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Lymphoma Gold Support


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Juliet the cat was diagnosed with large cell lymphoma at the age of 12

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Juliet the cat was diagnosed with large cell lymphoma at the age of 12

Juliet’s mum Linda first got in contact with us when we reached out to pet parents for their gotcha day stories. Juliet’s was a sweet tale and one that had an even happier ending than we could have ever imagined!

The first day I met her, I wrapped a little scared and a little wild Juliet up in a towel and held her to my chest. At first, she struggled to get out of the towel but in a few minutes she stopped trying to get away but she still looked scared to death. After about 10 minutes more I felt her little body relax and then she gave a big relaxing sigh and just nestled in. She slept like a baby. She has been a wonderful loving super friendly kitty ever since. I don’t know if I tamed her or she tamed me.

Last December at age 12 she was diagnosed with large cell lymphoma and I was told she might live another 2 months. The vet put her on Prednisolone and I started looking for what else I could do. I came upon NHV while researching online and saw a kit of 3 herb formulas for large cell lymphoma. She has been taking them ever since and has now lived for 9 months. This past week I took her in for an ultrasound to see if the mass in her stomach had grown. They can’t find it anymore!!

I kept telling her I’d find her a miracle and I think I did!”

Read how Juliet's mom kept her promise of looking after her kitty after she was diagnosed with large cell lymphoma.

Being a rescue mom is always rewarding, especially when you can see the difference that you have made in your kitty’s life. Juliet was lucky that Linda had fostered her little family, and this devoted mum has not stopped looking after her princess for one minute since.


After 12 years of life going along, as usual, Linda received some devastating news about Juliet’s health. Juliet was diagnosed with a large cell Lymphoma and the vet gave her only 2 months to live. Alongside a pharmaceutical drug, Linda wanted to find something more Holistic for Juliet, and researched natural supplements, finally coming across NHV. Linda started Juliet right away on the Lymphoma Gold kit, which contains ES Clear, Felimm, and Tripsy.

It’s been 9 months and we were thrilled with the latest news from Linda.

Large cell lymphoma is a complex and tough disease and the success of NHV’s supplements can vary from case to case, depending on age, severity, and type. Whilst Juliet’s story is a happy one, for pets with aggressive and advanced lymphomas our supplements do help them to live out the rest of their diagnosis in comfort and surrounded by their loved ones. That’s all we would wish for them. Juliet was using our Lymphoma Gold support kit, which is our No.1 choice for cases of large cell lymphoma. But we also recommend using Milk Thistle along with it!

Juliet-cat-GotchaDay-Story-NHV-BKDetox-MilkThistle-ESClear - Copy

The kit contains:

ES-Clear – a 100% natural herbal pet supplement that helps to strengthen the immune system by targeting critical areas such as the kidneys, liver, stomach, arteries, spleen, and lymph nodes. The supplement also helps to maintain energy levels and appetite, whilst also easing the discomfort that pets with cancer feel. ES Clear can help to give your pet a better quality of life whilst fighting disease.

Felimm – improves appetite, increases energy levels, and helps combat upper respiratory tract infections. Felimm is especially good for cats who are fighting Lymphomas, the FIV virus, and Feline Leukemia, as Felimm targets the Lymph nodes

Tripsy – our main supplement for Kidney health and urinary tract disorders. It helps to keep a healthy urinary tract, including the kidneys, bladder, and the pathways in between them. An all-natural anti-inflammatory, Tripsy also helps with the breakdown of kidney stones and crystals, easing uncomfortable urination and other symptoms.

Milk Thistle – a very important supplement for liver support and regeneration. It is crucial to support the liver when a pet is fighting any form of cancer.

Based on the cat’s situation, we recommend supplements that will be most helpful. We can even work along with the kitty’s veterinary and oncology team to put together a customized supplement regimen for him, including a comprehensive lymphoma diet plan! We send all our love to Juliet and her cat mom, and we hope that her story gives you some hope and inspires you to consider a holistic regimen for your feline lymphoma warriors.

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Published: October 30, 2019

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