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Natural help for Allergic Bronchitis in dogs – Bailee’s tale

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Natural help for Allergic Bronchitis in dogs - Bailee's tale

Bailee’s mom Heidi shares how Bailee got diagnosed with Allergic Bronchitis and what she did to help!

Bailee is a 12 ½ year old Cocker Spaniel.

Started coughing one day, mild here and there and then proceeded to get worse.  Took him to the vet and they did a chest X-ray and found no cancer, no heart problems etc.  Blood work came back ‘healthy as a horse’ they said!  Just found little bronchi that was causing his cough.  A.KA. Allergic Bronchitis.  So, to get the cough under control, they prescribed [pharmaceutical drug] and [pharmaceutical drug]. I did not want to have to put him on the medication but in order to get the cough under control I had to.

So, in the meantime I was researching for an all natural product and came across your site [NHV natural pet products]! He has been on Resp aid ™  and Stimmune for about two and half weeks and have seen great improvement. I look forward to trying other products. Thank you. 5 star rating.

I am just hoping by continuing he will be able to get off the drug (lowered today from 10 mg down to 5mg)  He is so crazed on the drug, I can’t stand it! I would like to continue to help keep it under control after he is off the drug the completely.

bailee bronchial allergies in dogsbailee bronchial allergies in dogs

Allergic bronchitis is not uncommon in dogs. It is not impossible to treat it with pharmaceutical drugs, but it is known to relapse very easily. Thus a long term support is often needed. This is where natural support steps in. Our natural blends to help support bronchial health are safe for long term use, and to keep the cardiovascular system healthy.

Bailee’s mom chose the Resp-Aid ™ to support Bailee’s lungs and Stimmune to work as a natural antibiotic and fight infection. She has now added the Alge-Ex to help fight allergies and Milk Thistle to help undo any liver damage from the strong drugs that Bailee was taking at an old age. Resp Aid and Stimmune will probably continue for another 3 months after the medicines are all stopped.

Our herbal blends are gentle and formulated to be effective for dogs and cats. In chronic conditions like allergic bronchitis in dogs and cats, a holistic regimen can be very helpful and safely integrated with conventional medicines and drugs. NHV Pet Experts would love to help work with you and your vet to create a regimen for your furkid.

Here’s wishing Bailee many happy and healthy golden years ahead. No more annoying bronchial attacks 🙂

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Published: August 13, 2018

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