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Our 20 Year Old Dog and Her Remarkable Life as a Survivor – Lady’s Story

NHV Behind The Scenes 2 min read
Our 20 Year Old Dog and Her Remarkable Life as a Survivor – Lady’s Story

*The other day I was thinking about all you wonderful pet parents and all the stories you share with us about your furry loved ones, about their struggles and their successes. I realized I too wanted to share the story of my Lady.

Lady is a rescued street dog from Sri Lanka. Lady is also my beloved baby, my best friend, and my clown when I need a laugh.

Unbeknownst to the rescue group, the foster home was an awful place.

Lady had been abandoned as a puppy in Sri Lanka and was found by a local rescue group, who placed her in a foster home. Unbeknownst to the rescue group, the foster home was an awful place. All these years later, it still pains me to think of her there; she was tied to a post, skinny, starving, and in desperate need of love. When we got her home, we quickly found out that she didn’t even know how to eat. We nursed her back to health and brought her back home to Canada when she was about two years old; Canada has been her home ever since.

The first time Lady saw snow she plowed through it like a freight train, a small brown mass with bits of ice and snow whirling around at top speed. For years, Lady’s archenemies were squirrels… She has a complicated sibling relationship with her cat-sister Solara. And in her younger days, car rides were the best thing about a dog’s life.

Lady is now 19 years old – soon to be 20! Over the years, she’s had some health complications. She’s been diagnosed with cancer, Cushing’s disease, arthritis, pancreatitis, and a host of other issues. She’s also undergone multiple surgeries. About 6 years ago, our vet advised us against any more surgeries, since at that point she was already an “old dog”. Everything soon revolved around doing what we could to make sure Lady was comfortable for as long as she is with us. On an average day, Lady is on 12 of our NHV supplements. I believe they’ve kept her going and we are so thankful for that.

Lady’s Supplements List

I’m a pet parent too, and I know the stress and heartache of having a sick pet. We’re going to start posting regularly on Lady and how she’s doing in the hopes of helping other pet parents.


We love your pet naturally

Patra de Silva

Mom to Lady (and President of NHV Natural Pet Products)

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Published: February 27, 2015

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  1. Dorothy Blackburn says:

    *I have been using some of your products for several years for my cats.
    Cats being cats it is difficult to give them any kind of medications and I have found that using a syringe filled with baby food that is mixed with the appropriate amount of NHV product and then given to my cats is the best and easiest way for both of us. You might want to make this as a suggestion to some of your customers.

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