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Pet Cancer Detox Kit (Cancer Kit 1)

ES-Clear, Milk Thistle, BK-Detox

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Pet Cancer Detox Kit (Cancer Kit 1) USD $129.85 Add to Cart

NHV helps this Boxer to fight lung cancer

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NHV helps this Boxer to fight lung cancer

Boxers are one of the most popular breeds in North America – they are playful and fun-loving, loyal to their family and friends, and they particularly love children.

Cancer in Boxer dogs is the #1 health issue with this breed.

Unfortunately, cancer in Boxer dogs is the #1 health issue with this breed. Boxers have been known to be especially susceptible to different types of cancer. They are prone to mast-cell tumors, skin cancers, and cancers of the reproductive organs, heart, brain, thyroid, blood, and spleen, plus every other form of cancer that plagues the canine world. The list of health conditions for Boxers is quite vast, but cancer rates are the highest.  It’s likely that the high cancer rate in Boxers is caused by a genetic predisposition

Here is one incredible story of an NHV family member whose mom found the supplements and was able to save her sweet Boxer Bailey’s life!

Update May 2018 

My boxer babe, Bailey, was diagnosed with lung cancer a month ago. Unfortunately, with cancer in both lungs vets decided surgery was not an option and chemo would likely not do her much good. Our vet had prepared us for a sudden decline in quality of life. We have been using the cancer detox kit for almost a month now and she is doing better than expected. Upon diagnosis she hadn’t eaten in days; she had lost 5 pounds in two weeks. She was coughing up mucus with traces of blood and had no energy. Within a couple of days of her NHV supplements, she began eating again (not as much as usual, but something is better than nothing). She now is more alert and enjoys bossing around her fur siblings. I haven’t seen blood in her mucus in a couple of weeks. Just knowing these supplements are easing her discomfort and improving her quality of life while she is still here is more than I could ask for. Thank you for helping all the struggling fur babies out there. Also, I can’t say enough how pleasant and helpful everyone I’ve spoken with at NHV has been

Unfortunately, Bailey gained her wings on June 24, 2018. This beautiful Boxer was able to spend more time with her amazing family due to the good care she was given! NHV was supporting her system and allowing her body to function naturally.

Our Pet Cancer Detox kit is one of a few lung cancer support kits we have for pets in need. It comes with three gentle herbal remedies: NHV ES-Clear as the main cancer support- this supplement is known to help slow down the development of cancer cells and tumor growth. NHV BK-Detox is immune support and detoxifies vital organs and the blood, and NHV Milk Thistle is the main liver support supplement, which works to detoxify the liver.

Bailey also took two additional supplements that were added to her regimen later. NHV Resp-Aid to help support her pulmonary function and NHV Natures Immuno to support cardiovascular health and boost her immunity.

Annies fight with cancer

If you are concerned about your Boxer (or any pet that may have lung cancer), follow these guidelines:

  • All pets should have a balanced, healthy diet, but when your dog has been stricken with cancer, it’s even more important to be sure he is getting everything he needs from his diet and add additional supplementation to make up for what is not available from diet alone. Focus on whole foods instead of processed foods.
  • Check your dog regularly for any suspicious lumps and make sure they have at least an annual veterinary exam. Early detection can save his or her life or allow at least a little more time with their special people.
  • Exposure to potential carcinogens, such as tobacco smoke, is just as damaging to animal health as it is to human health. Minimize exposure to chemical such as flame retardants, weedkillers, tobacco smoke, vehicle exhaust, detergents, and air fresheners.

These are just a few ways to prevent your dog from getting cancer. As mentioned, cancer is genetic in some breeds, so taking your pet for regular check-ups at the vet is very important.

If you would like more information about NHV, please contact our Pet Experts we are always here to help.

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

We have a dedicated group of pet expert professionals, including veterinarians, vet techs, and other pet professionals to guide you through any questions. We’re committed to your pet’s wellness and can offer additional tips, resources, nutritional advice, and more.

Published: June 20, 2018

2 replies

  1. Karen Dargo says:

    My boxer to just was diagnosed with pancreatitis. U was using coconut oil to brush her teeth and give supplements. Do you have a answer for a product or home remedy for toothpaste?

    1. Raphael M says:

      Hi Karen, we’re so sorry to hear about your furbaby. We do recommend a few supplements that can help with Pancreatic disorders.
      – Mellit: contributes to improved energy and vitality in your dog, helps control blood sugar levels and strengthens and protects other organs from serious imbalances that may be triggered throughout the body
      – Turmeric, which is high in antioxidants, helps scavenge free radicals and is great support for overall health
      – Natures Immuno helps fight chronic viral infections in dogs and balance the immune system

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