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Matricalm for Dogs

Support for Anxiety and Aggressive Behavior

USD $44.95
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Senior dog on wheels loves her NHV Matricalm. Helps ease her frustration.

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Senior dog on wheels loves her NHV Matricalm. Helps ease her frustration.

Old Timer and Yucca would probably be the two strongest recommendations we’d make for a dog on wheels. Old Timer will help promote hip and joint strength and Yucca will help relieve discomfort naturally. When Amy got in touch with us and we saw the image of a Cavalier dog on wheels peep up, we were a little surprised to see her all praises for… Matricalm!  As we went on to read her review, we understood how Matricalm was helping. In fact, it only reaffirmed our own belief – a sick pet will recover faster if he is kept in a loving and stress-free environment.

Stress hinders recovery.

Stress hinders recovery. This is something all the Pet Experts at NHV try to explain to pet parents. Frustration from being immobile makes life difficult for pets with special needs. When day-to-day activities like running around the house or peeing and pooping become complicated, you can expect some stress to build up.

Matricalm helps my dog stay calm & I believe it has helped ease her frustration from losing her mobility. She takes it right from the dropper & will lick up any drops that miss her mouth.
Stress hinders recovery

Upon reading this we sprung into action and we wanted to know what this special girl Meeyna was fighting.

Neurological damage, she is a trooper. She lost the use of her back legs in 2016. It started with a limp & then she lost her back legs. She has wheels that give her freedom for walks in the park & to use the restroom.  She has too much arthritis to operate & she can’t be put under because of her heart—diagnosed in 17’ with the beginning stages of heart failure.  Yucca is next on my list to try. I tried Matricalm after I saw your post on Instagram about dogs with paralysis.  She barks at night & loves to wake everyone up at 3am.

Update – December 31, 2018

Meeyna aced her senior check-up, labs look good despite all her conditions she is healthy. I bet love, good meds and supplements keep her strong.

Update – March 2019:

It is with heavy hearts that we announce that sweet Meeyna has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. We thank her family for allowing us to support this special girl throughout her battle. Heaven has gained another angel. 

We are glad she is finding help with Matricalm and now that we know our herbal blends can help we have put together a regimen for her.

Old Timer for hip and joint strength or Yucca for muscle support and discomfort relief. This little trooper can alternate between these two every 3 months. Turmeric for her circulatory system, and to support her vitals – liver, kidneys, heart, and lungs. Turmeric will also help with neurological damage.

Hearty Heart to help keep her heart-healthy. She is showing early signs of heart failure and Hearty Heart can help keep cardiac function healthy in the long run.

And of course, Matricalm to help keep her calm and bring more restful nights for the entire family 🙂 If you have a pet with special needs, please talk to one of our NHV Pet Experts to put together a suitable regimen for your pet today.

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NHV Pet Experts

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Published: August 7, 2018

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