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Supraglan™ for dogs

Natural Cushing’s Disease, Adrenal, and Addison’s Support for dogs

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Nala the pit bull starts her holistic journey

Inspiring Pet Tails 3 min read
Nala the pit bull starts her holistic journey

Nala’s battle with many symptoms lead her Mom to NHV for a holistic approach.

It all started with a message we received two weeks ago.

She hasn’t really been diagnosed with Cushing’s disease, but I’m seeing all the signs. I came across your website while looking up medications for her. I have seen some medications, but I really don’t like the side effects that are listed. She is an older dog and I’m just trying to keep her comfortable. Not sure if you can help!

When our pets show signs and symptoms out of the norm such as drinking excess water and frequent urination, it makes pet parents aware that something isn’t right. Nala’s Mom Jen noticed these symptoms and suspected Cushing’s disease. Nala was also getting a skin infection and was losing her fur. Nala’s adrenal glands are two different sizes and she also has an enlarged liver with a tumor. After Jen reached out to us here at NHV for some advice on a holistic approach, she decided the best plan of action was to get her Nala the NHV Supraglan supplement. NHV Supraglan is a balancing formula that helps control adrenal hormones in addition to offering support for pituitary gland dysfunction. It has the ability to help reduce and manage the symptoms of Cushing’s such as excessive thirst, urination, hunger, anxiousness, and panting. We agree that this was a great start for her furbaby!

Jen’s recent update on her sweet Pitbull.

I have a 10.5-year-old Pitbull named Nala.  She is a happy, loveable, playful girl. We recently noticed her drinking a lot of water and having to urinate more. We took her to the vet and they ran a ton of tests including an ultrasound, and blood work. They came back with her possibly having Cushing’s Disease. The only problem was that her adrenal glands were two different sizes. There was really nothing to fix the problem except surgery. So, I started looking into other opinions that might help. That’s when I came across your website. I read all the great feedback and emailed customer service all my crazy questions and even spoke to a few friends before deciding to try this. I decided to try her on Surpraglan. She started almost two weeks ago and I’m seeing a difference with her not wanting to drink as much water. I’m very grateful that I found this site. I’m just trying to keep my girl comfortable.
Nala cushings disease dog

We are so happy about the great news, in a short amount of time Nala has had great results! We are also grateful Jen found our site 😊

Canine Cushing’s is caused by the overproduction of the hormone cortisol by the adrenal gland. Dogs with this disease have a suppressed immune system caused by the excessive production of cortisol in the body. Skin infections and hair loss are also a symptom of Cushing’s.

nala pit bull with cushings NHV supplement

Along with the Supraglan, another supplement that works well for the symptoms sweet Nala is experiencing would be NHV Milk Thistle. This would be beneficial for her enlarged liver that has a tumor, as it improves liver function by flushing out damaging toxins (chemotherapy and other drugs) and provides anti-cancer support against various cancer cells. We have these two products; Milk Thistle and Supraglan together in our NHV Cushing’s Disease Kit. This combination works synergistically in supporting the pituitary and adrenal gland, liver, and kidney function.

We are wishing Nala a full recovery!! Here are some other furkids that we’ve been able to help holistically with Cushing’s.

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“We want to only treat our pets with natural remedies that work… THIS WORKS”

She Was Struggling to be the Guard Dog She Had Always Been’

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Published: February 5, 2018

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