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Keeping Your Aging Dog Youthful

Pet Care Tips < 1 min read

We all love to think of our dogs as the energetic little puppies we first brought home. But like us, our pups continue to age whether we like it or not with veterinarians saying that most dogs begin to show the symptoms of old age near 7 years old.

Many of the signs of aging for your dog are similar to humans – greying hair, taking longer to get up, hearing loss and wanting to sleep more. While the grey on their snout may make them look more distinguished, there are many ways to make sure they are aging comfortably.

Keeping your dog warm and cozy is a top priority as they age. Dogs lose the ability to regulate body temperature as they get older, so make sure they are warm and dry. As you are adding blankets to their dog bed to keep them warm you may also want to consider upgrading to an orthopedic bed. The arthritis in their joints will appreciate the support!

It is also important to make regular vet appointments to check on your dog’s health. As they age they become increasing prone to developing kidney & liver disease, diabetes and cancer. Getting regular check-ups will enable your vet to adjust your dog’s diet and activity levels to ensure they live a happy and healthy life.

Adding supplements like our Old Timer formula for joint pain can also help your pet live more comfortably into their later years. Our herbal multivitamin Multi Essentials is also a great addition to your dog’s daily diet to support their digestion and boost their energy.

What changes have you made as your dog aged? Let us know in the comment section below!

Published: October 17, 2014

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