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Hearty-Heart for Dogs

Supplement for heart conditions in dogs

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NHV Helping Molly The Maltese With Her Heart Murmur

Inspiring Pet Tails 3 min read
NHV Helping Molly The Maltese With Her Heart Murmur

All too often pet parents are stuck feeling helpless when it comes to their pet’s health. We are so glad that Molly’s mom, Anna, reached out to us for help. It is still early, but we are doing what we can to help Molly feel better and her mom will keep us updated with how’s she’s doing with the heart murmur condition.

My 11 1/2-year-old Maltese went in last year for her yearly shots and her vet tells me, oh ~ did you know she has a heart murmur? Well, NO I didn’t know till now. I ask for blood work and an x-ray to be done on my sweet Molly. Blood work came back good and an x-ray shows the heart murmur enlarge. He started her on 2 meds, but a few months later I thought I lost her, she had fainted, I took her back to the vet, he increased one of her meds but she kept having that ugly cough at night, and we both lost a lot of sleepless nights. I recently took her back and he prescribed another medication. The 1st month was fine until now she has seen to have gotten worse with the coughing. I was browsing the internet and came across this website. After reading all the reviews I got very excited and order one, it came today and gave Molly her first dose, I will update later. I’m just praying with all my 💜 it will help my little baby girl, I love her so much and it breaks my 💔To hear her cough🐶🐾🐾✝️

What is Anna using for Molly? NHV Hearty Heart!

This special formula contains herbs that have been used as a heart remedy for centuries! Hearty Heart helps encourage blood flow to the heart, but still maintains the required flow and does not overstimulate the heart. It promotes heart health and helps to address symptoms of heart conditions like coughing and difficulty breathing. It even helps increase energy and helps reduce anxiety and restlessness. It’s an all-around natural aid for general circulation and heart function. NHV Hearty Heart works well for heart conditions, heart disease, cardiovascular disorders, and heartworms.

What is a heart murmur?

Heart murmurs in dogs are extra heart vibrations caused by turbulent blood flow within the heart. These additional vibrations even produce noise that can be heard through a stethoscope. Heart murmurs come in different severities and types and even have different sounds. They can range from “innocent” (physiologic) to pathologic, meaning that they are caused by disease. How do you know which is the cause of your dog’s heart murmur? You will need your vet to determine this – be honest and provide as much information to them as you can.

What are you looking for?

The most common symptoms that are observed in dogs with a significant heart murmur are:

  • poor appetite
  • weight loss
  • stunted growth
  • breathing difficulties, especially after lying down for a period of time
  • low tolerance for exercise
  • fainting
  • coughing
  • pale gums

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list. If you suspect your dog may have a heart murmur, see your vet as soon as possible.

What can you do for a heart murmur?

Follow your vet’s advice and remember that there are natural options too. If it is a puppy with a low-grade murmur, the vet might not recommend anything as it may resolve itself within 6 months. Elderly pets or pets with an underlying condition may need special care. Don’t forget to trust your gut too! Even if your vet sends you home with no treatment, the moment you see a change in your pet’s behavior, it is time to see the vet again! Also remember, that you don’t have to wait until your pet develops a condition – start them on Hearty Heart anyway. Or try the Heart Murmur Support Kit for extra health support. All of our NHV supplements are perfectly safe for healthy pets too and can be used for maintenance of health and prevention of health conditions. If you would like a second opinion on your dog’s heart murmur diagnosis talk to our holistic vet, Dr. Hillary Cook in an online consultation. She’s knowledgeable and friendly and has helped so many pets already! You can also read more vet advice for heart conditions in dogs from Dr. Hillary Cook on our blog here.

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NHV Pet Experts

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Published: July 17, 2017

2 replies

  1. Sara gomez says:

    Omg please let me know how it’s working my dog have the same problem

    1. NHV Natural Pet Products says:

      Hi Sara,

      Molly has just started taking her remedies and we are waiting for her next vet check up. But we are sure we’ll get some positive results. If your dog is showing signs of heart murmurs or a cardiovascular disorder you should get a vet check up and get in touch with us for a holistic advice. The Hearty Heart will be able to help your dog be more comfortable and develop stronger cardiac health. You can read Asta’s story for more information >

      Or this happy tale from a 13 year old doggie >

      Do get in touch with us for more!
      Team NHV

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