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Vet Talks: Pets and Coronavirus – Pet Care During COVID-19 Crisis

Vet Talks 5 min read
Vet Talks: Pets and Coronavirus – Pet Care During COVID-19 Crisis

There are lots of information about the coronavirus and COVID-19 so we wanted to share a few updates with our pet parents to help them get a little more clarity on the situation.

We are always going to be updating this blog to give you the latest information on this. It’s our biggest concern to help and support you and we know we will all get through this together.

What Causes Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)?

COVID-19 is a disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 (formerly 2019-nCoV), There are currently no antiviral drugs recommended or licensed by FDA to treat COVID-19, and there is no immunization available.

What Is the Difference Between COVID-19 and the Coronavirus That Affects Dogs and Cats?

The SARS-Cov-2 is a beta coronavirus that causes COVID-19. The Canine coronavirus disease (CCoV) and Feline coronavirus disease (FCoV) that respectively affects dogs and cats is alphacoronavirus and causes gastroenteritis in dogs and Peritonitis in cats.  Therefore, both are coronavirus, however from different gender, species, and causing different diseases. Also, the CCoV and FCov don’t affect humans, they are very specific for dogs and cats.


Can Pets Become Sick or Transmit SARS-CoV-2?

Currently, there is little to no evidence that pets or other domestic animals can become sick with COVID-19, and no evidence that they can spread SARS-CoV-2.

However, for caution, it is recommended that if you are ill with COVID-19 limit contact with animals until more information is known about the virus. If you are ill with COVID-19, have another member of your household take care of walking, feeding, and playing with your pet.

If you have a service animal or you must care for your pet, then wear a facemask; don’t share food, kiss, or hug them; and wash your hands before and after any contact with your pet or service animal.

You should not share dishes, drinking glasses, cups, eating utensils, towels, or bedding with other people or pets in your home.

You can find additional guidance on managing pets in homes where people are sick with COVID-19 from the CDC.

How Do I Keep My Pet Healthy?

Medicinal mushrooms may be beneficial in battling viruses.

It is also good to maintain your furkiddo’s health through these tough times.  Recently, it was reported that medicinal mushrooms may be beneficial in battling viruses.

NHV Natures Immuno contains medicinal mushrooms that may help fight viruses and works to balance the immune system.

Although your pet may be not sick with COVID-19, it is highly recommended to keep them healthy. Therefore, Natures Immuno would be very beneficial to support your fur baby and keep them strong.

Accordingly, there is no reason to remove pets from homes where COVID-19 has been identified in members of the household unless there is a risk that the pet itself is not able to be cared for appropriately.

These are uncertain times and we need to support each other, pets, and people, so we can get through this together. Keeping ourselves safe and healthy is our top priority now!

Content below is from March 18th, 2020:

Right now, pet parents are dealing with a lot of uncertainty with their own health and ability to provide care for their pets. We are doing our best to stay as operational as possible and be there for all of our amazing pet parents out there during this stressful time.

To help pet parents find some peace of mind, we have put together these tips for how to navigate your pets and coronavirus during the COVID-19 crisis.

Have Supplies On Hand

Precautions and advisories are changing every day with the evolving situation. Make sure you have a few essentials on hand. In the event that you get sick or stores get shut down, it is a good idea to have enough supplies to last your pet 14 days. This includes food, freshwater, treats, toys, litter, medications, and supplements. Pee pads are also good to have on hand in case you aren’t able to take your little one out for walks as frequently.

cat supplies on a blue background

Designate a Guardian For Your Pet

Designate at least one person you trust as your pet’s guardian in case you are sick or unable to care for your pet. It can be really scary to think about what would happen to our furkiddo if we couldn’t care for them but it never hurts to have a plan. It may also be a good idea to designate a contact outside of your household to take your pet for walks in the event that you fall ill.

Stick To A Routine

For pets who stay at home while the rest of the family goes out for the day, it can be disorienting to have a full house. Some pets may become upset by having their regular routine interrupted by quarantining. Try to keep to their regular schedule as much as possible by maintaining regular feeding and walking times. For some pets, they may enjoy the extra company and attention, but others may need a little social distancing themselves. If your pet seems upset by this change, try giving them some time where you allow them to hang out in their favorite area or spot without any humans closeby by going into another room. NHV Matricalm (for cats) and NHV Lesstress (for dogs) can help reduce stress and anxiety in pets.

Protect Yourself

Just like the airlines say, it is important to care for yourself first so you are able to care for others. When taking your pet for their regular walks and exercise, it is important to make sure that you are taking the necessary precautions to protect yourself. Try to go for walks in low-traffic areas and maintain a safe distance between yourself and other people. Make sure to exercise proper hygiene by avoiding touching high-traffic surfaces like doorknobs and wash your hands before and after leaving your home.

Dog wearing air pollution mask for protect dust PM2.5,Pomeranian, small breed dogs, put on a health mask

Stay Connected

While in isolation it can feel exactly that, isolating. It can be really hard both on our physical and mental health to feel alone and powerless during a global crisis like this. It is important to stay informed but also positive and pets can help! Pets can be a buddy to keep you company during quarantine and petting a cat or dog has been shown to improve your mood. Many shelters and rescues are still functioning and are asking for people to foster pets due to the COVID-19 crisis. If you are able to foster a pet, reach out to your local shelters and rescues to find out how you can help.

Our communities on social media are another way of staying connected and feeling less isolated in this time of uncertainty. We value every single one of our pet parents and we want you to know that we are by your side. Whether you have a question about your pet’s health or just need someone to chat with to feel less alone, please send us a message. Organizations like the CDC are also recommending that people stay in communication with their neighbors so that they can work together in emergency situations.

We hope that everyone stays safe during this time. Please contact us if you have questions about your pets and the coronavirus and we will do our best to answer them. ❤

Dr. Amanda Nascimento DVM, MVSc, PhD

Dr. Amanda Nascimento DVM, MVSc, PhD

Dr. Amanda completed her undergraduate degree in veterinary medicine in 2010 and graduate studies in veterinary pathology (MVSc. 2012 and PhD 2016) at the School of Veterinary Medicine, University of São Paulo. She completed her post-doctoral training at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine – University of Saskatchewan in 2018. Dr. Nascimento will be hosting her own blog series and sharing her knowledge with our extended NHV family.

Published: March 18, 2020

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