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Representing Canada in South Korea – NHV Spreads it’s Global Pawprints

NHV Behind The Scenes 4 min read
Representing Canada in South Korea – NHV Spreads it’s Global Pawprints

November 2018 gave NHV a proud milestone – being a part of the pavilion representing Canada at the largest pet food and product industry exhibition in South Korea.

The Canadian federal government, in partnership with British Columbia and Alberta, organized a Canadian pavilion at the popular K-Pet Fair and NHV was chosen as one of the companies that got this special opportunity.

canadian pavillion at k pets fair 2018 2
canadian pavillion at k pets fair 2018
NHV natural supplements at Kpets fair

The British Columbia trade and investment representative office in Seoul went far and beyond to help us understand the Korean market and make it convenient for us as well as the Korean pet owners to help pets with our herbal supplements and remedies.

With over 40,000 participants in the fair, it brought together importers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, pet shop owners, veterinarians, and e-commerce companies under a common roof with a common objective – to make the world a better place for pets. It was an extraordinary experience!

nhv was a part of the canadian pavillion
Director General at Global Affairs Canada, Michael Danagher, Founder and president of NHV, Patra De Silva and Counsellor (Agriculture & Food) / Trade Commissioner, Xuguang Huang
Director General at Global Affairs Canada with founder of NHV

We thank our team partner in South Korea, Aromnaom, for making the trip so productive, well-organized, and comfortable for us. We look forward to continuing to spread the holistic word and we’re excited to participate in the seminar next year that Aromnaom is preparing to organize for NHV.

nhv customers in korea copy
Leslie and Rose from Aromnaom
nhv with aromnoam
Patra posing with NHV ‘s loyal customers from Korea

The highlight of our visit was meeting some of our loyal Korean customers in person. They came to our booth to tell us how our supplements helped their companions. Some of them brought along their NHV pets. They came in strollers, in cute and bright jackets, many of them were seniors with frosted faces. Their heartfelt thanks made our trip to Korea even more memorable. One particular conversation that left our eyes tearing up was with the owner of Jenny, a pit bull who had serious aggression issues and almost got surrendered for biting her human until NHV Lesstress brought her some relief. Jenny and her owner share an unbreakable bond now.

We met so many pets with touching stories and although our busy schedule made it very difficult, we still managed to click some pictures.

special customers coming to NHV booth
pets coming to nhv booth at pets fair 2018
nhv customers in korea
more dogs coming to our booth at k pets fair
pets enjoying treats at k pets fair at NHV booth
dresses of dogs at fair in korea
dogs coming to NHV booth in korea

There were many business-to-business meetings during the fair. We got the opportunity to meet the who’s who of the Korean pet industry.

The Canadian embassy in Seoul organized a dinner where we got to meet some instrumental members of the Korean Animal Hospital Association (KAHA). A very special thanks to Dr. Ju Hyung HUR who is the president of KAHA and shared some very valuable insights with us. We extend our thanks to Dr. Yo Yun Lee, Executive Director of KAHA, to Dr. Hye Jin Wee, Director of KAHA and Head of HAB committee. We also express our gratitude to June Park, The Secretary-General of KAHA.

b2b meetings at k pet fair
Dr. Hye Jin Wee, Patra, and Dr. Ju Hyung HUR

Our founder and president, Patra De Silva has returned from Korea with lots of insightful information about the growing pet health market of South Korea. She has come back with beautiful memories and lots of motivation to do more to help pets and bring about more happiness in the lives of the furry companions of people in Korea. We are ever so thankful for the opportunity and we can’t wait to be back for more!

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Published: December 4, 2018

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