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How NHV ES Clear Put A Smile Back on Charlie’s Face

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The diagnosis of cancer can be a stressful time for both dogs and families. Do our pets tell us when they are in diiscomfort? How about when they are feeling sad? Unlike humans, our pets aren’t always able to communicate how they are feeling. Some indicators our fur babies are experiencing discomfort or depression are disinterest in activities, excessive sleeping/lethargy, being grumpy, or appearing withdrawn. They may not run around and play the same way they used to due to the discomfort and stress of their treatments.

As pet parents, we struggle with our own set of emotions as well, to ensure we are doing everything we can to help them along the way and maintain their regular routine. Animals can be sensitive to our energy through tone and body language, so it is important to stay positive and practice gratitude. Exercise, short walks, and playtime can have very beneficial effects for both you and your pet.

Here’s what Jeffrey had to say about Charlie’s journey…

My boy was diagnosed with Melanoma tumor in lip, he was depressed about discomfort and all the surgeries. 
I started him on the 3 part cancer detox kit, NHV Es clear, [BK] Detox, and Milk Thistle.
He has had a reoccurrence in cancer but his quality of life has gotten much better, more energy, more appetite, and he just loves life, and for 13 1/2 year’s young, he has all his facilities and loves his family very much..

charlie pitbull with. cancernhv supplements for dogs with melanoma tumor

Earlier this month, Jeffrey reached out to us to let us know how well Charlie is doing after being on cancer fighting NHV supplements for a few months.

This has been a 100% turn around with our boy Charlie.

Between the NHV drops & his (pharmaceutical name removed), it’s been amazing, the different actions he does, the tumor in the neck area actually changes shape all of the time.

He is totally awesome and for almost 13 1/2 years young and with change in diet and a LOT of Family members who love him very much. He’s our baby!

dog with cancer nhv supplementsdog pitbull with melanoma tumor

Charlie is incredibly well loved by a supportive family who has done everything to can to make sure he has everything he needs to help his fight against cancer. Just look at that sweet grin on his face! Sometimes it’s about restoring the mind and body connection for holistic health. Know that there are small lifestyle changes that can be made to maximize the health and comfort of your pet dealing with cancer, and that a variety of natural options for support are available.

NHV ES Clear is our main cancer support supplement. It contains burdock, sheep’s sorrel, slippery elm, and Chinese rhubarb. These are some of the best nutritive herbs that provide an excellent source of vitamins, help the body eliminate toxins that accumulate during illness, purify blood, and contains anti-tumor properties

Our Pet Cancer Detox Kit contains three cancer fighting supplements – ES Clear, Milk Thistle, and BK Detox. These natural supplements contain a blend of cancer fighting herbs to help strengthen a weakened immune system, while detoxifying vital organs.

We’d love for it to help other animals dealing with the same condition. Please contact your NHV Pet Experts for advice on supporting your fur baby’s fight against cancer, naturally.

Published: May 14, 2018

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