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Old Timer for dogs

Natural dog joint support to alleviate arthritis, muscle, and joint discomfort

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“We want to only treat our pets with natural remedies that work… THIS WORKS”

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“We want to only treat our pets with natural remedies that work… THIS WORKS” cushing's

Cushing’s disease is a tough battle.

Cushing’s disease is a tough battle. What makes it tougher is the fact that it shows varying symptoms for each pet and those symptoms often overlap with various other health conditions making early diagnosis difficult. Korona was mainly facing urination abnormalities, dry skin, fur loss, and a dried-up nose, in addition to blood work suggesting an endocrine dysfunction. Korona’s mom Linda opted to give our vet-approved herbal formulas a try instead of including anything chemical or invasive in Korona’s regimen. Days later, we received a happy PUPdate!

This product is very, very helpful for Cushing’s in my little sweetie-pie, dachsi-poo, Korona. I tried two different manufacturers for help with the Cushings symptoms and this NHV kit for Cushing’s with the Supraglan and Milk Thistle definitely shows much better improvement! It took about 2 weeks to see the real effects take place and we’ve had to adjust her dosage up a little bit, but now we have our baby back! She’s improved so much in all areas with the exception of a little “accident” here and there, which is extremely frustrating, but I am hopeful that we can put a stop to the accidents in the house at some point. It’s only been a couple of months, but she’s so much better than she has been in the last year to a year and a half! We are very happy and very appreciative of this product because we didn’t want to put her on harsh vet prescriptions that have a long list of side effects. We want to only treat our pets with natural remedies that work… THIS WORKS!!!!!!!! Thank You!
korona dog cushing's NHV herbal supplements

We were more than happy to hear the good news Linda had for us. We explained the toilet accidents could be due to the increased urination that Cushing’s brings along. We suggested starting Korona on Old Timer to make it easier for her to get around and hopefully run outside when she feels the need to urinate. We also suggested adding Tripsy because the last thing we’d want right now is a urinary tract infection for long periods.

We appreciate pet parents who come back to us with updates and questions. This helps us help their pets, especially when dealing with a chronic condition! The dosage might need to be increased to suit the pet. Korona also needed a dosage higher than the usual therapeutic dosage, just like Juno the Sheltie. We are hopeful that Korona will get better with time. We’ll do what we can to help this special dachsi-poo cope better. Does your pet need holistic advice too? Please do get in touch with us today, We’d love to help.

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Published: January 4, 2018

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