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Is your home a home fur keeps?

Pet Care Tips 5 min read
Is your home a home fur keeps?

Fur on everything you touch. Toys scattered across the floor. Chewed up slippers. Ripped sofa arms. Litter boxes or pee pads…or both? Pet-loving friends are always welcome, to make “pet-friendly” weekend plans. A home with pets is a home fur keeps and we would never have it any other way.

Does this sound like your house? What do you think is special about your house? When you invite office friends over or when you are hosting someone special or when the food delivery guy walks in….what do you think they notice?

The ruff life comes with some peculiar moments of joy and sadness that only pet parents can identify.

This week we got talking to some pet moms and dads about life with pets! The ruff life comes with some peculiar moments of joy and sadness that only pet parents can identify. We were curious to find out what those moments or signs are. What makes a home, a home fur keeps?

Baby gates but no children

Tigger’s mom Honey has a house full of pets. There are dogs and cats, lots of them. There are baby gates, but no babies. It keeps the dogs out of the kitties’ litter boxes. And when other humans come to visit with their dogs, the cats get a chance to run to safety, behind the baby gates. She’s right! As soon as you see a baby gate but spot no children, you know it is a house with pets.

home fur keeps tigger
© Honey Tapley

Dead grass patches due to pee and poop

Dexter and Dudley’s dad believes that besides tennis balls or toys, what really sets a home fur keeps apart is patches of dead grass. If you have dogs then the grass will always be greener on the other side :). And if you have cats then you have to either deploy a unit of hiss cans to keep your plants safe or simply avoid them altogether.

dead grass picture dexter dudley nHV

Random framed pictures of pets

Abby’s mom Allison believes that besides strange things on the floor like toilet paper rolls and cardboard boxes, what really distinguishes a home fur keeps is the numerous pictures of pets in it. On the dresser or on the wall or on the countertop, pictures and pictures and more pictures of pets. These pictures all look the same to everyone else but to you, each has a special story behind it! Pictures of pets who have passed always have lots of souvenirs and tokens next to them.

home fur keeps abby
© Allison

Furniture with a special towel or a blanket, meant only for pets

Blue and Bella’s mom Kim says little things like canisters on kitchen counters but no human cookies in them, are a definite sign that your home is a home fur keeps. But what every home fur keeps have is lots of fur on the (excuse the pun) fur-niture. You try to save your bed linen and your sofas by placing on it a comfy blankie or a soft towel. To make your pet live in unison with you on the same (wait for it…) FUR-niture! These blankies and towels are also a sure-shot sign your house is a home fur keeps.

home fur keeps bella
© Kim Derby

Happiness & baby talk

There’s always happiness where there’s baby talk. Coz you can’t talk baby when you are in a foul mood. Try 🙂 Maybe that’s why a home fur keeps is always happy. There are zoomies and head bonks, purrs, and woofs and there’s a lot of baby talk!

Lucy the adorable dog with bladder tumor leaves everyone surprised

While we were interrogating our pet parents for these tid-bits, we got really excited to find out where NHV fits in, in this home fur keeps. When asked which NHV supplement they think is a must in every home fur keeps, here’s what we got to hear:

Milk Thistle is important for Tigger’s mom because all her pets are rescue pets who come with their baggage. They are special needs pets, senior pets, or pets with a complicated start. Just like humans, damage from the past like over-exposure to medications, frequent surgeries, steroids, processed diets… can take a toll on the liver. For her, Milk Thistle is something she’d always want to keep with her.

home fur keeps tigger milk thistle

Dexter and Dudley’s dad says a supplement to keep them calm is a must in a household with pets. Anxiety in pets is something all pet parents have to handle at some point. This can be during the festive season when you are moving or sometimes just because the people next door are too noisy. He suggests a supplement like NHV Matriclam (for cats and dogs) or NHV Lesstress for dogs is a must-have!

cat oreo matricalm

Abby’s mom swears by Multi Essentials. She has had pets with serious illnesses and she knows how hard it is to get them to eat. She also knows, having lost a cat to diabetes, how our pet’s health is dependent so strongly on their diets. She explains how certain pets can be very finicky. For instance her cat, Jonathan will howl unless given freeze-dried kibble. Allison says at least having the Multi Essentials ensures that Jonathan is getting the nutrients he needs, irrespective of the diet he takes!

home fur keeps abby multi essentials

Kim’s must-have NHV supplement for her home fur keeps is NHV Tripsy. She’s got two adorable pets. Bella the cat has intestinal cancer and Blue the pittie had THC poisoning at some point. They both are vulnerable to UTIs and Kim has been able to keep her house free of any Urinary tract infections with NHV Tripsy. That’s the blend she’d always want in her home fur keeps.

home fur keeps tripsy blue pitbull

We hope while reading this blog you realized some unique things about your house too. That makes it stand apart from all the other houses and make it a home..fur keeps. Please tell us what they are in the comments below. We’re all ears! Our bottles would love to be a part of your home too. They will fit in nicely in your fridge and will blend perfectly in your pet’s food 🙂 Just ask us which ones will be the most useful for your furkid. We love to go all the way and find just the one you need. Now we go back to power vacuuming our place because of course…FUR-niture!

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

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Published: August 3, 2018

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