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Vet Talks: Dr. Amanda’s Passion For Research and Advancement in Veterinary Medicine

Vet Talks 2 min read

When we think about veterinary medicine, we often imagine a veterinarian working in a clinic, but we forget that veterinary medicine goes much further than that. Just like in human medicine, in veterinary medicine we have specialists, such as cardiologists, neurologists, toxicologists, pathologists, etc.

Dr. Amanda Nascimento NHV

When I was just starting the veterinary college, I decided that I would specialize in pathology with an emphasis on pharmacology and toxicology. This is how my passion for research began.




This passion for research, especially pathology (Pharmacology/toxicology) began in the third year of the vet school. My inspiration came from my pharmacology/toxicology teacher Dr. Maria Martha Bernardi. Whenever she was teaching pharmacology and toxicology classes, she was very passionate about the results of her scientific research. This classes encouraged me to be a scientist and through my research help animals and people to have a better life.

In total between my veterinary college, my masters, PhD, and post doctoral training, I have dedicated 14 years in search of answers for which the modern medicine has not yet found.

Research is very important as the world faces many problems and science tries to solve them.  As a researcher scientist I try to find this solution to make the life of animals and people better. This passion for research has brought many good results, I had the opportunity to travel to many different places presenting and bringing information about the results of my research to a very difference audience, from an animal lover to a renowned researcher. I was able to find out how properly used herbs and supplements can help prevent, alleviate and sometimes even cure many diseases, and to apply it to my patients.

But like so many researchers and scientists know this dedication comes with a lot of sacrifice. There have been some really difficult times, like being away from family, my animals, and friends. Saying goodbye has sadly turned into something very common in my life.

But in general, I am very grateful for all the things that my love for science and animals have brought to me.

Dr. Amanda’s Latest Research Project

Recently, Dr. Amanda just completed a research study on the benefits of Resp-Aid for Asthma. You can read about the details of the research project here. 

Research project university of Calgary and University of Saskatchewan

Published: November 16, 2019

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