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Lesstress for Dogs

Natural Support for Canine Stress and Anxiety

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NHV Gives Back: Honor the fearful and anxious rescue pup

NHV Gives Back 2 min read
NHV Gives Back: Honor the fearful and anxious rescue pup

With #NHVNaturalselfie donation drive, NHV gives back to this sweet pup Honor.

Honor is a fearful and anxious pup who was rescued from a puppy mill by HavaHeart rescue in Missouri. With our #NHVNaturalselfie donation drive, NHV gives back to this sweet pup Honor. She spent the first 3 years of her life confined to a tiny cage and producing puppies to be sold. This was a typical “puppy mill” situation that provided the mother dogs with absolutely no quality of life or socialization. Because of this, sweet little Honor is absolutely terrified of the new world around her. You can see how fearful and anxious she is in her poor little eyes. Thankfully she found a rescuer and an amazing and lovely foster family. She is in a safe place now and slowly learning to accept the love she so deserves.


We really wanted to help sweet Honor feel more comfortable so we sent her NHV Lesstress to help calm her anxiety so she can adjust more easily. She also had some dental issues, so we also send NHV Mouth Drops to help reduce inflammation of her gums and fight dental infection and NHV Multi Essentials to help fill any nutritional voids, increase energy, and aid with effective digestion.

We’ve been in contact with her rescuer HavaHeart and her foster home. She has warmed up with her foster people, but she was still very fearful of other people. We recommended adding NHV Matricalm to her regimen and a higher dosage of the supplements to help her feel more comfortable. A couple of weeks later we received an update from them.

Update: February 2019

She’s doing great! She is starting to come up to us and sniff our toes and occasionally sniff our hands. She is also starting to roam around the house a little more confidently as well!!

Honor is slowly starting to warm up to the love around her and she is waiting to find herself a wonderful, loving forever home.

Do you know a dog or a cat who is fearful and suffering from anxiety? Learn how to help behavior and anxiety in cats with Dr. Hillary Cook and talk to one of our Pet Experts.

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NHV Pet Experts

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Published: March 4, 2019

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