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Stinky, messy, cuddly, needy love – a pet mom’s life (NHV Contest)

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Stinky, messy, cuddly, needy love – a pet mom’s life (NHV Contest)

Messy love
Needy love
Slobbery love
Always-hungry love
Its-3-am-I-need-attention love
Ruin your yoga love
Selfie love
Cuddly love
Stinky love

Just love.
Lots of it

A pet mom’s life.

Not every pet and owner relationship is like that of a parent and furkid. Sometimes they are like your buddies or partners in crime. Or they can be like your brothers and sisters. You can be a pack leader and they might think you are just a furless dog ( we wonder?) But this month we are celebrating a very special relationship. That of a pet mom and a furkid!

If you say yes to 3 of these situations, then you are not a pet owner, you are a pet mom!

  • You are excited to get back home from work because we know they’ll be waiting for you with their eyes on the door.
  • You pamper them with toys when you feel guilty for not having spent enough time with them.
  • You plan your evenings and weekends with them.
  • All your friends gift you something for them on your birthday
  • Your workplace is used to handling your pet emergencies
  • Your family always remembers to invite your furkid for thanksgiving and Christmas; and baby showers, and weddings, and vacations…
  • Only your furkids can get away with breaking anything around the house because those big innocent eyes work their magic on you
  • When they are sick you lullaby them to sleep

The moments that made you smile, or made you teary-eyed, or made you roll on the floor laughing.

These and more such messy, needy, slobbery, cuddly moments make your life what it is. The moments that made you smile, or made you teary-eyed, or made you roll on the floor laughing. A pet moms’ life! They really are like your kids with paws and tails.

At the back of your mind, you also have the fear of losing them one day. You are concerned about their health, their diet, and their aging. That’s where we step in. To help you help your furkids live a healthier life for longer, all naturally!

This Mother’s Day month we are giving you a chance to share with us some special moments of your pet mom’s life or tell us about a pet mom who goes above and beyond for her pets.  We invite our pet-loving community, to come to share with us these special heartwarming moments or nominate these special pet moms.

Your entry can win exciting prizes if it happens to be the chosen one in NHV’s A Pet Mom’s Life Photo Contest!

nhv pet moms life contest prizes

If you’re a pet mom then you can enter yourself or if you want to nominate someone you can do that too.

Don’t miss the chance to celebrate a pet mom’s life with NHV this May.

NHV Mothers day contest prizes

Happy Mother’s Day to all the pet mommies out there. We are always there to help you find the best holistic support for your furkids. We love your furkids, naturally!

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

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Published: May 1, 2018

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