overall health, eyes, kidneys, joints and heart.

Do you also have a fur baby suffering from coughing? Please get in touch with an NHV Pet Expert and find out how we can help. The regimens are unique for each pet.

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NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

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Published: May 20, 2019

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