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Blood Detox Gold Health Kit

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Stomach cancer in cats supported naturally

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Stomach cancer in cats supported naturally

The word “cancer” strikes fear into the hearts of all pet owners. It’s the very last thing that you want to hear your veterinarian say when you take your beloved feline companion in for a problem. Stomach cancer is a very secretive disease in cats. The symptoms start out barely noticeable, and they gradually increase until your cat is unable to hide how they feel. Thankfully, the rate of stomach cancer cases is comparatively low to other types of cancer found in cats.

There are several types of stomach cancer found in felines, some more common than others such as:

Adenocarcinoma: This form of cancer originates in glandular tissues and finds its way to organs such as the stomach, small intestines, and large colon. Once there, the cells multiply into gastric tumors.

Lymphoma: This type of cancer is typically caused when an adenocarcinoma metastasizes to the lymph nodes.

Mast cell tumors: Mast cells are naturally found in the linings of the digestive tract, and they play an important role in immune system functions. However, sometimes these cells unexpectedly form clusters/tumors and begin to behave abnormally. They can release large amounts of chemicals into the cat’s body that cause widespread damage like causing stomach and intestinal ulcers.

Chemotherapy is not always the right option for treating feline stomach cancer. Cancer may be too far advanced to offer a positive outcome. Radiation is also not always possible due to the complexity of this kind of cancer. The radiation may damage the other organs that are nearby. Many pet parents then look for non-conventional treatments for their furbabies and reach out to us for a holistic approach.

Jenna, Elliot’s ‘hooman’, is also one of those pet parents. She was recommended to use NHV products by her sister. She wanted to try the natural route and decided against chemo or surgery. After a very short time of using NHV ES Clear, she started to see positive results in her sweet little Elliot and wrote this review on our website:

Our NHV team can’t get enough of these stories, and whenever they are shared with us we just have to share them with everyone! Jenna sent us pictures of Elliot’s progress:

My 12-year-old cat Elliot was diagnosed 3 weeks ago with stomach cancer. 😔 my sister told me about this product she used for her cat who was diagnosed with cancer and 1 week to live and he lived another year! So I decided I’ll give this a try as I opted out of chemo and the surgery was too risky. Let me just say, he had no appetite and no energy he is also anemic because of the stomach tumor. He is eating and running around like he wasn’t sick after 2 weeks of this. ! Results were seen almost immediately. But really seen a huge difference in a full week twice a day. TRY THIS STUFF!!! Thank you for making a wonderful natural product.
elliot cat stomach cancer NHV ES Clear review
elliot cat stomach cancer NHV ES Clear review
stomach cancer in cats

Update: Unfortunately sweet Elliot has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. His Momma said ES Clear helped him come back to life and is grateful they had some extra time with him. Our thoughts are with his family <3 

ES Clear is our primary cancer supplement. It’s been used by pet parents for over 20 years! This formula contains herbs useful in supporting and fighting cancer. The herbs in this blend may help reduce tumor growth, purify the blood, and help detoxify vital organs. It will help to stimulate appetite and aids in digestion, plus it will improve energy levels.

Many of NHV’s products work synergistically with ES Clear such as; BK Detox which is an immune booster and detoxifier for the vital organs and blood. It is specially formulated for supporting pets that are fighting cancer (very important in stomach cancer). Milk Thistle, Turmeric, and Tripsy are also some supplements that are crucial for cancer. Milk Thistle helps support hepatic health and Tripsy helps keep the kidneys functioning comfortably. Turmeric is a super herb that is not only anti-cancer but it supports inflammation and digestion that can help a pet with stomach cancer.

For cats or dogs with stomach cancer, Blood Detox Gold Health Kit will be the ideal holistic regimen to start with.

Based on the pet’s response and any other occurring symptoms, NHV Pet Experts will recommend any other supplements or extracts. You can reach out to us for a customized regimen. We are always there! We thank Jenna for sharing her adorable kitty’s pictures with us and keeping us updated with his progress. We are excited to help little Elliot get healthier in the future.

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

We have a dedicated group of pet expert professionals, including veterinarians, vet techs, and other pet professionals to guide you through any questions. We’re committed to your pet’s wellness and can offer additional tips, resources, nutritional advice, and more.

Published: March 12, 2018

7 replies

  1. M Sanchez says:

    Hi I have an unofficially diagnosis that my cat has a cancerous lump in her stomach/ intestines, I would like to know if I should try this for her. She has lost a dramatic amount of weight over a period of 2 months barely eats and if I try something different she will vomit a brown liquid that smells like nothing I’ve ever smelt before. I’m at a loss about my cat and can’t let her go on like this for much longer.

