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NHV celebrates forever pawmises with a heart warming contest

Promotions & Giveaways 4 min read
NHV celebrates forever pawmises with a heart warming contest

It was the month of love and we wanted to celebrate our furry valentines. We asked pet parents to share with us the promises they had made to their pets. We were prepared for some fun and some emotional ones, but little did we know that the promises would be so heartwarming that it would become impossible to pick a winner.

We’d love to give our NHV natural supplements and remedies to all the furkids whose parents participated, but we had to make the choice of three. We couldn’t decide who would be the most special one so we used our contest software (WooBox) for help.

Cute Pet Pawmise (Promise) Contest

We congratulate our winners on winning our #NHVfurbabypromise giveaway. We hope the 3-month supply helps keep your pets healthy and cope with any health issues they are battling, naturally.

Here are the 3 lucky pet parents who have won a free 3-month supply* of NHV herbal pet supplements for their precious pets.

Milu & Tita’s pawmise

NHV Furbaby promise winner

A furriend of ours is fighting like a brave warrior against cancer and we are so happy to have introduced @nhvnaturalpet to her. We know they have some supplements that can really help. Therefore this is our entry for the #nhvfurbabypromise contest to help our furriend. We promise to support her till…❤️

Kristen Darmiento’s pawmise

dog winner NHV Furbaby promise

I have 3 furbabies, this is just one of them! I promise to love you with the most unconditional love I know how to give, to consistently make sure you have the best of everything, to always tuck you in at night when you are cold, to always let you win every night you want my side of the bed and MY pillow! I promise to put your health and care before my own since to me you are MY BABIES!

I promise to constantly tell you how loved you are, even though the amount of love I have for all of you, could never really be put into words. I promise to always play dog TV every Saturday morning cause I know how much you love it! I promise to always get just as excited as you and dance around when I get home (even if I was gone for literally 5 minutes lol) because it makes you even more excited & I love to see you happy! I promise you will never ever remember a single horrible day that you may have gone through before I was lucky enough to rescue you…But mostly, I promise to make every single day of your lives an adventure, because you never know when it’s your last… and each of you has made my life significantly that much more beautiful because I am blessed to call you mine! I love you boys, Rocco, Uggie & Anubis!

Mindy Frames-Krajefska’s pawmise

Cats Cat winner NHV Furbaby promise

I pawmise to ALWAYS take the best care of you and ALWAYS keep you safe, I will ALWAYS have plenty of treats and toys for you all. You will ALWAYS have full bellies and a warm bed to sleep in you have all tattooed my heart and give me a reason to get up every morning. I am thankful for your love and your ability to forgive people who have let you down in the past 


We had close to 100 entries and each promise was more beautiful than the other. We tried to put them all together in this slideshow for everyone.

Thank you, pet parents for participating and sharing with us your promises. You inspired us too to make a promise. That is the promise to help you keep your promises. To always be there to guide you and help you find natural and holistic support that can help your pet live a longer and healthier life.

We know the fear of losing our pets starts to live in the back of our minds as soon as they turn 8 years old. Our furkids have us wrapped around their paws and we are always scared of the moment we’d have to let go. We read all the promises and felt motivated to share this little poem with you.

May we always walk with our beloved pets by our side.
May their memories keep our hearts warm.

Thank you everyone for participating.

NHV Natural Pet Products
We love your pets, naturally.

Winners will get a free three-month supply up to a maximum value of $120. Shipping is free to North America only.

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

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Published: March 3, 2018

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