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Mellit for dogs

For Diabetes Mellitus and Pancreatitis

USD $45.95
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‘I never want to be without it’ – Bo’s mom swears by NHV Mellit

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‘I never want to be without it’ – Bo’s mom swears by NHV Mellit

A few months ago we shared with you the ‘Bo-stare.’ Bo knows when he has eaten something tummy upsetting and he comes looking for his mom. He gives her the ‘Bo-stare’ which means he’s asking for his ‘juice’. His mom gives him some NHV Mellit and he’s all set. Well, this intelligent dog who’d go about asking mom for his NHV dose has another story to share. And it’s best heard from Jan, Bo’s mom.

bo dog staring asking for medicine
I wanted to provide another review because the Mellit has helped our Bo, three times now, in a very specific circumstance. Here it is: (sorry, it is long!)This is a review of how Mellit has truly helped our dog Bo…and might have even saved us some vet visits! We live in a forested area, where hunting is allowed at certain times. Well, we let our dog run through the forest (I stick to the path!), and once in a great while, Bo will find some leftover deer meat, that the hunters have left behind. He had eaten some deer meat a couple of times prior to today, and his stomach was really distressed.  I didn’t know what to do so I took a chance and gave him several doses of the Mellit, in the first hour or two. I know that is more than is recommended, but I was desperate to help Bo feel better! And it worked like a charm!  He never got sick (vomited), which was amazing to me. Well…fast forward to this morning…Bo was gone for twenty minutes on our walk, and when he finally showed up, I could smell deer meat on his breath. So I knew that he must have eaten a lot of meat, given how long he had been gone.  So, we get home and within a half-hour, he is wanting to go outside. We went outside and he just laid down, like he was feeling really lousy.  He wouldn’t budge.  I felt his stomach and it was distended.  I finally got him inside and gave him some Mellit. Then, over the course of 2-3 hours, I gave him three more doses of Mellit.  After a couple of hours, he wanted to go outside again…but this time he rolled in the snow!…looking like his old self!  Miraculous! This was our biggest test…and Mellit passed with flying colors!  I am going to order some more right away…I never want to be without it! I thank you and Bo thanks you, NHV!
Bo NHV dog mellit review

A dog Bo’s size would need about 1.5 ml, twice a day

Wow! We have a dosage chart that suggests how dosage varies as per the weight of the dog or cat. A dog Bo’s size would need about 1.5 ml, twice a day. However, our gentle blends are safe to double up in dire situations. In fact, some holistic vets do give double the dose of what we recommend. Jan’s dosage is a new way of handling the situation and looks like it’s working for Bo. We did recommend Jan to add a natural dewormer like Inulin PK to Bo’s regime. Picking up wild leftover meat from the hunting grounds definitely makes him prone to catching parasites and worms. While the Mellit can help restore pancreatic health, Inulin PK will help ensure any worms like tapeworms or hookworms that she catches from the meat-eating are naturally eliminated.

We’re excited to hear about more adventures from Bo’s mom. We’ll continue trying to help Bob be the playful little explorer he is while still being healthy, naturally! When we say we love your pets naturally, we do mean it. 🙂

*Product reviews are solely the experience and opinion of the reviewer. Actual results may vary.

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Published: November 23, 2017

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