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Hearty-Heart for cats

Herbal Supplement that Supports Cat Heart Disease

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NHV Hearty Heart Helps Dog With Stage C Heart Failure

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NHV Hearty Heart Helps Dog With Stage C Heart Failure

Thank you Angela for sharing your story with us! 💖

It has been just 2 weeks since I’ve given Hearty-Heart to my 13-year-old doggie. He has suffered from Stage C of Heart failure for over a year so that his cough could be usually observed. But after we started this remedy, he rarely coughs and looks so good and comfortable. I hope the more he takes, the better. 

Did you know that over 10% of animals have some form of cardiovascular disease; or that congestive heart failure (mitral valve issues) affect 20-40% of dogs?

If your pet has a heart condition, heart disease, or cardiovascular disorder, NHV Hearty Heart can help! This gentle, yet effective natural herbal remedy supports and maintains healthy heart function in dogs and cats.

  • Hearty Heart is vet-formulated and vet-approved.
  • Its formula contains herbs that have been used for centuries as a heart remedy and act as a cardiovascular tonic without overstimulating the heart.
  • It helps with symptoms of heart conditions like coughing and difficulty breathing.
  • It also helps boost blood flow to your pet’s heart, while maintaining the required flow, helps increase energy levels, so they can exercise and play, and helps with anxiety and restlessness.
  • Hearty Heart is a natural aid for general circulation issues and pulmonary function.
  • Don’t forget to include Hearty Heart when dealing with heartworms too!

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Published: March 23, 2017

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