    1. Raphael M says:


      We’re so sorry to hear about your furkid. We understand this is a very tough situation and we’re here for you.
      Our pet experts recommend Natures Immuno, ES Clear, and Yucca.

      She might be throwing up brown liquid because its undigested food and Yucca helps with that.

      ES Clear helps support your cat’s immune system, promotes improved quality of life and long-term health and supports the body with detoxification to scavenges free radical.

      Natures Immuno helps increase your cat’s energy and promotes their general well-being.

      Our pet experts will send you an email for more information and help. We’re here for you!

      Thank you,
      NHV Team

  2. Annette Favela says:

    Hi! My 12 year old cat was diagnosed with a mass in her stomach and they are unsure if it’s cancerous. The vet told me they can operate on her to see if they can remove it and to see if it is cancerous but since she is not eating much and is very fragile they are unsure if she will be able to wake back up after being put under anesthesia. We were thinking of holistic medicine and that’s how we ended up here. What do you recommend we do?

    1. Raphael M says:

      Hi Annette,

      We’re so sorry to hear about your furkid. We understand how hard this is and we’re here for you.

      Our supplements work as a support to your kitten’s body, not a treatment. After talking to our in-house vet, she recommended a few supplements to help support her body:

      ES Clear supports your cat’s immune system, promotes improved quality of life and long-term health, supports your cat’s body with detoxification to scavenges free radicals and supports healthy healing for feline cancer

      Nature Immuno helps increase your cat’s energy and promotes their general well-being and is great support for fighting cancer

      Yucca is natural support for pain and appetite stimulant as well as may help with digestion

      Turmeric extract is a super herb that has anti-inflammatory and nutritive properties.

      You can give them all together, twice a day, with food or treats.

      Please let us know if you have more questions and need more help.

      Yours in wellness,
      NHV Team

  3. Team NHV says:

    Hi Jack,

    Thanks so much for reaching out to us.

    We’re so sorry to hear that your sweet boy is dealing with all this. We know how tough it can be to watch our little ones when they’re not feeling well. Please know that we’re right here with you every step of the way.

    We have a few recommendations for you that we think could help to keep your boy feeling comfortable and happy.

    First, we suggest our ES-Clear, our main support for cancer in pets. The herbs found in this formulation can help to balance the immune system, encourage improved quality of life, and support detoxification to scavenge for free radicals.

    Here’s more information on our ES-Clear here:

    Next, we suggest Multi Essentials as it sounds like your little one may be missing out on some essential vitamins. Multi Essentials can help to fill dietary gaps, aids in nutritional absorption, promote healthy skin and coat, and can help to boost energy levels.

    More information on Multi Essentials here:

    Lastly, we suggest our Yucca extract. Yucca can help to reduce discomfort, alleviate inflammation, support digestion and can help to balance appetite.

    Here’s more on Yucca:

    We know this is lots of information to take in so please take your time in reviewing everything. We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

    Sending lots of love and light to you and your girl.

    Yours in wellness,
    Team NHV

  4. Nina says:

    My cat has stomach and intestine cancer.he cannot hold anything down and throws up brown liquid. He barely has any energy and sleeps all the time
    I live in England, do you ship it here

    1. Team NHV says:

      Hi Nina,

      Thank you so much for reaching out to us.

      We’re so sorry to hear about your little one’s stomach and intestinal cancer diagnosis. We can only imagine how stressful this all must be for you. Please know that our whole team is here for you every step of the way.

      We have a few recommendations for you that we think could help your sweetheart feel more comfortable.

      First, we suggest our ES-Clear. This is our main support for cancer in pets. ES-Clear can help to encourage the scavenging of free radicals, improve overall vitality, and can support the immune system.

      More on ES-Clear here:

      Next, we would suggest Yucca. This superfood can help to relieve inflammation, support discomfort, aid in digestion, and can help to stimulate appetite.

      More on Yucca:

      We also think your precious boy would benefit from using our Milk Thistle. This powerful yet gentle herbal formulation can help to encourage liver and kidney health while encouraging liver regeneration.

      Here’s more on Milk Thistle:

      Lastly, we suggest our Multi Essentials. This is our multivitamin supplement that can help to fill dietary gaps, improve energy levels, and promote healthy skin and coat.

      More on Multi Essentials here:

      We know this is lots of information to take in so please take your time to review everything. We’re always here if you have any questions whatsoever. Sending lots of love to you and your sweetie.

      Yours in wellness,
      Team NHV

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