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Hurricane IRMA dog Cheeky is a foster fail and she knows how to thank her rescuers

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Hurricane IRMA dog Cheeky is a foster fail and she knows how to thank her rescuers

Someone has rightly said, it’s never too late for a happy beginning. In August 2017, Chiquita was one of the hundreds of dogs rendered homeless due to the massive destruction caused by Hurricane Irma. She was old and weak, had mitral valve disease & pulmonary hypertension. The shelter that rescued her from Florida and brought her to NYC, described her as a senior chi.

A dog-loving family found her and decided to foster her. Chiquita won their hearts with her old lady ways. They couldn’t let go of her. She knew she had found her family and she knew just how to thank them for keeping her. She fought through!

What they thought was going to be her last few days extended into months of happiness and beautiful memories. They now can’t imagine life without their ‘Cheeky’. NHV is so happy to have played a small part in the story of this IRMA dog. Here’s the complete story in the words of Chiquita a.k.a Cheeky’s rescue mom:

“We took Cheeky (Chiquita, but we call her Cheeky) in as a foster dog. She was brought to NYC from South Florida after Hurricane Irma. I saw her rescue’s Instagram post asking for temporary foster homes while their dogs were up for adoption. They placed Cheeky with us and they described her as a senior chihuahua. During her first couple of days with us, she was withdrawn and slept most of the time under the blanket. She acted very much like the senior chi they described. Based on how she acted we thought she had health issues because of how lethargic she acted but because we were only fostering her we were limited in the amount of vet care we could provide.

Anyway, weeks then months go by and a couple of interested adopters fell through. We have 2 other small dogs so deciding to adopt her as our 3rd was not an easy decision. My husband really bonded with Cheeky and he decided that we were going to adopt her. She still acted like an old dog so we adopted her thinking she would not be around much longer, but we wanted to give her the best life possible.

supplements for dogs with CHF

We had her completely vetted once we adopted her and found she had a heart murmur and congestive heart failure with fluid around her heart and in her lungs. They prescribed the 3 medications that she was supposed to take twice a day for the rest of her life. After about a week of taking the prescriptions, we decided to take her off of them. They made her stomach very upset, lethargic, and severely reduced her appetite. We felt like she had a much better quality of life when she was not taking the medications.

A family member recommended your supplements and company, they had been using NHV products for years and found them beneficial. I reviewed your website and saw many positive reviews for the hearty heart supplement. I ordered the Hearty Heart kit and started Cheeky on it at the beginning of June.

By July 1st Cheeky was a completely different dog, she was playful, active, and happy.

supplements for dogs with CHF

She has been taking Hearty Heart & Turmeric daily for about 70 days now and recently had a checkup. The vet found her heart murmur has improved from her previous checkup and she no longer has congestive heart failure. There is little to no fluid around her heart and lungs. We know her heart will never be 100% healthy but the improvements the NHV supplements have made are amazing.

We haven’t had Cheeky for a full year yet but it’s hard to think of life without her. She is an important part of our ‘pack’ and expects she will be around for many years to come!

Chiquita is now getting NHV Resp-Aid as well, to work in conjunction with Hearty-Heart and Turmeric to help reduce the fluid in and around her lungs. We are working closely with her mom Hannah to help her continue giving her family little surprises every day. Cheeky has more to her and her family can’t wait to discover it.

NHV hearty heart diagram
How Hearty Heart can help your dog or cat

Cheeky’s is a story of hope. There are so many abandoned, lost, and homeless pets in shelters. But there are also families like Hannah’s. To rescue, foster, adopt and give extra TLC to these animals in need. NHV urges pet lovers to not hesitate from bringing home the senior ones or the broken ones, there is so much that we can do together to give them a good life ahead. We would love to be a part of your rescue stories. We love your pets, naturally!

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Published: September 5, 2018

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